Trump’s Presidency is Turning out to be the Best Thing to Happen for Democrats and the Worst Thing to Happen to The Donald

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At first, Trump’s presidency seems like the worst thing that could happen. Most Democrats were crying hysterically the day after elections. But Trump won.

Having to stare at his fat orange face every waking minute now, might be excruciating for some. However, Trump’s presidency is turning into a very pleasant surprise for Democrats. We all knew he wasn’t going to be a good president. Just read my pre-election articles to divulge my opinion on that one. But I never thought he would be this bad. Not even 150 days, and most of the world, as well as most of our country, hates him. When this smoldering wasteland clears, I assure you that Trump’s destruction will eventually be democrat’s dynasty.

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As Jerry sang, “Every silver lining has a touch of grey.”

Who Killed the Republican Party?

I know this is hard to swallow, but Trump’s victory will be the best thing to happen for Democrats. Also, it is turning out to be the worst thing that could happen to Trump and his creepy family. Trump and his family are in a lot of trouble. If Trump would have lost, this investigation into his connection with Russia would not have been so intense. He has to regret that.

Donald Trump must be regretting the day he ever stepped into the race. During the campaign, Trump did not think he would win. His plan was to start his own television channel. What better way to start a political TV channel than by creating a die hard sea of loyal supporters? Why do you think his entire campaign was to discredit the media? Trump TV would have been attention-hungry Trump’s dream come true. An entire television channel all about him! Trump assumed he was going to lose and then he would start Trump TV. That is where the real money is.

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Remember how loyal his fan base was during the campaign? Trump was hoping to turn that utter devotion into cash, and lots of it. His campaign team, with Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes, was not to win the presidency, but rather start a conservative news channel.

How to Create your Own Political Television Station

1 – Make a name for yourself.

2 – Run for office as a Republican.

3 – Target uneducated voters with jokes about little hands.

4 – Create a loyalty with these uneducated voters.

5 – Start blaming the media for an inevitable loss.

6 – Also blame members of the Republican party.

7 – Remind these uneducated voters that you are the only one on their side.

8 – Place people on your political cabinet that are media experts not necessarily political experts. Sean Bannon of Breitbart.com and Roger Ailes of Fox news are two GREAT examples.

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But he won. And his whole glorious plan crashed into the sea.

If he would have lost, Trump TV would have been YUGE! Trump would have retreated to Trump Towers. Except, he would have his real estate empire plus a media empire. He would have been a king.

Instead, he won. He could start his Trump TV after his presidency. However, I assure you, by then, his fan base will be tiny. When that blessed day arrives, all of those loyal supporters would have realized that Trump was just telling lies. Turns out his grand campaign promises were nothing more than shallow lies. Guaranteed, Trump will not have many fans when he walks out of the White House.

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Trump has always been desperate for approval. He wants to be the guy at the party that everyone wants to drink a beer with. Like a chameleon, look how he connected with his corn-husking, tank-top wearing, swastika-waving fan base.

He had never met one up close before and he never will. The die hard Trumpkin was as different from the 5th Avenue, Gucci wearing crowd that Trump spawned from. Still, all of those Trumpkins felt as if Trump was their long lost brother. On second thought, before we credit Trump, I think it says a lot more about his fan base. There is no better indicator of intelligence than how easy it is to be fooled.

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Trump already has the lowest approval rating of any president this quick into his term. The animosity is very bitter. Every day, our president makes more people clench their fists in rage.

On the contrary, what if Hillary won. Yes, our planet and our country and our futures would be much better off. But it would be another eight years of democratic lynching. After that last contentious election, if Hillary would have won, Republicans would be out for blood. Republican hatred for Obama would be nothing compared to what Hillary would have gotten. Don’t forget, if Hillary would have won, Trump TV would be in the background inciting hatred and condoning violence.

In the long run, a Donald Trump victory will be much better for Democrats than in Hillary won.



Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on Amazon.com, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.


  1. And THAT’s not good either! I am worried that clueless voters will just gravitate toward the ConservaDems again rather than leaving BOTH of the corropt-to-the-core parties and embracing a third party that honors labor, unions, and all of the other progressive stances.

  2. List of Senators who signed a letter asking DOLT45 to withdraw from the Paris Accords …. the list is like cancer and wish all would be replaced.

    John Barrasso, Wyoming
    Roy Blunt, Missouri
    John Boozman, Arkansas
    Thad Cochran, Mississippi
    John Cornyn, Texas
    Mike Crapo, Idaho
    Ted Cruz, Texas
    Mike Enzi, Wyoming
    Orrin Hatch, Utah
    James Inhofe, Oklahoma
    Mike Lee, Utah
    Mitch McConnell, Kentucky
    Rand Paul, Kentucky
    David Perdue, Georgia
    Jim Risch, Idaho
    Pat Roberts, Kansas
    Mike Rounds, South Dakota
    Tim Scott, South Carolina
    Richard Shelby, Alabama
    Luther Strange, Alabama
    Thom Tillis, North Carolina
    Roger Wicker, Mississippi

  3. It would be, but everyday, the delusional, paranoid, and power-mad hillary and her corrupt DNC prove they would have been even worse, and the corrupt MSM is exposed for their lies. The desperation of the neo-libs, their ridiculously frenzied attempts to rally support to impeach trump, show how evil and empty they truely are. Keep right on going with your quaint, antiquated, two party attacks, instead of offering solutions, and see where that gets you next time. Funny shit, I have to admit. The Russians!!!!!!!!!! Kathy Griffin, thank you honey, for exposing the neo-lib taliban to those that were undecided.

  4. There is nothing that Donald Trump can do that can do that will make us vote for democrats again. That would take democrats actually representing the working class and the poor people again.
    But, instead of doing anything for us, they are content to just be anti-Trump. That is not good enough anymore.

  5. I would NOT jump to that conclusion! Better get Establishment Dems to start voting in favor for We The People! #MedicareForAll #BanFracking #BreakUpWallStreet ect. Because if they choose Corporations over People, we will see a repeat.

  6. Coalescence. We need to get together for a common goal. One of the hardest things for democrats to do is pull together. My theory is that the dems are so varied and diverse, it’s hard to come together as a group and fight for a single goal. But we must!! It is more important now than it has ever been!!! We must come together and fight the horror and the terror that is the trump administration! This is THE most important fight of our lives!! And if we don’t coalesce, our lives will not be worth a plug nickel! We are not only fighting for our lives, we are fighting for the lives of all those to come after us! We are fighting for humanity itself! And if we cannot put aside our differences and lock our arms together and stand up to this bully and his minions, we will lose far more than the next election! Far more than our great nation! We will lose our very lives and souls! We will lose every single thing our brave men and women have sacrificed their very lives for! We have to act! We are out of time.

  7. My God do you losers ever stop whining. Clinton is a cackling condescending criminal C! and you beta males and gossipy old ladies that continue to make asses of yourselves bc you cannot admit defeat are a sad joke and a sadder commentary on the absolute dumbing down of this culture. This is what happens when everyone gets a trophy just for playing and safe spaces to cuddle up w/ their itsy bitsy feelings. You get a population of people like these authors who think that the answer to life is stomping their feet and hurling hateful insults (all in the name of love of course).
    YOU are teh reason Trump won. You and the DNC and that cackling condescending criminal C Clinton. HRC’s performance as a sore loser is much authentic/natural than her campaign persona ever was.


  8. Because of Succession, Orrin Hatch of Utah will be our next president when tRump gets impeached for illegal collusion with Russia, money laundering, and obstruction of justice! This is going to be real RICO case! 😜👍🏼

  9. We need to realize it wasn’t Bernie that lost it for us, it wasn’t Hilary that lost it, it wasn’t the bad press, the bad dnc, ignoring the poor white guy-these may have played a small part, but it was the gerrymandering of districts that control the electoral college that put the nail in the coffin. That is the real and most important factor. They are still in place. And as long as it is, and we allow the electoral college to stay, and stay as it is, we won’t win another presidential election. Ever.

    • Trump to a Tee!

      — “A nation can survive its’ fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in the very hall of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor–He speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation–he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city–he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.”
      Cicero, 42 B.C., Roman Statesman, orator, and author.

  10. I’ve come to the conclusion that if it makes Putin smile, even if it reflects badly on the USA, Trump will do it. Trump owes Putin and in making us the laughing stock all around the world, he’s paying off “his debt to Russia”. I don’t know if it’s property, gambling casinos and hotels, drugs, weapons, or what but I’m almost certain that trump made a promise to the devil. And in doing so, our citizenship is suffering. Dear Lord, help us find a way to make this stop. Millions are sickened by Russia being in our Oval Office and we were not allowed. Mr Trump, you are a very sick man.

  11. Every time he opens his filthy mouth, he puts his foot in it, he’s putting us in harms way and trying to become a dictator….NEWS FLASH, more and more people are ” finally” WAKING UP , even though the Republicans are not, but 2018 is coming and I’m hoping that that election will ” eliminate” the Republican destruction machine and et our government back to common sense and one that actually works for the people.. Democrats! Please, vote, vote Democrat! If the Republicans win again, we lose, healthcare, medicaid, medicare, social security, clean air, clean water, the saving of this earth, school lunches, good education , women’s rights, care or the disabled, care for seniors, the list is endless as to what we will lose if we don’t change this administration from red to blue! Everything we hold dear, everything we have fought for and died for, l the strides we have made will be tossed aside by the Republicans for 2 reasons…1). They don’t care who they hurt to get their agenda which only helps the wealthy, and 2). They hate President Obama so much that they will destroy everything good he did for us, they, again, do not care about us, only their buddies, the wealthy!

  12. and yet the Democrats are managing to fall in popularity at the same rate as Republicans and the Donald. I think this article would be best if titled Trump presidency best thing you happen to independent parties in America

  13. Do you think he’s a good president to me he’s the fake president. Why don’t you go and see if he can get in the White House tell him you’ll piss on him. He likes that, He goes to Russia to get it. Better yet why don’t you just tell him to grab your ? Where he Love of grabbing women.

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