A few days ago, Republican Rep. Eric Schleien, of Hudson, New Hampshire,was charged with one misdemeanor count of sexual assault and two misdemeanor counts of simple assault, against a little teenage girl. All I have to do is google “Republican sexual assault” and I get more stories than I could write in a week. It is disgusting! Anyone who reads my blogs could testify that I write about a Republican being charged for sexual assault against a child, at least once a week.

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Schleien was just chilling at a cafe about a year ago,when he spotted a teenage girl with a political sticker on her laptop. He must have figured she was easy pickens. He approached her and the two started talking. Schleien tried to impress her with all of the politicians that he knew. He told her that if they met, he could introduce her to other politicians. Essentially, he tried luring her to a hotel room with promises of opening her network.

Isn’t that repulsive? This republican preyed on her vulnerability. He saw that she was interested in politics, so he promised to get her into his network of famous politicians. What could a teenage aspiring politician dream of more, than meeting a politician that introduces her to everyone. She must have thought she had struck gold. In fact, she was about to become his latest victim.

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So they met two days later. The girl was certain that this wolf in sheep’s clothing was her key to a future of politics. He drove her to Portsmouth. As soon as the girl sat in the car, she said the he locked the doors. Instead of discussing politics, Schleien kept saying sexually explicit things. She said how he kept sucking on her fingers and groping her inner thighs.

After telling the girl that he wanted to “rape” her mouth, Schleien asked her if she wanted to go to his apartment. She said no, but Schleien kept going. He asked her where she wanted him to kiss her and she said her hand, “because it was the farthest part away from his body.”

I bet you’ll find better tips for picking up women at your local monthly Dungeons and Dragons meeting.

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Police say Schleien’s attorney provided a statement in which the lawmaker denied any unwanted sexual contact and said the teen told him, “I feel very safe around you.”

In a statement Friday, his attorney, Seth Hipple, said, “It is important to note that these charges are misdemeanors and do not allege that there was any sort of violence or threats. Mr. Schleien has pleaded not guilty, is cooperating with the process, and expects to be fully vindicated.” ABCNews article

Text messages reviewed by police show the girl told a friend during the meeting that she was uncomfortable and scared.

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The girl reported the crime the next day. Schlein was arrested and charged in April and is scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 2.

In May, another New Hampshire Republican former state Rep. Kyle Tasker, 31, was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of drug possession and trying to lure a 14-year-old girl over Facebook into a sexual encounter. These people are nauseating.

Tasker is a third term Republican. Turns out the girl he was courting was an undercover police officer. ConcordMonitor article

If you must, vote republican all you want. Just, for the love of God, don’t let them babysit your kids!

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