Of all the delicious ironies in this Trump presidency, maybe the greatest one is that our president engages in cyberbullying. Meanwhile, First Lady Melania is conducting a campaign against cyberbullying.

Melania was fighting all cyberbullies who tweet “nasty” things to innocent women. During the election, she appealed to suburban women hesitant of supporting the crude and vulgar Donald Trump. How could he be so bad, married to someone as caring as Melania? I reckon that was the thought process they were trying to instill in voters.

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Apparently, Melania’s “crusade” against mean cyberbullies is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, like everything else to come out of the Trump administration. They must have sat around that big round table in Trump’s kitchen and asked themselves, how could they use the Trump women to reverse the deplorable sentiment women had of Donald Trump.

Why not have Melania and Ivanka appeal to the same people who are offended most by The Donald’s crude behavior, women?

I’m not saying she isn’t sweet. She definitely seems like the best one out of the Trump clan, though that is really not saying much. Especially after she defended her husband CYBERBULLYING, I don’t think anyone feels Melania’s heart was in that anti-cyberbullying mission.

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She was cleverly told to paint her husband as the victim. Cyberbullying is okay if you are being bullied.

To make matters even worse, while the First Lady was defending victims of cyber abuse, the Trump administration has abandoned Barack Obama’s White House Council on Women and Girls. Under Obama, this council monitored how policy affected women’s groups. The presence of such a council was a resounding statement under the Obama administration. However, the removal of this council is an even louder statement for the Trump administration. Politico article

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Ivanka, Donald’s daughter, is in the same predicament. She has sculpted herself to be a leader of women. Ivanka allows everyone to know that she is able to balance her family and her corporate identities in glorious synchroneity. Her books are all very inspirational for the woman versus the world. I am woman, hear me roar. She tells struggling women across the globe how to be assertive in the male-led business world.

But if we are to accept Ivanka’s liberation identity, there are some issues we need to ignore. The women in Indonesia (not America) who make her garments are paid peanuts. One such worker told the Guardian that she is paid so little, she can’t live with her children.

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It is also very bizarre that a defiant feminist such as Ivanka, doesn’t speak out on issues like Planned Parenthood and women’s rights.

After Donald Trump sent his sexist tweet to Morning Joe’s Brzenski, Ivanka only said how her father’s “political instincts are phenomenal.” That’s it.

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If only Donald Trump could have curtailed those tweets. Ivanka and Melania were working for a good cause, to empower women, but now Donald Trump has even destroyed that. I don’t know who is worse, Donald or Melania. At least the Donald is being honest. He only cares about himself. Melania and Ivanka  however, try so hard to be something that they are not.

They could have fooled the country, had Donald not revealed their masquerade. What sort of woman would vote for a candidate like Donald Trump, over Hillary Clinton, while he was being sued by a dozen women for sexually molesting them?