Trump’s Budget Reduces Funding For Housing Programs for the Poor, Excluding a Subsidy Paid to Certain Landlords, Like Himself

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Starrett City is the nation’s largest subsidized housing complex. It sits close to New York’s JFK Airport. The complex reels in a lot of money. Trump has called Starrett City “one of the best investments I ever made.” Except, it was actually Trump’s pop who made the investment, according to a representative of Starrett City. The Donald’s investments, like Trump University, didn’t do quite as well.

In Trump’s budget, he viciously slashes federal housing subsidies for orphans, the poor, the sick and the elderly. Sorry folks, but our president doesn’t care too much about them. However, he has refused to slash a certain kind of housing subsidy. This sort of subsidy is paid to private landlords, like those who own Starrett City.

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Trump’s dear old dad left him a 4% stake in this massive Brooklyn complex. He makes more than $10 million a year on this one property. As a result, you could understand why Trump may not want to slash THOSE subsidies. Under Trump’s proposed budget however, all of the other families living in subsidized facilities across the country will be kicked out into the snow.

I wrote an article the other day, about how he selected his own nanny to lead the Department of Housing in the New York region. Now, the amount of money being paid to Trump regarding this massive investment, will be handled by someone who has lived with the Trump family for years. I even suspect that Trump plagiarized her resume, so that she appeared worthy of her position. I explain it all in my article.

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In a way, I agree with Donald Trump. He won the election. People were informed of this immense conflict of interest, but still voted for him. Why should he do anything different now? I’m sure he justifies it in his YUGE orange head, thinking that the voters don’t care about it.

Trump’s proposed budget will cut public housing a whopping 29%, according to Douglas Rice, a senior policy analyst at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, NYMag article. However, the program that sends aid to Starrett City will only go down a half percent.




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  1. How many more ways is he going to screw over poor AMERICANS. Taking away money from healthcare & now housing .Shame on all of you republicans especially those who “BELIEVED” trump & voted for him. Do you not see the word “LIE” in believed? He has shown his loyalty is to the rich but you brain dead people keep supporting the trump regime. What more does he have to do for you to wake up & see him for the orange scum he really is.

  2. I am so tired of his shit. Does not anybody else pay attention to this shit. quit turning a blind eye America, this is our country and this is not the way Americans act. So people get off your ass and start bitching, call you congress people, hell we need to be in the streets and get out country back/

  3. I sure hope he’s upped the subsidies for public parks , underpasses for bridges, tree houses, ect. Because come the end of October we are going to need a new place to live. Also he might want to consider putting showers in porta potties, McDonald restrooms and other fast food and convenience stores so people have a place to shower for work! This is no joke!! Contrary to popular believe homeless people are not lazy , jobless alcoholics. They are the working class of this Country! You try renting or owning a home and keeping a car on the road, eating and the hundreds of other things needed to be paid for at $12.00 an hour with 2 College degrees!! And a wife on disability that makes $747.00 a month trying not to go on Medicaid because of the horrible things people say to you like they are sick of their tax dollars paying for your necessities! I don’t know if I can because most days it takes me at least 3 hours just to be able to move in the morning, and hell no I’m not lazy! But if I don’t get a job we will be homeless at the end of October! Try living that fear daily!! In the supposed best Country in the world!

  4. Take away our healthcare, we don’t care. Take away our safety net, we don’t care. Take away Medicaid and Medicare, we don’t care. Take away Social Security, we don’t care. Take away Women’s health Clinics, we don’t care. Take away our voting rights, we don’t care. Take away our Civil Liberties, we don’t care. Vote Republican because WE DON’T CARE.

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