Despite Attacks from Both Sides of the Aisle, Bernie Sanders Will Always be Fighting For Me and You

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There was a moment during the Democratic primaries when Bernie Sanders said something to the effect of, “They’ve thrown everything at me but the kitchen sink…and I have a feeling the kitchen sink is on it’s way.”

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In retrospect, we now see why they held off on really hurling that sink. They knew there was nothing to hurl. Bernie Sanders is one of the 1% of 1% of politicians with no skeletons in their closet. He’s consistently been on the correct side of history. Bernie has been promoting the same message and warnings throughout his career.

Bernie Sanders has always encouraged change from the bottom up, hoping to encourage an influx of sane, intelligent, empathetic, concerned citizens to run for office. He’s encouraged us to acknowledge, but not to accept, the degradation of our democracy. He’s encouraged us to peacefully infiltrate the upper echelons of crazed power mongers and unspeakable wealth hoarders whose every action ultimately results in harm to 99% of our country’s population.

So when the Democrats, Hillary, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and the gang wisely decided to forgo any kind of inevitably ineffective smear campaign and instead plow full steam ahead with a blatant mix of voter suppression, massive ballot purges, and fraud it was a good strategy on their part. This strategy was the only way to curb the seemingly unstoppable wave of young people, communities of color, nurses and everyday people who were already more than ready to shift away from a feudal structure and charge forth toward a system of sustainability and prosperity for all.

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The corporate-fueled-mainstream-media helped immensely by collectively blacking out the meteoric path of Bernie’s campaign and increasing popularity. This dastardly combo proved effective in quashing the dream of millions and eliminating the one candidate that could have beaten Trump.

Bernie Sanders took it in stride and did everything in his power to promote Hillary and the Democrats who were expecting Berners to do whatever Bernie suggested. There was a glitch though, Bernie couldn’t make his supporters vote for Hillary. Why? Well because they are free thinkers. That’s why they are open to his ideas in the first place. They are not blind followers like the Trumpkins and Hillbots. They actually think rationally and critically and vote how they want to, not how they’re told to.

Cut to present day. Roughly half a year into a presidency that reads like a mockumentary about a crazy billionaire who becomes president of the United States.

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In 2020 when the widespread devastation of the current administration has affected everyone on Earth, the pendulum will swing in the direction of…yes, you guessed it, Bernie.

So it makes perfect sense and I’m not even marginally surprised that a surge of anti-Sanders attacks has been launched. A sink to hurl is being searched out – lies, hearsay, and misleading information is swirling.

Meanwhile, Bernie marches on, fighting for the US. Progressive candidates inspired by him have been winning their races all over the country. Paul Ryan is freaking out because Randy Bryce is already garnering support to unseat him in 2018.

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Both the Republicans and the Democrats will continue to do everything in their power to suppress Bernie and his supporters.
After more Republican dismantling of social progress, this country might be willing to try “real change.” Perhaps a good portion of those 97 million eligible voters who didn’t show up last time will chime in. Maybe the term “Democratic Socialism” will sound less scary than what we have now.

What do we have now? Defunct Democracy? Oligarchy? Authoritarianism? A tapas-like array of all three perhaps?

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It feels a lot like trying to convince someone you care about to leave an abusive relationship. Trying to get them to believe that someone will bring them flowers instead of punching them in the face.

I am proud of my never wavering support of Senator Sanders. If he does run in 2020, he will win. Perhaps then, this browbeaten nation of bamboozled citizens will finally get some sanity, health, equality, and happiness.

Astranada Gamsey is one of the Holla Moms buried under work, commute, and child rearing, yet also getting the word out about Bernie, democracy, and the needs of working people.


  1. He is no Democrat Iam still wondering where was he getting the $$$ for free colleges?Iam glad that young people are free thinkers (I have 2 young one too) but, remember we need to defeat the people that are destroying The USA.Young people can run for different positions.Bernie is too old.The presidency is a very difficult job and we need a younger generation with new ideas.No offense to Bernie.The USA should have an age limit to run for president.As we get older we become stubborn, senile between Alzheimer and dementia is already affecting our people in power.Elizabeth Warren and Joe Kennedy ate good powerful candidates.

    • why don’t some people trust bernie/ that always puzzles me. if you look at every page of his life he has always fought for equal rights and workers . he has no hidden agenda he answers all questions honestly. after you see the boigraphy from a neutral source what do you find not trustworthy?

  2. For the sake of this country…go away Bernie..you already messed up the campaign of the president we should have had if you hadnt interfered with your get it all free campaign and getting all the young people excited about things you couldn’t accomplish…we don’t need a socialist government and that is what Bernie is about

    • hillery bots still don’t take ownership of backing a loser and messing up the party. that’s ok bernie has been working everyday for the people the dems forgot about while hillary cries in her beer . they think it’s better the oligarch get the free ride for doing nothing. they sure as hell didn’t stop the loss of jobs and the death of the middle class. what the heck do they stand for if not the oligarchs now.

  3. Also, Bernie voted the same as Democrats 90 % of the time , that he now criticizes. He need to realize that the 35 or 40% of Trump supporters will never vote for a Democrat. They also, will not vote for him, they call him a socialists. We do not need them! If Democrats get out and vote in every election cycle. Republicans do, they vote and vote in every election cycle because they are rabbit about guns, abortions, gays, religion, illegals and anything that restricts the rights of people. Due to the lack of Democrats voting at the state levels Republicans have gerrymandered districts so they can sit back in Washington and act as stupid as they look. Because they will not face a challenge and be voted out. They are over represented in Congress.

  4. If you think for one minute that Bernie Sanders isn’t relevant you are in for a big surprise. Bernie Sanders has a huge following and when republican voters turn away from trump and are looking for a message they can get behind… it won’t e the party of HRC they are looking to support.

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