Millions of Americans voted for Trump because they thought he was the ‘lesser of two evils’ compared to Hillary. Even today, many Americans still believe that. A very legitimate measure of intelligence is how easy it is to be tricked. I could sell a baby a candy bar for twenty bucks, but it’d be much harder to rip off a fifty-year-old genius with the same scam. However, you can’t be the sharpest tool in the shed if you are going to elect a two-bit hustler over someone considered to be the most qualified presidential candidate in history.

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Hillary never committed one crime. In fact, her foundation helped nine million people afford AIDS medication. Has our president ever achieved anything remotely as beautiful as this? Even Bernie Sanders’ list of accomplishments pales. Yet, during the campaign, Sanders and Trump’s followers were convinced Hillary was the epitome of evil.

Ask any Hillary hater why they hate her so much, and you won’t be given a single viable reason. You might get a bus load of reasons, but if you examine them, you’ll find each to be a baseless accusation.

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Almost every single vote for Trump was justified with four words: “Lesser of two evils.” Trump might be bad, but he isn’t as bad as Hillary. While these thoughts were being formed in minds, Trump was being charged for sexual assault and an enormous class action for stealing tuition money from high school graduates. This enormously wrong chain of logic was how Trump won the election. More than half of our country were tricked.

Granted, Hillary should have made more of an effort to correct these fallacies. Hillary should have spent more time in democratic states lost to Trump like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin than staunchly conservative states like Texas. However, in addition to her campaign blunders, Hillary was unable to surmount Putin’s invasion of fake news.

I wrote this article during the campaign. The article is about one of Hillary’s greatest accomplishment, which is quite a bold statement.

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In 1995, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the fourth annual United Nations Women’s Conference. The speech ranks #35 on American Rhetoric’s Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century. In the broadest description, her speech urged the world to respect women. In a more ethical perspective, her speech changed the world.

Include her foundation efforts, her Secretary of State accomplishments and her contributions to healthcare, their are few politicians who have given more to our country. Regardless, Putin was able to convince a majority of our country to hate such an esteemed woman.

Initially, Trump’s support came from uneducated Americans. Trump even professed his love for the “poorly educated.” Anyone could fool these people. They fell for Russia’s injection of fake Hillary stories.

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But what about Bernie supporters? This class of voters were generally educated. You would think they would be resistant to those outrageous stories. But they fell for Russia’s tricks.

BernieSanders 2020 site had 60,000 members. This was a site that lots of Bernie supporters got their news from. However, a closer scrutiny of the site would reveal that all of the stories came from Moscow and not Massachusetts. BernieSanders2020 was filled with vicious anti-Clinton stories. As a result, Russia got their puppet elected. Putin sends his thanks to everyone who voted for Bernie!

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We’ll never know what America would look like under Hillary, but I think we could all agree that it would be much better than the wastelands outside my window.