In 2001, I worked as an intern for the National Enquirer. It was a real cool job. I had my own weekly column. Although they never approved my story suggestion to interview Jenna Jameson. Bummer.

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David Pecker, the CEO of American Media, the company that owns such tabloids like The Star, The National Enquirer, and OK, has been Donald Trump’s BFF for decades. And what an interesting relationship it is. The owner of the top selling magazine in America is best friends with the president. You don’t have to be the cutest pig in the pen to recognize how such a relationship could harm our democracy. Newsweek article

Forget the Secret Service. Trump is using the National Enquirer to take down his foes. According to Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the Trump administration threatened them with bad coverage unless the duo apologized to President Donald Trump and pledged loyalty. They also said that their families were harassed by National Enquirer reporters.

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During the campaign, The Donald earned the magazine’s first presidential endorsement in its 90-year history!

Here are some recent National Enquirer cover stories on the president: “How Trump will win!”; “Trump takes charge!”; and “Trump must build the wall!”.

The Bush Kerry elections were going on during my internship. One day, I got a lead from a security guard at a Jacksonville, Florida mental hospital. Noella Bush was admitted to the hospital because of her severe cocaine problem. Then, she escaped. Hot damn! I though I was gonna be the next Woodward and Bernstein. Noella Bush is Jeb Bushes daughter.

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But the next day, David Pecker killed the story.

This disheartening little tale is so indicative of the power of media. The fact that one man, in our bastion of democracy, could decide what information we receive and what information we don’t, is very troubling.

Quite possibly, if that story ran, maybe we would be in a different world. What if Noella Bushes deplorable drug addiction, was enough to cause a few in the religious right not to vote for Junior? If Junior didn’t win then the Iraqi war never would have taken place. Lots of ‘what ifs’, I know.

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Few people would argue that Trump is president as a result of his manipulation of the media. After the primaries, Hillary was considered the most qualified candidate in history, while Trump was considered the least. Including the plethora of disgusting lawsuits Trump was involved in, he needed an advantage over Hillary. Putin’s nonstop injection of anti-Hillary stories into her medium, as well as David Pecker’s pro-Trump stories, was all he needed.

The media is more powerful than the strongest tornado.