It was Disgusting to Watch Trump’s Boy Scouts Speech, But Check out What he did with his Son’s Boy Scout Membership in 1989, This’ll Make Your Hair Stand up!

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A study of Trump Foundation financial records revealed that in 1989, there was one little line for seven bucks to the Boy Scouts.

Donations to good organizations are commendable. I’ll admit, that amount is more than I’ve ever given to the Boy Scouts.

The weird part is that his “generous” donation of seven bucks, just happened to be the same amount as a Boy Scout membership fee.

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Even weirder? In 1989, The Donald Jr. was 11 – the age that boy scouts sign up.

Everything else is speculation. Nothing is proven.

It could be a crazy coincidence: the Trump Foundation just happens to give the Boy Scouts a fee of $7, the same year his kid is old enough to join and the exact amount needed to join.

Don’t forget – if this is true, he didn’t even pay this measly $7 from his pocket, but rather from his charity bin, filled with money expected to go to noble causes and worthy endeavors….not to pay for his kid’s membership fees!


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Another freakish coincidence is that was the only time that such an amount to Boy Scouts of America appears on the Trump Foundation books. If I ever donated to the Trump Foundation I’d feel mighty stupid right now!

The other day, Donald spoke to the Boy Scouts. He was sure to make such a wholesome and innocent organization into a hatred spewing machine. He actually had the scouts chanting hateful messages about Hillary Clinton! Do they understand that Hillary devoted her life to helping impoverished women and children? WashingtonPost article

I know that sentence got a lot of people angry. After all, Putin expended a lot of effort in making us all hate such a benevolent woman. But it is true. It’s also true, that the person leading the chants against such a crusader for women and children, was the defendant in a class action in which he stole tuition money from children (about the same age as Boy Scouts).

** This was taken from an article I had written on November 1, 2016.

Donald Took 7 out of his Charity to Pay Son’s Boy Scout Membership Fees I can’t Make this up

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  1. Another fake dumb American “tradition” exposed for what they really are. Racist neofascist assholes…no depth no truth just brainless bluster…all part of the fucked up system Trumpelcumstain can happily persuade to worship his sorry ass…and where are the Vets? The real military? The black leaders? The real senators and congressmen, hiding behind their ridiculous privileges and entitlements…fake nation!

  2. In all fairness, Mr. Trump donated money to the Boy Scouts back in 1989! Oh, and his son joined Scouts that same year. It was interesting that the membership fee that year MATCHED THE “SIZEABLE” DONATION Trump had made!! This asshat of a president couldn’t be bothered to pay out of his own pocket a whole $7. !! SEVEN DOLLARS!!! He wouldn’t personally pay it and he labeled it a donation so he could take it off his taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASSHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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