Although he wears a ‘Made in Russia’ tattoo on his ass, Trump has decided to label this week ‘Made in America’. Its about time. He gained the presidency by promising to bring back jobs to our country. That message sure worked like a charm. Even coal miners believed him, when Trump promised to get those abandoned coal mines busy again. Of course, this would imply our entire manufacturing industry would return to coal, which is more expensive and more harmful to the environment than natural gas. I’d put my money on the moon falling out of the sky, before a revitalization of the coal industry. If anything, it proves how stupid his followers are.

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Like everything he does though, it turned out to be all talk. He had to convince them to get elected so that he could lower taxes for himself and his buddies. The hypocrisy of his demand that American business owners hire Americans when he doesn’t have to, is disgusting. Even more outrageous is how this blatant hypocrisy is echoed across every single republican mantra. The Trumpcare bill for example, is supposed to provide health services for every citizen. However, all the bill does is provide a nice tax incentive for the wealthy. It literally takes benefits away from those he promised he would serve, and gives money to himself and his family. Disgusting.

Even more astonishing is this ‘Made in America’ week. According to the White House, the point of this week is to “honor the amazing American workers and companies who have products that are made in America,” because the United States sets “the world standard for quality and craftsmanship.”

I could not agree with his quote more. I am sure that is one thing, that me and every Trumpkin this side of the Mississippi could agree on. Trump and his family however, would disagree. Just look at his and his daughter’s hiring practices. It would be one thing if twenty years ago, Trump hired an illegal alien. Still, that would be an item to question him on. But even today, as he forces business owners to pay more money and hire Americans, he is still hiring illegals!

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Ironically, ‘Made in America’ week began on Monday. Monday was the same day that the White House increased additional visas for low-wage seasonal workers to 15,000. This marks a 45% increase over the number of H-2B visas issued by previous presidents. In Trump’s defense though, no other president actually ran an enterprise employing such foreign workers. WashingtonPost article

If Trump didn’t have this pool of cheap labor to dive into, his labor costs would be much higher. Ivanka has the same problem. If their concerns are just the profits they take away, then by all means, they will hire foreign workers. No question. But the fact that Trump’s central campaign issue was bringing jobs back to America, you’d think he should hold off on hiring thousands of foreigners, at least until he is out of office.

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According to this QZ article, in February, after the election, while he was PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, Trump got permission from the US Department of Labor to hire 64 foreign guest workers to work his Mar-a-Lago resort during the winter high season. Trump applied to bring in workers from foreign countries to man his resorts during the campaign. In other words, hours after he was preaching about keeping jobs in America, he requested the foreign workers.

Here is some more Republican hypocrisy. Donald Trump’s selection to head the Labor Department, Andrew Puzder, admitted having hired an illegal alien as a housekeeper. It was no big deal. Trump became president while the defendant in a class action suit for stealing tuition money from little children. Do you think an illegal housekeeper would bother anyone? However, do you remember Nannygate in 1993. Bill Clinton came under scorching fire after it was revealed that one of his corporate lawyer nominations hired two illegal aliens in Peru.

Different strokes, for different folks!

Apparently, Trump’s daughter Ivanka doesn’t think American workers are very good. She has factories in Asia and Indonesia. Unlike her father though, Ivanka tortures those immigrants for as little money as possible.

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a team of undercover investigators infiltrated the facilities of a supplier to Ivanka’s shoe brand, Huajian, in Guangdong and Jiangxi Provinces. They uncovered shocking brutality, including evidence of wage theft and forced labor, with nonstop production shifts that lasted well over the legal standard.

Some employees were reportedly “tricked into the factory with inaccurate recruiting advertisements.” Intense production quotas required an amount of labor that was said to be physically impossible to meet even with overtime; work hours ran up to 15 hours per day, and managers often shorted workers on pay for forced overtime hours. Under the May production schedule—which CLW says included orders from Trump’s company—workers reportedly “worked for over 350 hours” with only two holidays off.

If fatigued workers tried to request extra rest time, CLW claims, “the management would decline their request and use large order volumes as an excuse.” Those too exhausted to continue often ended up getting fired just for incurring three unexcused absences, which the management evidently considered “voluntarily terminat[ing] their employment, in which case no pay or compensation would be given.” The payment schedule was also stalled for weeks, so a worker who quit might have to forgo their last month’s wages. TheNation article

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Oh yeah. This is the same woman who writes books about feminism. She also travels the world praising different nations on their women’s rights! I guess she cares about all women, except her slaves.

I have always admired women that have a strong sense of self, complemented by femininity. – Ivanka

Since yesterday marked the first day of the ‘Made in America’ week, White House press secretary Sean Spicer was asked if the Trump Organization or Ivanka’s clothing lines would “stop manufacturing wares abroad”.

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Sean Spicer magnificently flipped the answer around and said,

“I think what’s really important is the president’s agenda — regulatory relief and tax relief — are focused on trying to make sure that all companies can hire here, can expand here, can manufacture here,” said Spicer.

On the matter of Trump-branded items, he added, “I can tell you that in some cases, there is certain supply chains or scalability that may not be available in this country.” ABCNews article

He has gotten this far, so I doubt anything would cause his supporters to turn from him. But they’re all lies. His entire agenda is just a magnificent web of lies.