Finally, we learn that if Trump decides to remove us from the Paris Accord, it will be a gift for those who voted for him. Everyone in the entire world is begging him to remain, but Trump has threatened to cancel membership, as frivolously as a Blockbuster card.

Think of the lunacy of that statement. We are stepping out of the Paris Climate Accord in an attempt to appease the unemployed coal miner. Trump would rather destroy the world of his little Barron, than upset those that voted for him.

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During the campaign he pledged to the coal miner that he would get their jobs back. I wrote many articles doubting these words, but also articles questioning those that would actually believe them. Coal is so much more damaging to the environment, there are countless fines manufacturers have to pay for using coal over natural gas. Even if those fines vanish, it still costs more to dig up coal from the earth than abstract gas. Coal is the way of the steamboat. Coal is a thing of the past and coal is one of the more dirtier fuels. It is more harmful to the environment and more costly to use.

The Paris Accord was signed by 195 members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and ratified by 147, went into effect in November with the aim of tackling the global challenge of a warming Earth.

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The Paris Agreement was groundbreaking, because for the first time, different nations around the world were working together to make our planet more clean. The Paris Agreement is not a treaty, so Trump could leave if he wants. Undoubtedly, Trump will pave the way for other nations to back out of it as well. Yahoo article

By sneaking out of the Paris Accord, Trump is freeing us of those environmental regulations that make it prohibitively expensive to use coal. Theoretically, we could use coal again….until Trump is out of office.

This could also be Trump’s logic. Stepping out of the Paris Accord is really much more of s statement than anything else.

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Under the rules of the agreement, a country must stay put for at least the first three years, which would take us to 2019. MarketPlace article

By that time, if he is still in office, Trump’s presidency would almost be at an end. As soon as the rules come into effect theoretically, the next president could put us back in the Paris Accord. So what is the point, besides putting a smile on his supporter’s faces? Remember, that smile would be gone in a few weeks.

Take that dejected unemployed coal miner and ask him what Trump has done for him. Most likely, that coal miner would say nothing. In fact, Trump’s legislation so far actually hurts the coal miner.

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His proposed healthcare bill, for example, is a killer to the coal miner. States like Virginia, Wyoming and Kentucky were big coal mining states. They went for Trump because of the shallow promises that he gave.

However, according to the CBO report, 24 million people will lose healthcare. In addition, those states suffer from opioid epidemics. Trump’s healthcare plan would give the power of dispensing funds for substance abuse treatments from the federal government to state government. Those coal miners that have pre-existing conditions from black lung, a common problem dug up in the coal mines, would lose coverage under Trumpcare. Vox article

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Trump could have helped those unemployed coal miners in a number of ways. Not only by providing them with healthcare, but instead of trying to get their old jobs back, a good president would have provided education to learn a new trade. Instead, Trump’s budget eliminates job creation programs and slashes education. Ironically, Trump’s proposed budget, as well as his healthcare, will make a lot of money for him and his family and his wealthy buddies.

Stepping out of the Paris Accord is something he could do that won’t cost him any money and it will make his supporters smile.

Too bad our children’s world will be damaged in the process.

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