I’m sure democrats right now are feeling blue. Look at our government! Republicans control everything. Plus, the democratic party is in shambles. Few scenarios imaginable are more bleak for us. But if you think about it, are we really in such bad shape?

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During the elections, I would write article after article about how the republican party was finished. After all, they nominated Donald Trump, the antithesis of a republican. Imagine if some life long republican won the democratic primaries! That would be a pretty foreboding sign for democrats. Plus, Obama’s incredibly popular and successful presidency had just come to an end. Democrats were looking strong. What could go wrong for us? Alas, I was proven wrong. Turned out, the republican party was actually stronger than it had been in decades. But was it really?

Half a year into his presidency, and already, republican controlled Washington is gasping it’s final breath. I think we can all agree that Donald Trump’s plethora of bold campaign promises turned out to be lies – nothing more. Except his devotion to saving money for himself, his family and his uber-wealthy buddies. I’ll give him that. He kept his promises that he would lower taxes for them.

Turns out that the Russians did corroborate with his campaign to get him elected. A crime, if proven, will turn out to be the most treasonous action ever committed against our country. As a result, all of those other republican minions are blindly leaping off the cliff. If they wish to have a future in Washington, they can’t back any Trump legislation. That would be political suicide.

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In terms of the past election, lets look at the only two other outcomes that could have transpired, and then, as a democrat, pick which one you would prefer.

1 – Imagine Hillary won and democrats were victorious. After such a passionate election, hatred for the woman would be so intense. I’m sure the “Lock her up” chants would have only gotten louder. You think the gridlock with Obama was bad? With Hillary, they would be so busy with their investigations into her, nothing would have gotten done.

Public dissent for Hillary would be much greater than it was for any recent president. Not only would have republicans hated her, but don’t forget all of those Berniecrats. There would be such an air of vehemence and hatred towards her, that no one would have paid any attention to her plans. Find the biggest Hillary hater out there though, they won’t tell you one thing she did wrong. They’ll just ramble on about how “corrupt” she was – more Putin puppets! Anyway, regardless of her intentions, I think a Hillary victory would have just continued the useless Republican bantering. As a result of the do-nothing government, in four years, bet your bippy, a Republican would be in office.

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2 – Instead of Donald Trump, imagine another typical republican won. Instead of the catastrophic mayhem going on in Washington right now, imagine at the helm sat one of those slick republican politicians, like Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, that knew how to get things done. For starters, there would certainly be more cohesion in Washington. Republicans would all be working productively to provide as much money to the top 1%, and pillaging all the healthcare and social benefits Obama left us. Not like that isn’t exactly what they are trying to do right now, but if  a guy like Jeb Bush was in charge, all this legislation would be passing without a hitch.

The Donald is facing serious charges of impeachment, as well as treason. Think the republican party was dead before the election? Imagine where they will be after this orange clown gets carted away!