Is Donald Trump Hoping for a Terrorist Attack to hit America?

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A terrorist attack on US soil is probably the only thing in the universe that could turn our straggling and dejected president into a rock star. Remember what 9-11 did for Junior? Overnight, he had the highest approval ratings in Gallup history. Why else has Trump been so persistent on his Stalin-esque travel ban? Even the most loyal Trumpkin will admit, he hasn’t done anything right yet in his presidency.

They would certainly contend his nomination of a conservative Supreme Court judge is a great victory. It is. But I’d say since that judge was up to Obama to nominate, we should credit the republican senate for stubbornly waiting for a republican president.

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Our president is in trouble. His approval ratings is at record low levels just a few weeks into his presidency. The best part is that republicans have no one to blame but themselves. Democrats have been completely obliterated from Washington. The only people obstructing The Great Deceiver from incinerating the country, are republicans concerned about their re-elections.

The only people who approve of Trump is that same devoted demographic that packed the arenas to see him during the campaign. Uneducated and poor, describes Trump’s biggest supporters. Trump knows if he does not have them, he has no one. Hence, he needs to maintain their loyalty. As a result, Trump crafts his legislation to appease this group of uneducated and overall wearing supporters.

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Like when he signed out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Republicans and democrats advised our president not to do this. Everyone was against this. Many political analysts opined that this decision could be the worst thing he could do. Leaving the Paris Accord was something Trump threatened during the campaign. He reasoned with his coal mining supporters, that if elected, he would get us out of the Paris Accord. Along this twisted chain of logic, coal miners would get their jobs back.

It sounds horrible, but if a terrorism act took place in America, Trump would benefit. For starters, he has been advocating his stupid travel ban since the campaigns. Now that everyone with a triple digit IQ has either blocked or fought this ban, Trump is proud to stamp his name on it.

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Trump’s travel ban restricts entrance into the US from several Muslim countries. During the campaign, Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslim immigration into the country. When he was elected, the protests against his travel ban were so severe, Trump was forced to revise the ban. His original travel ban lasted a measly eight days, before a judge struck it down.

After their legislation dies so quickly, most presidents would just start from scratch. If you really want to help Americans so bad, why keep shoving the same bill back in our faces. After every judge has overruled it, wouldn’t it be more likely to help us with a bill that could easily get passed?

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However, if the president is more concerned with his image, than of course he wants only HIS bill to pass.

Another terrorism act will occur in America. When it does, Trump will point his orange face into the camera and preach about how we should’ve listened to him. Suddenly, Trump will go from the rambling crazy uncle in the back seat to the vindicated wise man.


Apparently, Trump cares a lot more about protecting his business than protecting your child from the next terrorist. Why then, does his revised travel ban exempt countries where actual terrorists have come from?

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The six Muslim countries that Trump labeled too dangerous to enter our county are Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. No one could figure out what made Trump come to such a decision. Considering the fact that,

Nationals of the seven countries singled out by Trump have killed zero people in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1975 and 2015. TheAtlantic article

What is oddly missing from that list? Saudi Arabia, Egypt or the United Arab Emirates – all countries with which Trump did business and from where the 9/11 plane hijackers came.

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If Trump banned any of the countries that actually harbors a terrorist, his business would be damaged. Could

Trump needs to be proven right. The world protested his travel ban. If a terrorism attack occurs, Trump could say we should’ve been more receptive to his travel ban.

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  1. he is actually pushing it and setting it up for his white supremest terrorists to attack the people of the USA, he set them off in OREGON and his person murdered people on a train , its enough to let you know that trump controls the white supremest terrorists in this country

  2. If one doesn’t happen soon, his team will put one together. This is the grand trick they have up their sleeves, but they didn’t think they’d have to use it so soon. They were saving it for just before the next presidential election, so Donald could say the country is too unstable right now, so he could cancel the election and stay in power. But now, they may have to pull it out of the hat sooner.

  3. One of my biggest fears is that this incompetent wannabe dictator would use a tragic event to enforce his authoritarian policies. Men and women of conscience must do all they can to relieve Trump of his duties and time is of the essence.

  4. I predict! The next terror attack on US land will bring us martial law. Think how they have taken so much freedom from us already. It will be like I’ve heard living in Russia (USSR) always has been. AND it is only a matter of time before 45 starts wearing a military uniform. I can see him now………… dressed in a gaudy military uniform. Pins, ribbons, badges, etc. Lots of gold braid. And we cannot forget the dark Aviator sunglasses. At that point all he will need is the “dictator mustache” . Of course the mustache will have to be dyed black instead of orange. Nice color combo: Orange and black!

  5. This slob would welcome any event that takes the focus off his stupidity and the fact that he is unqualified to be President. He runs a criminal enterprise from our White House and is financially beholden to Russia.

  6. Bush reportedly said it’s going to take something big before American people act. He is hoping that we will be so concerned that we will keep him unfortunately we can’t afford to keep him. He is costing us much more than money is costing us our social conscience

  7. Of course he is. He will use that to impose martial law in America. And it would only get worse from there.

    If one DOES happen (and I don’t want it to), I hope it would be home-grown radicals, showing just how misplaced his travel ban would be.

  8. Of course he is. He wants to be reelected and we’re notoriously sheeplike when it comes to being attacked. We all rush to support the President, because he usually gives a firey speech about the awfulness of this. So, they get their second term. It’s becoming a republican tactic. That’s how Bush won a second term.

  9. Yes. Absolutely. Hes begging for it and cutting the Coast Guard budget to a laughable sum should help that. Lets hope he doeasnt get those cuts. Funny that he would leave our shores unpatrolled for a wall when we share The Gulf Of Mexico AND Pacific shorelines with Mexico.

  10. Abso-friggen-lutely he is hoping! In fact, is it mere coincidence that he mentions travel bans again, and it happens? Attacks happen within hours? Its NOT the first time! Think about it. Does it help his agenda??!

  11. I’m sure he’ll stir up some sort of shit before/during/after Comey. I think the only thing that would help him would be more American is get a dog. Your wife hates you, Barron hates you. I hate you. Hey just go away…

  12. He’s probably talking to Cheney about how he managed the September 11 attacks. C’mon guys. Dubya’s approval ratings were in the toilet just before the attacks. And then afterwards they shot up to over 75%. And he not only got the democrats to support his illegal war in Iraq but he managed to get re-elected despite the ‘war on terror’ being a FUCKING FAILURE!!!! Remember guys – ISIS is a by-product of the Iraq war.

  13. Of course he is. Then his wimps can get all scared and he can “promise” to ride in on a white charger and save their butts. Then things will calm down without any intervention until he’s in trouble again. Then it starts again.

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