Education is destroying our youth, according to Republicans. More than half of the Republicans surveyed for a Pew Research Center poll released Monday, say higher education is hurting the country. Think of the ramifications of that belief! What sort of society have we become, to shun knowledge? Even two years ago, the same Republican survey answered the exact opposite. In 2015, more than half of Republicans had a favorable view of education. So what gives? What happened in two years, that would make someone who appreciated education despise it? HuffingtonPost article

Two letters: D.T.

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One of the institutions that Donald Trump’s presidency has weakened is the American educational system. He has even threatened to strip funding from some of the universities. He selected Betsy Devos as Secretary of the Education Department. Betsy Devos has devoted her life to replacing public schools with charter ones. Why would someone want to do that? It is her business. The word “money” can really sum up this entire article. As with most Republican legislation, money is the bottom motivation behind their desecration of our nation’s schools. She makes a lot of money selling charter schools. In addition, Donald Trump’s budget drastically removes funding to our educational system.

You would assume that Donald Trump likes education. After all, his children have degrees from higher education. Why would Donald Trump want his children to have something that he deprives our nation’s children of? It could have something to do with the anti-Trump protests erupting at our schools.

Ever since the Tea Party plunged its fangs into the Republican party, the most common protesting grounds against Republicans is the university. Shouldn’t be too much of a shock, but the people that have the biggest problem with Republican legislation are the educated. More than others, the educated understand and appreciate the rights we have been given. When someone tries to take those away, the educated fights to preserve our rights.

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Like when Donald Trump proposed kicking Hispanics and Muslims out of the country, blatantly shredding our Constitution to threads, the educated, among others, put up a fight. You don’t

Conservative media has focused heavily on campus protests, free-speech clashes, and debates over (for example) whether offering ethnic food in dining halls constitutes cultural appropriation. Multiple states have introduced legislation designed to protect unpopular speakers, taking up model legislation circulated by a think-tank. TheAtlantic article

This is because every aspect of conservatism stifles freedom of knowledge. Republicans would thrive in a world of idiots. There are several reasons validating such a statement.

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First of all, Republicans strive to satisfy the wealthy. I hope we all can agree on that much at least. What if everyone had a Masters degree? Who would be damaged the most? No one would be working at those steel mines. Most likely, these Republican factory owners would just hire illegals, as long as they were uneducated.

Republicans don’t want to destroy education, they would much prefer to privatize it. That way, their buddies make money off your kid’s education, as opposed to the government. Education is a multi-billion dollar market. By shrinking public education, Republicans would be fulfilling their goal in minimizing the public sector. You can’t forget the potential joy of undermining teacher unions, a Democratic key supporter. Lastly, by taunting the option of choosing whichever school you want for your kid, Republicans think they could woo African Americans and Latino voters over to the dark side.

That is why Republican politicians and donors want to destroy our nation’s education system, but it doesn’t explain why the majority of Republican voters hate knowledge so much. As I re-read that sentence, it is astonishingly self-explanatory. Those who don’t understand the gifts of education are uneducated themselves.