At first, Trump’s presidency seems like the worst thing that could happen. Most Democrats were crying hysterically the day after elections. But Trump won.

Having to stare at his fat orange face every waking minute now, might be excruciating for some. However, Trump’s presidency is turning into a very pleasant surprise for Democrats. We all knew he wasn’t going to be a good president. Just read my pre-election articles to divulge my opinion on that one. But I never thought he would be this bad. Not even 150 days, and most of the world, as well as most of our country, hates him. When this smoldering wasteland clears, I assure you that Trump’s destruction will eventually be democrat’s dynasty.

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As Jerry sang, “Every silver lining has a touch of grey.”

Who Killed the Republican Party?

I know this is hard to swallow, but Trump’s victory will be the best thing to happen for Democrats. Also, it is turning out to be the worst thing that could happen to Trump and his creepy family. Trump and his family are in a lot of trouble. If Trump would have lost, this investigation into his connection with Russia would not have been so intense. He has to regret that.

Donald Trump must be regretting the day he ever stepped into the race. During the campaign, Trump did not think he would win. His plan was to start his own television channel. What better way to start a political TV channel than by creating a die hard sea of loyal supporters? Why do you think his entire campaign was to discredit the media? Trump TV would have been attention-hungry Trump’s dream come true. An entire television channel all about him! Trump assumed he was going to lose and then he would start Trump TV. That is where the real money is.

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Remember how loyal his fan base was during the campaign? Trump was hoping to turn that utter devotion into cash, and lots of it. His campaign team, with Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes, was not to win the presidency, but rather start a conservative news channel.

How to Create your Own Political Television Station

1 – Make a name for yourself.

2 – Run for office as a Republican.

3 – Target uneducated voters with jokes about little hands.

4 – Create a loyalty with these uneducated voters.

5 – Start blaming the media for an inevitable loss.

6 – Also blame members of the Republican party.

7 – Remind these uneducated voters that you are the only one on their side.

8 – Place people on your political cabinet that are media experts not necessarily political experts. Sean Bannon of and Roger Ailes of Fox news are two GREAT examples.

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But he won. And his whole glorious plan crashed into the sea.

If he would have lost, Trump TV would have been YUGE! Trump would have retreated to Trump Towers. Except, he would have his real estate empire plus a media empire. He would have been a king.

Instead, he won. He could start his Trump TV after his presidency. However, I assure you, by then, his fan base will be tiny. When that blessed day arrives, all of those loyal supporters would have realized that Trump was just telling lies. Turns out his grand campaign promises were nothing more than shallow lies. Guaranteed, Trump will not have many fans when he walks out of the White House.

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Trump has always been desperate for approval. He wants to be the guy at the party that everyone wants to drink a beer with. Like a chameleon, look how he connected with his corn-husking, tank-top wearing, swastika-waving fan base.

He had never met one up close before and he never will. The die hard Trumpkin was as different from the 5th Avenue, Gucci wearing crowd that Trump spawned from. Still, all of those Trumpkins felt as if Trump was their long lost brother. On second thought, before we credit Trump, I think it says a lot more about his fan base. There is no better indicator of intelligence than how easy it is to be fooled.

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Trump already has the lowest approval rating of any president this quick into his term. The animosity is very bitter. Every day, our president makes more people clench their fists in rage.

On the contrary, what if Hillary won. Yes, our planet and our country and our futures would be much better off. But it would be another eight years of democratic lynching. After that last contentious election, if Hillary would have won, Republicans would be out for blood. Republican hatred for Obama would be nothing compared to what Hillary would have gotten. Don’t forget, if Hillary would have won, Trump TV would be in the background inciting hatred and condoning violence.

In the long run, a Donald Trump victory will be much better for Democrats than in Hillary won.