As usual, Trump makes a lie and it helps him. A lie would end most politician’s careers. But a Trump lie is articulated so perfectly, it actually helps him. Remember 41 days ago, when Trump tweeted this?

I hate to say ‘I told you so’, but I knew right away that this was just another Trump fib. I had written several articles, PoliticalHaze article, about this perplexing Trump tweet. It was so obvious to me, that Trump was lying. If Trump really did have a recording that proved him right, why wouldn’t he release it?

Trump tweeted this as Comey was being interviewed. Comey was telling America how Trump asked him, the FBI Director, to stop looking into someone in an investigation into him. WOW! Trump needed to do something real quick to get that heat off of him.

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Imagine if that tweet, was not about some recording that put Trump in the clear, but instead Trump wrote a meek apology.

Anyway, all Trump supporters took a great sigh of relief as soon as they read that tweet. According to that tweet, their savior still remained unsoiled. If Trump did something wrong, he wouldn’t be mentioning some secret recording.

Everyday for 41 days, the White House was asked at least once, about the existence of those tapes. White House always gave the same diverting response.

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“I was clear the president would have nothing further on that last week.”

“The president has nothing further on that.”

Trump’s responses were even more vague,

“I’ll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future.”

Today, at 12:54 in the afternoon, after weeks of nail-biting anticipation, Trump finally tweets this,

So why did Trump make this admission today? A good hint to that question would be to rephrase it. Why did Trump make this admission at 12:54, a few hours after the release of the Senate healthcare bill?

Obviously, our master of communications president, was waiting for a news story that would divest so much media attention, Trump’s recording admission would be like a fly buzzing in the distance. No one would pay any attention to it.

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Trump sent out his tweet, the very same second that some Americans were reading about the recently released senate healthcare bill. Could there be a better time?

Could threatening the FBI Director to watch his mouth, cause there is a recording, be considered a crime? God knows if I made a similar threat to a judge, about a cop who gave me a speeding ticket, I may be facing increased penalties.

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Trump says he doesn’t regret making that lie about Comey tweets. This is yet another lie. You can’t be the sharpest tool in the shed to allow an FBI investigation into you, unfold the way that the investigation into Trump has.

How can’t he regret his actions? As a result of asking the FBI director to turn the other cheek to Lieutenant General Flynn, now the new FBI director is investigating him more.

How stupid do you have to be. Imagine you are your buddy robbed a bank, would you ask the detective to stop investigating your friend?

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The most damning evidence against Trump is the fact that he never explained why he tweeted that lie. If you just blindly say a lie and let people make of it what they will, you really are not helping your side. Explain yourself, Mr. President!

If you choose not to, we have no choice but to think you are nothing more than a two-bit con artist.


Think of all the fools who believed that tweet!