The only good thing Trump has done, is put an end to Putin’s global domination. We can credit Trump for doing this. Certainly, it was not intentional. Regardless, his idiocy has petrified the rest of the world.

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Americans are starting to realize that electing Trump was a huge mistake. In just a few weeks, Trump has threatened to destroy everything from the planet to Big Bird. Even worse, he has taken our democracy and tore it to bits. He has transformed Lady Liberty to a two-bit hussy. He has shown to the world, that the American government does not care about them. However, this colossal error only illustrates how good America is. Trump’s victory was a wake up call to the rest of the world. As a result, Trump has ruined Putin’s malevolent plan.

There is no denying that Putin has influenced elections across the world. Already, he has been compensated for his efforts. Trump’s abandonment of the Trans-Pacific Partnership left a huge void for China and Russia to fill.  As a result, China is pushing its own trade deal known as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). It includes many countries, such as Japan and Australia, that would have been in TPP. CNN article

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With the cost of oil almost split in half and a series of crippling sanctions, Russia is on the eve of financial destruction. A few years ago, Putin realized his only saving grace was if he could miraculously control elections across the globe. Now, no one doubts that Russia affected our election. If half of our population had not been reading fake news anti-Hillary articles written by thousands of Russian trolls for a year before the election, perhaps Trump wouldn’t have been elected.

The crudest tool at Russia’s disposal for election interference has been to simply knock the opposition’s website off the internet. Starting in the late 2000s, pro-Russian hackers bombarded the sites of opposition leaders like Garry Kasparov in the midst of his 2007 campaign for president, keeping Kasparov’s site offline or sluggish at key moments during the campaign season. In Russia’s 2011 election, the target list expanded to include opposition media outlets like the Moscow Echo, and the election monitoring group Golos. Wired article

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Another huge headache for Putin was the EU. Instead of being neighbors to a financially strong and healthy EU, Russia would prefer to be surrounded by many small and weak countries. After all, what is stopping Trump from taking over Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, the six countries that stand between Trump and the EU?  SCFR article

Before Cheetoh was elected, Putin was on the verge of accomplishing this succulent dream. Putin’s greatest victory was in England, where he got the country to actually vote to move out of EU. Putin had Trump and May elected – two candidates that he endorsed. Putin must have taken a sigh of relief to see these two right-wing politicians now controlling, arguably, Russia’s two most contentious foes.

What a difference a Trump makes!!!!

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After his streak of victories, Putin was just inches from tearing down the Western unions. Things were looking good for Putin. Then came Trump’s victory, and with it, the rest of the world discovered the despicable tricks Russia used to achieve that feat. Every person in the world looks at Trump’s Beavis and Butthead antics and cringes at the thought of a leader like him, heading their country. Trump is so incompetent that the rest of the world has pledged to fight Putin’s election tricks.

Putin’s decision to enlist Trump in his nefarious democracy-incinerating scheme has backfired. Not only has Trump’s presidency warned the world of the hazards associated with Putin endorsed candidates, but Trump’s election has boosted anti-Putin and far left candidates to power.

The far right gained but didn’t triumph in the Netherlands; Le Pen, while winning a historic level of support, faded in the home stretch. And now the British have actually made it conceivable that Jeremy Corbyn — the most left-wing leader in the history of the Labour Party, a sympathizer with Hamas and the IRA, and an old-school “unelectable” hard-line socialist — could be prime minister in the not-so-distant future. NYMag article

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France elected young and far-left Emmanuel Macron as President. Macron ran on a promise to fight Putin. His opponent, Marine Le Pen, was sculpted in Putin’s hands. She felt Crimea belonged to Russia, she admonished Russian sanctions, had taken a loan from a Russian bank, and she also met with Putin shortly before her election.  Much to Putin’s dismay, Macron won.

For a while, things were really headed in Putin’s favor. Had he successfully manipulated the French and British public as tremendously as his fake news influenced us, the world would be a much different place.

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Germany is Putin’s last shot. Angela Merkel is Putin’s biggest European opponent. If Angela Merkel wins the election, Putin’s world-domination experiment will be an utter failure. Merkel has welcomed more than one million refugees into Germany. As a result, Putin’s Kremlin fake news machine has been regurgitating thousands of fictitious stories painting these refugees as blood thirsty scavengers. Merkel is doing good in the polls though, and is favored to win.

Undoubtedly, Trump’s greatest (and only) accomplishment yet, has been his wake up call to the rest of the world. While Trump sits in the oval office, watching reruns of Saved by the Bell, the world shakes their head in disgust. Look how quickly a Putin endorsed candidate has ruined our country. Unless you are careful, the same damage could occur to your country! At least the world took our good advice.