Another Republican Arrested for Disgusting Acts with Children – Damn these Republicans

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Why do so many Republican commit sexual acts against children? Today’s article is certainly not for the weak. Many people get so disgusted with the topic, they are unable to read about it. At eye level, the article is about a Republican arrested because of his stash of child pornography. Essentially though, the article is about the steaming hypocrisy of the Republican party. Time and time again, these alleged pilots of virtue, sink so low as to succumb to the vilest dregs of life. Very rarely, we will read about a Democrat arrested for some crime, though never for something as repulsive as child pornography.

It is different when a Republican commits a crime because they are so damn righteous. In fact, their pristine morality is why they were elected in the first place. There are lots of places in the country, where morality is the most important trait on the ballot. He has been married for 25 years. He goes to church every week. Plus, he volunteers and teaches carpentry in the school auditorium. What more do you need to be elected state senator? These people deserve to get douched.

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Just yesterday, Charles Young, 69, former James City County, Virginia, Republican Party chairman was sentenced to 74 months in prison by a federal judge. 74 months may sound like a long time, but that was even less than prosecutors asked for!

After the 74 months, Young will have to register as a sex offender and be on supervised release for the remainder of his life. Assistant US Attorney Lisa McKeel said,

He was not ordered to pay a fine — which could have been up to $250,000 — and was not ordered to pay restitution to the victims. At least seven children were identified in the images lifted from his devices, Vagazette article

In terms of child pornography, four years is a slap on the wrist in Virginia. 121 months is usually the lower end of sentences. The judge also dropped nine of his 10 child pornography charges. However, Charles has a lot more things to worry about. Any crimes having to do with children are common prison targets. Being a former Republican politician probably doesn’t help. Vagazette article


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  1. It’s usually the people that voice their opposition to others of different lifestyles are the ones eventually caught under far, far worse acts of indiscretion.

    Since they were originally so vehemently opposed then they should be the ones to face an even higher sentence without any chance of parole. They raised the bar of lack of tolerance. Now it’s time to practice what one preaches.

  2. !Trump and the Republiscums are out of control!! American’s deserve better!!!! We need to take it back!!!! RESIST the DNC, the GOP & trump’s criminal stupidity!!! Both parties are totally corrupt, useless and cannot be trusted by the 98%! We need Bernie and a 3rd party!! Resist the insanity of Trump!!! Speak-up, or forever suffer!!! Action needed STAT!!! Call your Senators today at (202) 224-3121 and demand they support preserve net-neutrality, single-payer healthcare, oppose any bill that guts Vet benefits, Vet rehab, housing, EPA, Education, Medicaid, raids Medicare, SSI, and massively increases health care costs for Americans!!!! Resist the insanity of Trump!!!

  3. I think we should dial down the rhetoric. He certainly didn’t committ the crime because he is a Republican. He did it because he is a sleaze, and most Republicans are no doubt ashamed that he identifies with the party.

  4. What? Did his Bible tell him this was ok? If the GOP do gooders would stop living dual live and hiding behind Bible verses, just maybe they could save themselves embarrassment and prison time. I appreciate his son having a working moral compass and doing the right thing.

    No pity in this city for his father. Too much free freaky poontang to have to resort to this. Fool.

  5. The new right has little to do with Christianity, and is pushed by atheists. You’ll come to learn this in-time, and when you do, the left will adopt Christianity just as hardcore as the right has for decades. They’ve already adopted the morality, & with politics being politics, if the new right keeps pushing Christians out, your populist party will pander to them no different than they do you. You already have Christians on the left claiming pro-state welfare is the Christian way.

    The highest seat in Rome is a beautiful example of the change that’s occurring

    Enjoy it when it comes; I certainly will

  6. Probably not 100%. You should google Cape Cod Path, we’re a resort area and ugh do we have problems with women from other countries and kids, men and boys being used all the way from tourists to judges.

  7. Republicans are not decent people. The whole party is
    corrupt, stupid, immoral, and losers because they cheat to win elections. Now these idiots are planning to spend money on Trump’s useless wall. They build a wall. Why? To keep people in when their oppressive acts make people flee. I think that’s it. So let’s start packing now. Freedom is dying, and only we can save it if we stay alive to fight them. The United Nations has contacted our government and the states that have passed oppressive laws against protest, and freedom of speech. I’ve contacted the
    UN Committee on Genocide about the GOP fascists health care genocide bill.
    We must fight fascism no matter where we must fight from.

  8. No but it says something about the character of the Party’s members, as does a health care bill that murders vulnerable people. Your statement tries to excuse this immoral right wing ideology that harms people. That tells us what you are!

  9. The GOP has gotten so extreme, that they are attracting inbreds and pedaphiles and other criminal trash. Water seeks it’s own level. The swamp creatures in the White House are leaving corpses of our rights all over – the swamp creatures are smelling the blood of innocents and ease of theft.

  10. The Despicable Democrat’s is who most the most corrupted in the history of the UNITED STATES ! PERIOD!
    Reread the history of both parties before you spout out misinformation !

  11. WRONG ! You’ve got that totally wrong as it is really the CLINTON’S FORNICATORS CLUB !
    After all the CLINTON’S
    HILLARY 6 Times
    BILLY 30 times

  12. Which party has the support of the LGTBQ? This community is pushing, right now, to de-criminalize sexual relationships with children.

    As well, through BLM, your party is supporting the legalization of prostitution.

  13. Jack Spies Maybe you should Jack reread the history. Apparently, you are as greedy as the repukes are Bro.. Please explain exactly what drump has accomplished and I will give you 10 times what Obama did. Don’t provoke me.

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