When the Going Gets Tough with FBI Investigations, Trump’s Best Strategy is to Drag in Hillary

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FBI investigations into Trump have begun. Trump has had a tough week. With poll numbers historically low for this soon into a term, everyday another group of voters realize that they had been duped by Trump. With each hour that transpires since his election, more anger swells at the president.

Shit really hit the fan, when the FBI finally announced that they were investigating him on obstruction charges. WOW! Of all people, attention hungry Trump was desperate for some praise. The guy is in a pickle. How does he get more of that loving devotion from the campaign while stealing their health benefits?

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With his back against the wall, if he wasn’t going to explain himself, he had few options. There was one option however, that always worked. During the campaign, when word spilled about his numerous sexual assault charges or his massive fraud class action or when that tape was released in which he talked about women as if in a sixth grade locker room or any other of his disgusting deeds, there was one thing he could say that would instantly cause all his supporters to come rushing back to his embrace. All he had to do was mention Hillary. Still, to this day mention of this woman’s name, causes some to clench their fists with venom.

Donald Trump made these two tweets.

At first glance, I’m sure these tweets infuriated many Hillary haters. But both of these tweets are factually inaccurate. Hence, the only purpose of these tweets is to misguide public outrage away from him and towards Hillary.

Hillary hatred was so intense in fact, that Trump (and other Republicans) promised an intense investigations into her scandalous criminal accusations. During the campaign, thousands of people at Trump rallies would just chant “lock her up” endlessly, like a mindless broken record.

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What happened to all of those investigations into Hillary’s crimes? Remember the Hillary outrage during the elections? Mobs were on the street, chanting for her head. Whatever side you were on, Bernies’ or Trumps’, the one thing you agreed on, was your hatred for Hillary. Even today, the hatred persists, though much softer. Look at this article from a week ago.

Hillary Clinton Accused of using ‘Convicted Murderer Slaves’ to Serve in Governor’s Mansion

Let’s face it, sensational Hillary stories sell.

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According to seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies, Russia did in fact, try to influence our elections through the Internet, including hacking the DNC last year. Russia also carried out a sweeping campaign to keep pumping out fake news stories into our media. According to Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), Russia paid more than 1,000 internet trolls, to generate thousands of stories defiling Hillary.

But more Americans are fascinated with these flagrantly fictitious Hillary fantasies than they are with Donald Trump. The only difference is one is real and one is false. Ironically, these same people tend to watch Fox. That’s why authorities are not investigating Hillary. It was all a made up fairy tale to get Donald Trump elected.

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Did it work on you?

By now, we know these fake accounts helped influence the latest U.S. presidential election. Automated bot accounts made up 18 percent of Twitter’s traffic related to the 2016 election, according to researchers, and these bots overwhelmingly pushed messages in favor of now President Donald Trump. At least a third of pro-Trump tweets during the election came from bots, and half of Trump’s most engaged Twitter followers are bots. ThinkProgress article

The accusations against Hillary, that Russia disseminated across our country, were so spectacular and so sensational, that anyone with a clear head, should’ve seen right through them. Let’s face it, if half of those accusations were true, Hillary Clinton would have been the most callous killer to ever walk. Apparently, Hillary had an intern murdered, she conducted sex-trafficking out of a pizzeria, she sold weapons to ISIS, she gave millions to the FBI Director, ISIS demanded American Muslims support Hillary and so much more.

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If one of these accusations were true, Hillary should be in jail for life. However, as soon as the election had transpired, no one seemed to care that much anymore. There was a time last year, that Republicans kept telling America how they were “about” to begin investigations into Hillary. House Republicans are already preparing for ‘years’ of investigations of Clinton, Washington Post. What happened?  Those same Republicans knew the stories were not true.

Justice is justice. If someone committed a crime, they should be prosecuted. How disheartening that our elected officials suddenly don’t seem to want to pursue Hillary’s blood-curdling crimes. Although the investigations have ended, the hatred endures. Hatred is one flame that is impossible to extinguish. Putin successfully convinced our country to hate a woman that provided life-saving medicine to sick people and food to starving people. Ironically, these same people think Donald Satan Trump is a swell guy.

Putin, Trump and all of their rich buddies played America like puppets!



Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on Amazon.com, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.


  1. Good Hillary Clinton never emailed not text emailed a not jail for free saving a hope Stronger Oward a stand up hopefully 2018 Madame President Hillary Clinton ? ?

  2. All the Hillary stuff is the real witch burning. America has been guilty in that crime. They have falsely painted the Clintons and the Obamas with all sorts of crimes and stupid Americans just rush to go along.

  3. He knows SHE would have been BETTER than him as President! He thinks it makes him feel BIGGER than her so he goes after her with his BIG MOUTH. We all can see through him, his JEALOUS of her and OBAMA. Can’t help it if his STUPID!

  4. Love Hillary. Is it against the law for rep. To pass insurance without. Ietting democrats check insurance out first? Trumpcare. Should be given to congress and Americans can have congress insurance if they want to play hardball.
    Congress should Remember They Work for Americans,no sir,lno pay!

  5. Hillary has done nothing wrong and I’m really getting sick and tired of 45 and the republicans trying to blame her and President Obama for their blatant stupidity! That’s what they do, the Republicans, they keep repeating lies until we believe them, we’ll, we know the truth, you ingrates, and non of your lies will change that! This president won on lies, bulling,and racism! DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE REPUBLICANS SAY! They are doing the healthcare bill in secret, what does that tell you? Come on people, we CAN NOT ALLOW THIS BILL TO PASS! Even the major healthcare organizations are saying its the worst bill ever! Keep Obamacare, it works! Stop trying to throw millions off of their healthcare, you republicans will forever have no party at all,
    if you do this! It’s insane to even consider it!

  6. Both Witchillary and Slick Willie should have been imprisoned decades ago, not just for their corruption but for the long line of people killed to weed out the folks that had very real evidence of their crimes.

  7. You keep saying that James… but it really isn’t true. We all hate the DNC. Does that mean we should be biased like the media and just say good things about the other side? Our entire government is bullshit, from one end to the other. Just cause I hate the DNC doesn’t make me love the Democrats or republicans any better.

    Trump promised (in his 100 days) to get an investigator on Clinton and this DNC bullshit and so far, silence. Wtf happened to that? But yeah, we should keep quiet on the trump stupidity because we hate the dnc only.

  8. The FBI found no wrong doing on Hillary’s part, and neither did the Benghazi Committee, so you and your ignorant supporters need to move on to something else Mr. Trumpf. This isn’t working for you anymore.

  9. He really better not piss us off. Really this would just put things over the top and we will go for him tooth and nail. We won’t use one once of violence but he will be playing the tiny-fingered violin before we are done putting out all we have collected on every medium we can find.

  10. It is called DIVERSION people. We need to let him know loud and clear that ship has sailed and it won’t work. He will be held accountable.

  11. Yes a lot do care because this election was a farce that will always be questioned . But the GOP has proven without a doubt they will except a corrupt lying incompetent crook just to say we have the WH the hell with America !

  12. I would like trump to testify for 11 hours straight and stick to the facts while maintaining his composure. He has the attention span of a flea.

  13. It’s called desperaion….meanwhile 7 Navy sailors die in a collision and Trump has appointed a head of the Navy yet but he finds time to tweetstorm on Hillary. Where are the Republicans? Defending a moron, that’s where they are.

  14. ONE TRICK PONY ! Shows the limited capacity of his Spirochete-eaten brain. If avoiding STD’s was his Vietnam, then, apparently, he was not successful…

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