Telemedicine is an amazing technology that connects sick and poor children in rural areas with cutting edge big-city doctors. Hook up a camera to a laptop, and suddenly a brilliant doctor on the other side of the country could examine a child who would have otherwise gone unchecked.

Telemedicine is one of those things that everyone agrees is good. Republicans love it. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has even called it an “exciting innovation”. After all, telemedicine is designed to help areas predominantly filled with Republicans. Republicans are being saved by telemedicine, but the new Republican healthcare proposal would completely empty its funds.

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Republicans are the biggest proponents of telemedicine. Provide better healthcare at a fraction of the cost. Telemedicine is about “promoting cost savings and quality care through the use of technology,” said Budget Chairwoman Diane Black (R-Tenn), the lead House sponsor of a major bill in Congress to expand payments for telemedicine. Politico article

Trumpcare though means 14 million fewer Medicaid enrollees. Telemedicine gets its funding with Medicaid. Hence, with Medicaid coverage in jeopardy, the benefit will likely collapse.

Telemedicine is such a simple process. Participating schools will have a designated area for telemedicine. The area will include a computer; a webcam; an otoscope, to look inside a student’s ears; a general view lens, to look down the student’s throat, scalp, nose, and eyes. Pretty soon, a stethoscope will be added to allow a doctor to listen to the student’s lungs and heart.

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“Really, the level of care has been elevated because of telemedicine and then the rapid response that we’re able to bring to the child has also been increased,” said Chris Baumann, executive director of operations for the Ozark School District. KSMU Ozarks Public Radio article

This leads us to the question of the hour. Why then, would these Trumpkins support someone who is trying to yank away healthcare for their children? Although this one reason should be more than enough for any parent to instantly change their party affiliation, Trump’s impending legislation threatens to take several other benefits away from them.

The same people who packed the arenas chanting “Lock her up!”, stand to lose a lot under Trump’s budget. For starters, more than $1 trillion in cuts from farm subsidies to food stamps to drug prevention to federal student aid to Social Security Disability Insurance. Who do you think relies more on those benefits? City slicking Democrats or meth corn-cob pipe smoking republicans? Trump also plans on pouring out almost $50 billion in cuts to agriculture. Most, if not everyone to feel the pinch as a result of these cuts will be die-hard Trumpkins. Politico article