Trump’s vow of deportation, put him in the White House. At every rally during the campaign, Trump promised his supporters, when elected, he would drag every illegal immigrant to the other side of the border. However, the present state of our judicial system would require at least a year before the first immigration case goes before a judge.

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Due to time and space restrictions, I can not list every campaign promise that Trump broke. Most of these lies were outlandish, like building a gigantic wall or arresting Hillary or his Clean up Corruption bill. Such campaign promises were more wishful thinking. Trump always knew that if he kept just one of those promises, it would be the deportation one.

Trump always assumed that the deportation campaign promise would be the easiest one to keep. After all, the only people who would suffer would be the illegals who got ripped out of their homes and locked up in a detention hall. These illegals were the ones stealing his supporter’s jobs. In the eyes of his supporters, President Trump would be glorified for keeping his promise.

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Every step he takes to pursue this promise, there is a cyclone of opposition against him. Now it seems the court system is too backlogged to handle a number of deportation cases that Trump’s law will compel. According to a recent government audit, it will take about a year to bring a deportation case. On top of this, more than a third of immigration judges are eligible to retire. Plus, the process of hiring a new immigration judge takes nearly two years.

The Government Accountability Office released the report on June 1 and two weeks later, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the third round of new immigration judge appointments, bringing the total to 326 immigration judges currently serving. Expediting the appointment process would be key since 39 percent of current judges are eligible to retire — and the GAO found it took an average of 742 days to hire new judges from 2011 through 2016. FoxNews article

This is more bad news for Trump, which means good news for America.

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According to the report, the number of immigration judges rose by about 17% from 2006 to 2015. However, this spike in judges was not enough to cover the 44% increase in cases. The number of deportation cases Trump has proposed will require ten or twenty times more judges.

Trump’s proposed budget provides $80 million for hiring 75 new judges. Though Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform, says that is not enough.

“The Trump administration still has to deal with a lot of what it inherited from the Obama administration’s catch-and-release policy,” he said. “Instead of catch and release, it should have been detained or send across the border. To do that, you need more judges and more courtrooms.” FoxNews article