According to Gallup polling, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming are the only three states with Trump approval rating 20% higher than his disapproval.

Trump promised his voters the sun and the moon. Trump promised each, their most coveted dreams. In these three states, people wanted to close the borders, to kick out all immigrants, and to make English the only language in America.

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Perhaps the more hopeful one is, the longer the hopefulness subsidies. Trump targeted the most desolate and poverty stricken regions of the country. People in these regions were uneducated and tragically desperate, the easiest demographics to fool. These people, in fact, WANTED to be fooled. I’d rather be hopeful for a week out of a year, than a year of lonesomeness.

North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming are three states with the highest Trump approval ratings right now, according to Gallup. During the election, Trump captured more than 60% of the vote in each state.

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Highest Trump Approval Rates

  1. West Virginia – 60%
  2. North Dakota – 59%
  3. South Dakota  – 57%
  4. Montana –  56%
  5. Wyoming – 56% Gallup article

Other similarities between these three states are more alarming, and perhaps more indicative of why they are so enamored with a president who ran on kicking out religions and ethnic races from our country. The three states are 84% white. NBCNews article

After such a brutal week, nothing boosts Trump’s ego more than a large rally in West Virginia. They love him there. Trump walks across the Potomac River. As a result, Trump planned one for next week. Ironically, Trump’s most loyal state is also the state with the highest number of drug overdoses PewTrusts article.

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Why would a state of drug addicts support a president who depletes funding for drug addiction? Sadly, the answer is more of the same Trump deception.

Months into Trump’s presidency, though, Canterbury and a host of other opioid advocates in New Hampshire feel duped by the President, not only shocked that his administration has done little to combat an issue he promised to address, but worried that he has done the opposite and is now risking gains advocates have worked hard to make.

“I expected him to do something,” Canterbury said. “I didn’t expect it to be fixed, but I expected something.” CNN article

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But why does West Virginia, still overwhelmingly support Trump after his proposed budget shows Trump was lying. Trump’s budget proposal, would reduce funding for addiction treatment and prevention. The budget also will shrink Medicaid, which provides coverage to three in ten opioid addicts. Why would anyone still support someone who had backed on previous promises? All I can say is a lack of education.

Wyoming is the number one state in terms of coal production. When Trump axed a federal coal leasing moratorium and ordered a review of greenhouse gas regulations, many Wyoming workers who depend on fossil fuels for their livelihood were ecstatic.

All that climate change noise and all of those “environmental” quacks had really put a damper on Wyoming. Years of layoffs and corporate bankruptcies had convinced Wyoming that the future was bleak. But then came Trump. Now they are optimistic that jobs and a better economy will soon return. ABCNews article

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“It’s not all rosy right now. But anytime you can see the future and know that the United States, you know, is working with you rather than against you, that alone is nice,” Gillette Mayor Louise Carter-King said. She predicts the community will “come out of this bigger and better than ever” thanks to clean-coal technology and overseas exports.  USNews article

Lastly, North Dakota is a staunchly Republican state. Republicans hold a supermajority in the Legislature and all but one statewide office in North Dakota.

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State Republican Party Chairman Kelly Armstrong, a state senator from Dickinson, said the rollback of federal regulations is keeping Trump popular in the oil, coal and agriculture industries. He emphasized though that failure to kill Obamacare will hurt him in the state.

The bait for them North Dakotians was the Dakota Pipeline. Hook, pipeline, and sinker! Trump won 80% of the vote in North Dakota on his promise to get that pipeline going.

It has been a rocky road with that pipeline. After the US Army Corps of Engineers approved it, the Obama administration blocked it. Meanwhile, environmentalists were saying how bad fracking is. According to the fracking contaminates drinking water and causes cancer.

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But to the unemployed North Dakotian, fracking means work. That pipeline would employ a lot of people. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook even said of the subject, that “these are good jobs where people with a high school diploma can make $100,000 a year.” DailyCaller article

Another interesting point is that in these three states, Trump is much more popular than Republicans. Another similarity between these three states is that Trump fooled all of them. Republicans did not. Trump did. Don’t assume that just because citizens of these states have been hypnotized by Trump, that they will blindly march to the right. But Trump is a Republican. When all of Trump’s promises are broken, Republicans will have a near impossible wound to heal.

Trump has already massacred that old and feeble Republican elephant.