No longer can people speculate that Russia interfered with our elections. Even President Trump is jumping on that bandwagon and blaming former President Obama for turning the other cheek.

***Alert to all worshiping Trumpkins: The Donald has finally admitted that Russia did hack our democracy. All seventeen government investigations concluded that Russia did, in fact, inject fake news into our media in an attempt of persuading voter sentiment. Many Americans are petrified that Russia will hijack our elections again. The burning question, however, is whose side will Putin be on?

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At least now we don’t have to ask if Putin influenced our election, but ‘why’ is the question. That is a no-brainer. A few years ago, Russia was on the precipice of destruction. Russia’s entire economy hinges on oil. With oil prices as low as they have been plus, those sanctions the western world has imposed on Russia, financial devastation seems inevitable. No one knows what is going on in Putin’s head. A safe assumption though would be that if he helped the world’s leaders get elected, then they would lift those sanctions.

Sucks for Putin, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen. Putin’s troubles have only gotten worse under President Trump. Just a few weeks ago, Congress voted to apply heavier sanctions on Russia. All the effort the poor guy expended, and now Putin is worse off than he was before he placed The Donald in office. Why would Putin want to keep helping out Republicans?

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A few months ago, the future looked quite promising for Putin. Back then, Trump was just elected, England just voted to get out of Brexit and the upcoming French election looked very good. Since then, everything has gone downhill for Putin. How much faith do you think he has in Trump? Could it be less than you or me? Before you answer that one, remember that you aren’t risking billions of dollars on him.

What will Putin’s role be in our next election? Things won’t get much better for Putin under democratic rule, but it sure as heck-fire won’t get any worse. Perhaps Putin holds some resentment, considering all he did for Trump and he got squat in return. The world is laughing at Putin. Not many people get the best of Putin, the world’s wealthiest man. Do you think Putin will continue to work to get Republicans in office? What have republicans done for him?

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He might have been on Trump’s side last election. Next election though, after Trump failed to live up to his side of the bargain, Putin will have a bone to pick.

Grab your popcorn. This could be good!!!!