Trump’s latest selection for Department of Housing made the swamp get ten feet deeper! I have written several articles about the people Trump nominates to head important departments. Actually, I have written a lot of articles on this subject. I feel that Trump’s nominees are the most indicative measure of his true intentions for our country. If Putin did help get Trump elected, and Putin wanted Trump to destroy our government, what more effective way to accomplish this, than by putting incompetent people in charge of important government agencies?

The people he chose to head the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, the Department of Health, and Agriculture Research in Department of Agriculture have all spent most of their lives trying to dismantle the very agencies they now head. Here are some of my articles regarding Trump’s terrible selections.

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Trump’s Choice to Head HUD, Ben Carson, is a Slap in the Face to Millions Living in Poverty


That last article about Ben Carson is especially interesting. Ben Carson is now in charge of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. If anyone could say with a straight face, that Donald Trump cares about the millions of Americans whose lives depend on this department, I have a bridge in China I’d love to sell them.

This agency separates millions of people from sleeping on park benches. Yet, Ben Carson has never done anything in the housing department. In a 2015 op-ed in The Washington Times, Carson labeled the affirmatively further fair housing, as a “mandated social-engineering scheme” and an example of “failed socialism,” despite acknowledging the government’s role in “greatly reduc[ing] explicit discrimination in housing” through the Fair Housing Act, ACLU article.

How do you run an agency you think is a “scheme”? That is a very strong word.

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Trump made another disastrous selection in the Department of Housing. He selected the Trump family maid, Lynne Patton, to run the New York and New Jersey office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She may have absolutely no experience in housing or urban development however, she could plan one awesome wedding, she’s great with pets, and she’s always on time to pick up the kids from school.

That last paragraph will compel three different reactions: either you found it funny, you didn’t believe it, or you rely on New York or New Jersey public housing, and you are now petrified. The area that she is now in charge of, is the nation’s largest public housing authority, with more than half a million people. This area is also America’s largest Section 8 program, which provides subsidies to tens of thousands of low-income renters. CNN article

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Lynne Patton is suddenly in charge of coordinating the flow of billions of federal dollars into New York City, Newark, Trenton and other troubled urban centers. My prayers go out to you, if you are dependent on any of those dollars.

I don’t think Trump would be so quick to place the blind trust of his empire in Lynne’s hands. However, placing a grossly unqualified woman to be responsible for millions of people’s housing accommodations is okay.

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Nothing is more important than having a roof over your head. Some families are forced to sleep in a car or under a bridge. Republicans really hate nothing more than such subsidies. If our government isn’t spending money on these subsidies, than they could direct those funds on tax breaks for their friends, families and themselves. Despite the suffering such inadequacy may cause, Republicans would love to see some benefit  subsidies, like the Department of Housing, die.

Every American should be appalled by just glancing at Lynne’s Linkedin resume. Donald Trump doesn’t care very much about our nation’s poor, after appointing Ben Carson and now Lynne Patton. ‘Let them eat cake!’

“Responsible for organizing, executing and assisting with upscale events and celebrity golf tournaments,” her LinkedIn profile says. “Handle celebrity talent acquisition for various marketing projects, philanthropic events and golf tournaments.”

The education portion of her resume is,

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Trump administration highlighted her law degree as proof, that Lynne is capable of fulfilling her new position. Accordingly, Lynne Patton is indeed qualified to be responsible for millions of people’s housing accommodations. However, Quinnipiac school registrar Jim Benson said Patton attended two semesters but did not graduate. What a slap in the face to other heads of different regions of Department of Housing and Urban Developments! I’m sure they would be more qualified to run the country’s most populated region.

Hell! I’m more qualified than her!

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Also, don’t you love that little Yale logo? There are no dates or areas of study. It looks as if she just threw the words ‘Yale University’ to make the resume look nicer.

I wonder who falsified that resume. Naturally, one would assume Lynne was the one to try to make it look more auspicious. After all, the resume does have her name on it. But if that was the case, she obviously turned that resume into the Trump household, her current employer. If he opens a newspaper, Donald Trump would know that his nanny lied on her resume. She didn’t go to Yale, or even graduate from Quinnipiac University. You’d think he’d be pissed. He certainly wouldn’t be promoting her to a position responsible for millions of lives.

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Maybe the Trump administration tailored her resume to look more deserving of the clutch job she was just awarded. After all, Donald Trump will be the only person to benefit as a result of his nannies’ new job.

Few government agencies are as important to the Trump’s massive real estate empire than the Department of Housing and Urban Developments, especially the New York and New Jersey division. Our president could never nominate his children to head that department, instead, he chose the next best thing. Lynne has worked for the Trump family most of her working life. She considers herself one of the family. She will undoubtedly do anything to help Donald Trump.

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 There’s also an unrelated conflict issue in how Patton will handle her duty to regulate Spring Creek Towers, a vast, privately-owned complex in Brooklyn with nearly 6,000 apartments that was built with federal help: in exchange for government financing, the owners of developments like Spring Creek agree to keep rents at a designated level that middle-class tenants can afford.

Over the years, Donald Trump shed this type of government-subsidized housing, but the Trump Organization still owns 4% of Spring Creek Towers, worth an estimated $25 million — and the complex’s ongoing subsidies are regulated by none other than HUD. One wonders what kind of oversight Patton can fairly exercise over the Trump Organization that has employed her for so long. CNN article