Finally, Them Trumpkins are Realizing that They’ve Been Tricked, as the Destruction Begins to Unfold

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Trump is about to go down in a big pile of self destruction. Donald Trump couldn’t even last half a year, before torching the White House. Those poor Trumpkins must be devastated. Trump was supposed to be the Great White Hope. Trump was supposed to get those coal mining jobs backs, get everyone healthcare, destroy ISIS, build a wall, lock up Hillary, suspend immigration…..

Turns out it was all lies.

Trump knew his grandiose lies would not work on educated people. He would only be appealing to those that he could trick.

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Most of us have known this for a long time. Before Inauguration Day, most Americans knew that Trump would not last a term. However, his loyal supporters, the ones that waited breathlessly in the rain to see him during the campaign, they are still convinced that Trump will complete two terms.

To them, Trump is much more than a politician. During the campaign, Trump used his salesman tricks on his supporters, and it worked like black magic. He told them exactly what they wanted to hear. As a result, they pledged their unnerving devotion. Now, those same Trumpkins are finding it impossible to turn against The Great Deceiver.

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A politician is easy to kick to the curb. He is the leader of our nation – of your kid’s nation. If he brings destruction to your life, why would you defend the man? When Nixon faced impeachment, 15% of the nation was on his side, according to Gallup. Why would anyone defend a lying crook to lead our nation? You aren’t his business partner. You won’t benefit from his misdeeds. In fact, if a president is crooked and has a secret agenda, you and your children will suffer. Of course, we would want him out. Back in the seventies, the entire nation, even most of the ones that voted for him, were against Nixon.

Forty years later, our nation’s mindset has turned on it’s head. A good portion of our country actually supports Trump, as these scandals emerge worse than Watergate. In their defense though, Trump is far from impeachment and even further from a criminal indictment. Certainly, public opinion will change as the charges materialize.

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How much will they change though? Trump is not a regular politician. He didn’t convince his supporters with a sound vision and a compelling political argument. No. As they poured out of his rallies, during the campaign, they all said how Trump ‘thought like me’. His supporters voted for him, because he connected with them. They felt a bond with Trump. Hitler and Stalin seduced their followers with similar chicanery. Hitler’s early followers had no idea of the destruction that waited their nation.

Freud said that a crowd demands “strength or even violence” of its leaders: “It wants to be ruled and oppressed and to fear its master” (70). Hitler and the Nazis fulfilled this psychological need by infusing the Volk with the idea that the Nazi Party was strong and powerful, and thus, to the feeble mind of the crowd, trustworthy. This was accomplished through a myriad of ways, some obvious and others subtle. One of the most overt ways that Hitler conveyed a sense of strength and power was through his speeches, during which he would yell and wave his arms violently.  Owlcation article

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Trump is a master of communications. His first elected office is president of the United States. Without his manipulative powers, Trump would never have been able to pull this off. I could write a text book on all of the tricks he used to fool our country. Here is a few:

  • Nothing is big or good, it is YUGE and THE GREATEST.
  • Everything is either ‘us or them’. You are a Christian or a terrorist. You are an illegal or a legal. Trump turned Americans against each other.
  • Speak in slang and half finished sentences, to make audience think you are talking to them in less formal atmosphere.
  • Repeat stuff a lot for emphasis.
  • Hyperbole – Article from yesterday

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Chances are, if you are reading my article, you did not vote for him. On the other hand, if you did vote for him, you were tricked. Don’t feel bad, (uneducated) people have been duped by loud and personable leaders for centuries. The thing that really sucks, is that all of us have to pay for your stupidity.


Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.


  1. i cant wait to see how many years it will take republicans to figure out that their dictator trump f***ed them all over, only the rich will be “safe” from trump

  2. Trumpkins dont care that he lied or colluded with Americas enemies. They are fanatic groupies. Like screaming, drooling teens at Justin Bieber concert, they have lost their minds. He can do no wrong.
    Just go over to his FB page and read the obsequious fawning….if you can stand it.

  3. let me ask you as White young girls who are Democrat and Women too .. How does it make you feel to look at other white young females who are still supporters with Trump? . We all want to know your honesty .. tell us how do you feel because, two of you have a same skin color and many different opinions as they are.

  4. Uh, no, I don’t think his supporters are realizing this. They are too busy doubling (or maybe quadrupling at this point) down on idiocy/racism/media bias/insanity.

  5. From what I’ve seen, they are calling for Comey to be prosecuted for being “a leaker”. They say he “manipulated the situation by leaking important, confidential material”. It’s like living in an alternative universe.

  6. Darkness dwells within the masterof the of the Deplorables and it feeds their ignorance and fear of the light and the truth.
    Divisive, ignorant,intollerant,thin skinned, this bully of a man is the worst America has to offer. Comrade Trump is truly an embarassement and detriment to the country’s prosperity and safety. Recently Comrade Trump shoves a fellow diplomat out of the way, in order to be in the front for a group photo. At the same a fellow member of the Republican running a special election in Utuah physically assaults a journalist who asked a question he did not want to address. Both incidents are defended and embraced by the GOP and its army of ignorant deplorables. We as society have truly succumbed to the darkness and ugliness of human nature.

  7. Trump supporters do not feel like they have tricked .. this is so misleading .. the white community will never go against Trump .. they love him .. he is God .. to the white community … whites have no rules when it comes to keeping their “white privilege” people of color do not be delusional you can not trust this white community period !!. this man is so obvious .. he is going to make it an unbalanced economy .. strength to white men only .. one religion .. rich white children will only have a shot at an Education …healthcare to the rich whites… Trump and his whole cabinet have openly lied .. and whites believe them … even if you show them the evidence .. they will get angry … this is their way of life to pivot from the truth .. to kill people of color and to keep rich white men rich … sad but very true .. history tells us ..!! sick culture and a way of thinking .. thank god for a small percentage of whites who respect and honor human decency .. thank god for a strong diverse of people who still want unity in this world .. the world now sees how evil the white community truly is !!

  8. u sling that white privilege around like its a badge of honor for u , not all whites are like that , just like all blacks are not the crips and the bloods either , all blacks are not thugs and all whites are not trumpsters cops or white supremacists or the gop only about 60 million are , and us non Kale eating love bead liberals are trying to remove all the LILLY WHITES FROM THE COUNTRY

  9. George Shiflett… I can not wait for you to see when Sessions testify .. he will say nothing .. just wait and will get away with everything .. he will use what has been in place for the white community to protect themselves .. if this embarrasses you “white privilege” work harder in your community that needs it .. it is a shame how the white community doesn’t work in the Rural area.. at least the black community recognizes it troubled areas .. we are just not economically balanced like the white community … yes, you have “white privilege” .. please do not deny this !! you will look silly doing it !!

  10. i aint rich so white privilege my ass , there is no white privilege unless u are rich or a white supremest or a politician or from the south , and all of them are raciest , and ur right sessions won’t say shit and the GOP will do nothing and only the rich whites get protected by the system , so get off that bull shit , u and i have the same problem , they murdered ur people and mine and my community don’t need shit , they are all Liberals and marching right along with ur people , but u and ur people can’t tell who is on ur side and who is not , ur people are treating us Liberals who stand by ur side like Peria and i am personally getting a bit sick of that shit

  11. George Shiflett …yes your community needs so much help ..your community has a iltericy problem ..your schools has so many problems …your community has a diversity problem ..if you are not white it is not right ..also your community has a serious drug problem …they are shooting up so much dope … I do not live in the Urban area ..I live in Upper Middle class ..I find needles up and down my neighborhood…the residence are tired … Do you need more …you do not have the same problems people of color have … Stop cursing it is showing your education level ..stop looking at Fox News ..who focuses on your whiteness … And yes my people who I love along with those very good white people in the community … Trump has you fooled ..have you read and understand the new Budget ..Infrastructure..Education Bills ..if you can not understand them ..I can help you understand and the amendments under those bills and the cause and effect of those bills ..that’s why your party doesn’t even agree … Also your community needs a Civic program for older adults … Very uneducated people !! Very !!

  12. ok first of all cursing has nothing to do with education , it has to do with respect and i have none , and i don’t watch fox news either and what u think the Black community has a monopoly on problems, and trump don’t have me fooled i dealt with that POS in Jersey , i come from the same Mafia Hole he does, and i know who he was hooked up with until they milked his stupid ass , and he ripped off quite a few friends and family members on the Atlantic city deal , so don’t play like u know trump because u don’t know shit , he only fools the idiots that think he is God and that the white supremest race , i call them a race , because they don’t fit with true white people , now lets see how much u understand about trumps infrastructure deal , this is a MAFIA PLAY , trump owns the contractors that will do the building , no other contractors will win ,, trump will name the price to be paid and sign off on it , his people do the work and trump banks the money , Trump wants to be Number 1 , and to do that he has to surpass Gates in wealth , why u think he did not divest , or show his taxes, u don’t have a clue as to what trump is up to or capable of all u are seeing is his crazy shit , thats a tactic he has always used , this mis direction is a smoke screen for what he is doing on the business end , there was 2 deals struck 1 with Exxon and Putin one with the Koch Brothers ( oh by the way i see quite a few of ur people on trumps side MLK’s Son for that matter which i don’t understand , trump stands for everything MLK stood against, whats up with his son and quite a few others )trumps stacking billionaires in places and area’s of gov they don’t belong is for them to advance their portfolio’s , and trump went to the middle east to secure Hotel and golf course deals , every time he has a presidential meeting in any of his facility’s he gets to write it off , Trumps presidency is about trumps bank accounts, the media is the dumbest ones of all , they fall for everything he says , u have a long way to go to figure out trump , and the KKK and shit are not the White race , they are a race all their own , just like the crips and the Bloods are not ur race either, just because they are colored the same don’t mean they are the same , white privilege is for the rich , not poor folks like the majority of us

  13. Dorwin Harper by the way , u actually sound a lot like trump , Illiteracy problem bull shit , and my community has a civic program for seniors, try again ,and remember Physiology is an opinion , and you being in VA you are sitting right in the middle of my people , just take a look at your phone book and my last name do we look like we come from white privilege Bacon Hollow Shifflett Hollow Elkton , we are far from Privileged

  14. ass bite , i been building race cars for over 50 years now , so don’t tell me about engineering , for a Physiologist ur a moron , cussing has nothing to do with education or IQ it is a choice and a total lack of respect for idiots like u who think they are superior over every one else, it was a hard road to relinquish my racism , but its people like you that will have no problem pushing me back to it when they are anything but honest (Dorwin Harper George Shiflett…blah blah blah …bigot !! Go suck on Trump ..with the rest or you bigot friends …you sound stupid ..Engineering my ass !!), that statement right there shows your education your IQ and your honesty NO PSYCHOLOGIST WOULD EVER COME BACK WITH THAT STATEMENT, THAT TELLS ME YOUR A LYING SACK OF SHIT, seems i played you well didn’t i pulled your ghetto bull shit straight out didn’t i NOW WHO’S THE RACIEST AND WHO’S FLOATING ON BLACK PRIVILEGE, OR IS THIS JUST ANOTHER PLAY ON AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AND WHO’S PRIVILEGE IS THAT

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