If you were One of the Voters who Erroneously Reasoned that Trump was the ‘Lesser of Two Evils’, Thanks for Destroying our Country

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Millions of Americans voted for Trump because they thought he was the ‘lesser of two evils’ compared to Hillary. Even today, many Americans still believe that. A very legitimate measure of intelligence is how easy it is to be tricked. I could sell a baby a candy bar for twenty bucks, but it’d be much harder to rip off a fifty-year-old genius with the same scam. However, you can’t be the sharpest tool in the shed if you are going to elect a two-bit hustler over someone considered to be the most qualified presidential candidate in history.

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Hillary never committed one crime. In fact, her foundation helped nine million people afford AIDS medication. Has our president ever achieved anything remotely as beautiful as this? Even Bernie Sanders’ list of accomplishments pales. Yet, during the campaign, Sanders and Trump’s followers were convinced Hillary was the epitome of evil.

Ask any Hillary hater why they hate her so much, and you won’t be given a single viable reason. You might get a bus load of reasons, but if you examine them, you’ll find each to be a baseless accusation.

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Almost every single vote for Trump was justified with four words: “Lesser of two evils.” Trump might be bad, but he isn’t as bad as Hillary. While these thoughts were being formed in minds, Trump was being charged for sexual assault and an enormous class action for stealing tuition money from high school graduates. This enormously wrong chain of logic was how Trump won the election. More than half of our country were tricked.

Granted, Hillary should have made more of an effort to correct these fallacies. Hillary should have spent more time in democratic states lost to Trump like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin than staunchly conservative states like Texas. However, in addition to her campaign blunders, Hillary was unable to surmount Putin’s invasion of fake news.

I wrote this article during the campaign. The article is about one of Hillary’s greatest accomplishment, which is quite a bold statement.

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In 1995, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the fourth annual United Nations Women’s Conference. The speech ranks #35 on American Rhetoric’s Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century. In the broadest description, her speech urged the world to respect women. In a more ethical perspective, her speech changed the world.

Include her foundation efforts, her Secretary of State accomplishments and her contributions to healthcare, their are few politicians who have given more to our country. Regardless, Putin was able to convince a majority of our country to hate such an esteemed woman.

Initially, Trump’s support came from uneducated Americans. Trump even professed his love for the “poorly educated.” Anyone could fool these people. They fell for Russia’s injection of fake Hillary stories.

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But what about Bernie supporters? This class of voters were generally educated. You would think they would be resistant to those outrageous stories. But they fell for Russia’s tricks.

BernieSanders 2020 site had 60,000 members. This was a site that lots of Bernie supporters got their news from. However, a closer scrutiny of the site would reveal that all of the stories came from Moscow and not Massachusetts. BernieSanders2020 was filled with vicious anti-Clinton stories. As a result, Russia got their puppet elected. Putin sends his thanks to everyone who voted for Bernie!

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We’ll never know what America would look like under Hillary, but I think we could all agree that it would be much better than the wastelands outside my window.



Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on Amazon.com, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.


  1. I do not know why this is coming out now. As a Progressive who DID NOT vote for Trump or Hillary, you are a HUGE part of yhe continuing problem. It is OBVIOUS that the Dems have lost focus and need to redirect their efforts toward the middle class. Trump..a giant liar..and the Repukes..corrupt liars… saw clearly the needs and used it to their advantage. If you want to continue to further divide those working to ger these ASSHATS out of office YOU ARE A HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM… so STFU

  2. Both candidates sucked and people have the right to vote for whoever they want. People have written in Harambe FFS. Nobody voting for the candidate of their choice is destroying the country. They are using their right to take part in a democratic process the way they choose, as it should be.. Just because somebody didn’t vote for your team doesn’t mean they destroyed anything. You can disagree with people without resorting to hyperboles like this.

  3. I didn’t vote for Trump but she didn’t get my vote either. Bernie did as I figured since she “rigged the primary” that she “had it in the bag.”

  4. She is the most qualified person ever to run for president. Clearly, being well qualified did not figure into the biased, hateful reasoning of Trump supoorters. I fear that it will take generations to recover. Generations because hate is learned at home.

  5. The country was ruined when it was handed to puppet masters who control the government. Having a Hillary Clinton and a Donald Trump as potential president is proof.

  6. I voted for Hillary and I’m proud of it, I voted for the one person that I knew would and could run this country very well and actually knows how to do it and keep us moving forward and make sure that Obamacare was fixed to the benefit of all so no one would be without health insurance, and more could have the ACA, not this garbage the Republicans are trying to push off on us!

  7. What a crock of slanted shit. This author had the audacity to say “Hillary never committed one crime. In fact, her foundation helped nine million people afford AIDS medication. ” LIES!!! She is a slippery crook and the Clinton Foundation is a money laundering scheme making the Clintons rich. This group is supposed to be about progressives transforming the DNC. What the phuck?

  8. Nope i was the voter that knew he would be the evil that white folks could never cover, by which we all lose or sort this madness of racism and greed over people, fuck you idiots that wanted it all prolonged

  9. What a BS article Killary and Cheeto are no different. They keep ignoring what the DNC in collusion with her did to Sanders. The $$$ money she injected in the DNC was well used.

  10. Wrong people got all confused with greedy Bernie sanders and his misdirect give away message to struggling folks so his coffers would continue to fill with 5& 10 dollar donations adding up to tens millions of dollars for him… shame shame sham

  11. With Clinton more people would stay ignorant she loves playing the victim!! Thanks to Seth Rich and to Wikileaks!
    With Trump.. we are exposed to all the corruption within the Government regardless of party!!
    Which is a good thing.. now fight for your tights!!

  12. Even if Trump were removed, we’d still have to deal with a fascist economic policy bolstered by a Neanderthal foreign policy.

    “If you’re not willing to kill everybody who has a different idea than yourself, you cannot have Frederick Hayek’s free market. You cannot have Alan Greenspan or the Chicago School, you cannot have the economic freedom that is freedom for the rentiers and the FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate) sector to reduce the rest of the economy to serfdom.” ~ Michael Hudson

  13. Sometimes, when a thing is damaged beyond all hope of repair, yet still functioning, the only thing to do is gunn it and break it, blow it up, force a day of reckoning.

  14. Stats are in – those that voted third party or sat it out – gave us the orange Voldemort. This isn’t a high school popularity contest. We have a two party system and the asshats that couldn’t get their way – destroyed the country.

  15. Shut it, this is exactly the sort of stupid blame game the establishment loves to fuel. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EVIL ACTIONS OF THE OLIGARCHS! The only responsibility we have is to speak out against their psychopathy and organize
    ourselves and our lives against their foul plague. This is exactly the opposite. If you think your vote counted at all, you are confused.

  16. F off, he is. He isn’t smarter then her but he is certainly way less vile & evil that’s 100% for sure. Her better manners mean shit, she’s goddam bloodthirsty. No one wanted trump but she had to be stopped… & since they stopped bernie… i thank god everyday she didn’t win.

  17. Hillary is damaged goods. Deserved or not if you try to shove her down people’s throats again..we are sunk. New blood is needed and new leadership. Believe it or not.


  19. The whole idea of having a conversation about the lesser of two evils speaks volumes about how low we’ve sunk as a nation politically. SMH.

  20. Uh….no. Eisenhower and Kennedy did some good things. Johnson too. Not to say their hands were totally clean but since Reagan it has really spiralled to Donald v Hillary. And most were willing to settle for that.

  21. If you were one of the candidates who erroneously rigged the primary against the opponent that the people clearly wanted, and erroneously failed to fill high school gyms while your opponent filled stadiums, you may be responsible for….

  22. They’ve all be a mixture and positives can be said about all of them, likewise so can negatives.
    Nixon signed the EPA into law and the environment did get cleaner. Carter laid out an energy policy that would have put us in a much better position today had we followed it. Reagan made hospitals treat critically ill patients whether they had the means to pay or not and also provided phone lines to those that couldn’t afford them. Clinton signed the Family Medical Leave Act into law. Bush II provided drug coverage to seniors (Medicare part D) though it admittedly was flawed and cell phones for the poor, even though the right has labeled them “Obama phones.” Obama gave us the ACA, which while obviously flawed, took pre-existing conditions off the board and boosted preventative care. Had congressional Republicans worked to fix it, by now many of its flaws would have been corrected.
    My point being that politics at any level is a trade off between what one wants, what is the best the can hope for, and ultimately whether a positive end is achieved.

  23. We’re kind of going in the same direction Ron but really, this last election is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime. Trade offs are one thing but these f***ers have literally sold their(and our) souls.

  24. Action needed STAT!!! Call your Senators today at (202) 224-3121 and demand they oppose any bill that guts Vet benefits, Vet rehab, housing, EPA, Education, Medicaid, raids Medicare, SSI, and massively increases health care costs for Americans!!!!Trump and the Republiscums are out of control!! American’s deserve better!!!! We need to take it back!!!! RESIST the DNC, the GOP & trump’s criminal stupidity!!! Both parties are totally corrupt, useless and cannot be trusted by the 98%! We need Bernie and a 3rd party!! Resist the insanity of Trump!!! https://draftbernie.org

  25. Yes. It could not of taken you more than 30 minutes to do some research on your own and find out that Hillary Clinton was the most qualified person to have ever run for the office of POTUS. You could of browsed through one of her books and learned of her 30 years of service to the poor and downtrodden or read about her time as Secretary of State and researched the ” Benghaaaaazii” incident and found that it was nothing but the ignorant right wing hate machine’s manufactured scandal. But instead you took the lazy way out and adopted the totally ridiculous false equivalency narrative that the Trump people hoped you would. How’s that workin’ out for ya?

  26. i voted for her because that’s all that was left. what don’t her supporters understand about taking money from wall street to fund a campaign is corrupt and hypocritical and won her the untrustworthy title. most the democrats who didn’t like her ,didn’t because of her record of bad judgement and wrong policies. starting from the days she put the insurance companies in charge of the healthcare legislation removing the power of the people and i could go on and on.

  27. Trump was not the lesser evil. Just like Hillary Clinton was not the lesser of two evils. Trump vs Clinton is Like the difference between being attacked by a shark or crushed by an anaconda.

  28. Whoever wrote, directed, & staged his many REALITY -SHOW RALLIES should really receive Oscar & Emmy Awards because the rallies were phenomenal! HE LIED and LIED and LIED….& the BASKET of DEPLORABLES believed every damn LIE he told them! I hope they’re happy now because he’s RUINING OUR COUNTRY!

  29. “Stop trying to make you feel bad”? Obviously, you do. Let’s face it, Progressives fcked up, that’s not conjecture, it’s fact! Trump didn’t win because of WHO VOTED for him, but because of WHO DIDNT. You can protest, post, call, but you can’t turn back the hands of time and vote, so yes you should feel bad. We are living a nightmare, and it’s not because of Hillary supporters.

  30. I don’t believe that anyone actually did vote for Trump for that reason. They can say what they want as a retcon justification… I don’t believe it. A half empty bottle of Drano would have been a better president!!

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