Before the election, I wrote so many articles about how the republican party was finished. And then they won the presidency! I was dead wrong. Or was I? Although they might have just won the presidency, the republicans are on their last leg. After all, they did nominate Donald Trump. Trumpkin after Trumpkin would tell reporters at rallies, that they liked Trump because he was different. That was it. They voted for Donald Trump because he was nothing like the typical republican.

That was it. That was the only requirement to be President of the United States.

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If you step back and think about it, there isn’t a more damning indication that the republican party was teetering on it’s last leg. Look at the other republican nominees. Look up the word ‘republican’ in the dictionary and you’ll see Jeb Bush’s fat face. Republican donors were so certain that he was gonna be the nominee that they gave him $130 million in the primaries, NYTimes article.¬†Such an astounding figure was a record amount.

Guess how many states he won?


Republicans wanted a change. For decades the republican politician had lied to them, promised them the earth and the moon. In the end, the only people who prosper from a republican are those who are already filthy rich. Nothing changes under a republican. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

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George Bush Jr. was a catastrophe. Nowadays. you won’t find one republican to say anything good about him (maybe except for those who worked at Haliburton). His administration literally fabricated this evidence to justify us going to war. It was all a lie, uttered to make some of Junior’s friends crazy amounts of money. As a result, thousands of innocent Americans were killed in battle. Plus, the country plunged into a depression.

Republicans weren’t going to vote for that again. Nor, would republicans vote for a democrat. Donald Trump was the perfect solution.

So far, Donald Trump has failed those that voted for him. Unlikely, he will cause enough carnage as his republican predecessor, but the only smiles he will manufacture will be on the faces of millionaires. As hard as this might be to believe, Trump still has a lot of supporters. Interviewed in the parking lot of a monster truck show, they will say how, although Trump has done nothing for them yet, they still have faith in him.

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Let’s see where that faith is in six months, or a year.

Then where will the republican party be? These republican blind sheep have been tricked countless times by republican politicians, so they experimented with Donald. When the day comes and the republican voter realizes that Donald Trump was tricking them as well, then the republican party will finally be laid to rest. The republican demise is inevitable. We just have to wait a little.

Politics aside, another factor that even the staunchest republican will not refute is decimating their party, are demographics. Who does Donald Trump help and who does he neglect? Young people and minorities make up the least amount of Trump supporters, because Trump does not care about them. Die-hard Trumpkins are predominantly old and white. Old people die and more immigrants arrive on our shores everyday. It isn’t if republicans will have a funeral but when.