Ditching Donald Trump is the only way a Republican can survive. Take Martha McSally, a House Republican from Arizona, for example. She is starting to regret her unfettered loyalty to our president. She climbed aboard the Trump Train when it was the thing to do for Republicans. For a couple of weeks, it seemed every Republican had a case of Trumpitis. You can’t blame them. Trump just won the election. A stale smog of conservative pollution seemed to sift through every city. Trump’s victory made republicans proud to be Republicans.

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But then the sun rose, and that dank smog lifted. That party only lasted a couple of hours. If you shut your eyes, you could’ve missed all of the celebrations. Shortly after the elections, Trump’s procession of scandals began to unfurl. And they have not stopped. Politicians that are not ditching Trump, will be ditched by voters. Everyday, something else comes out that makes every single Republican sigh with humiliation.

They must feel so stupid. To have voted for someone hired by the Russian government!

Trump’s plunging approval numbers are an excellent measuring tool of how loyal his fellow Republicans will be. As his numbers fall, more Republicans are ditching Trump. Sure, you might think Trump has great hair and a super hot wife, but in the eyes of politics, the guy is dead weight. What if you are a senator and you support Trump, and evidence comes out that he was being blackmailed by Putin the night before the elections. Is it really worth it? Former CBS News Anchor Dan Rather says,

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“As long as he’s able to hold that 35, 38 poll rating – you may not see that, but I repeat for emphasis, once it gets down below 30 percent, you’ll see some Republicans going the other way.”

A shocking poll featured on CNN last week had Donald Trump’s approval numbers at 34. What makes that number even more abysmal is that he has only been at the helm for six months! Presidential approval ratings historically, start off high, right after the election, and gradually sink. For Trump to be at 34 so quickly, is a very ominous warning for the turbulence that lies ahead for our orange skipper.

For a comparison, why don’t you stuff this nugget in your pipe. Obama’s lowest approval ratings throughout his eight years, according to Gallup, was 40. QZ article

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It won’t get any easier for him. Most president’s best achievements come early in their terms – within their first year. Mid-term elections will be upon us in a year. Which means politicians need to start worrying about their campaigns in just a few months. Unless our president manages to exonerate himself in this Russian debacle within that time frame, it is doubtful politicians would support an alleged Russian spy.

The only saving grace many Republicans have will be to actively work against anything Comrade Trump tries to pass.