New Law in Arkansas Forces Women to Get Permission from Father of Child, in Order to Get Abortions

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There are few things besides Charlton Heston and prostitutes that excite Republican politicians more than abortions. For decades, this single issue has dominated every Republican speech. It works. Most Republicans will cast their vote on the abortion issue alone. Who cares about your kid’s education or healthcare? Recently, Arkansas passed bill H.B. 1566. The bill is a provision under the Arkansas Final Disposition Rights Act of 2009. HuffingtonPost article

No one should have a problem with the Disposition Act of 2009. It simply states that when someone dies, his or her family members must agree on what to do with the body.

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It was only a matter of time before some Arkansas politician realized the stipulations of that law covering a fetus. Now in Arkansas, if a woman wants an abortion, she must first get a written note from whoever the father of that fetus may be.

As with most half-ass republican laws, the consequences of this bill will be horrific. As a result of this bill, some women will be forced to endure a torture worse than wedging pins beneath their fingernails. Of course, none of the Republicans who signed the bill have to worry about that. I’m sure their daughters will be spared the grief as well.

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As a result of this legislation, a raped victim will need the consent of the person who raped her or is forced to give birth to the child. For the rest of her life, every time she looks at her child’s face, she will be reminded of the most terrible thing to ever happen to her. In addition, a one night stand can become a lifetime of frustration.

What good will come of this?

I get it. If the man’s permission is required, maybe there will be fewer abortions. How much less? I can’t imagine any person forcing a woman to mother a child if she wants to abort the fetus. It must be such a small number, I wonder how effective the bill will be.

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I get it. If the bill saves one fetus, then it is worth it. I’m sure those women whose lives will be ruined as a result of having to mother the child, would disagree.

As I said, none of those Republican politicians who signed this bill will have to worry about that!

All we can do for these poor women, whose lives will be ruined, just because some Arkansas politician shuckster wanted some votes, is pray. Tonight, pray that these innocent women will be spared from such torment. Also, pray that these politicians get a taste of the pain that their legislation invites.

Vice President Mike Pence must have had something to do with the passing of this bill. He is the biggest opponent of abortions. Read my article from a few months ago, Who Killed More People? Jeffrey Dahmer or Mike Pence? While Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence was so against abortions that he emptied funding for Planned Parenthood. As we all know, these facilities are not just used for abortion. HIV rates soared in the regions with no Planned Parenthood, and no place to get tested or clean needles. For a while, Indiana was under a national crisis. So many people died. When push comes to shove, the people who died probably wouldn’t have voted for Pence. Republicans probably would have labeled the people who died as “welfare babies”.

Essentially, the Republican politicians who enacted these laws had nothing to do with the people who died. Maybe if they did, they wouldn’t have passed these laws.



  1. I cant believe how much power the religious right have. There’s no damned way they should be able to get laws like that passed- in their narrow scope, rape is something that happens to women who deserve it and God grants life. What about everyone else who believe this to be a fairy tale? That is a bad, short-sighted and punitive law that blames the victim and assigns human rights to cells in the womb who can’t be considered to have rights that supercede the mother’s right to choose. Monstrous!

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  3. The men should then have to pay rent on the woman, her support and her womb use plus full child support until emancipation before they have intercourse. Failure to sign a contract is to be taken as an acceptance of those terms.

    • it took 2 persons to make that baby, the man doesn’t have a choice they have to do what the women decides to do. So I do think they should have a choice also. First of all I don’t think abortion should be the answer. you are going to kill a baby for your stupid mistake. there are so many people that want a family want children and unable to. I am not a trump supporter and totally back planned childhood. I think its a life saver.

  4. Is this a man’s world or what? James Brown where are we when we need you to tell these men it’s nothing without a woman or a girl. I think men needs to keep their minds and their stupid ideas off of our bodies until they know how to respect us. Instead of pussy hats, women need to go on pussy strikes and buy sex toys to show men we have options. Silly!

  5. So, pray tell, what happens if the women’s pregnancy was due to “rape or incest”, & the men responsible for such acts won’t “want to own up & take responsibility” for the costs of the upbringing? The window of opportunity for abortions is less then 12 weeks of gestation! I favour abortion, for I won’t want any baby born into a life of misery. Just look at the numbers of babies & children in orphanages or under foster care!

  6. It’s a shame what this world is coming to! Fucking Republicans are taking women’s rights away…. Did they forget that we are all human beings meaning that we all have the same rights! I can’t believe that they are letting them get away with violating the constitution! So what’s the constitution for? They should have impeached Trump and Pence a long time ago! If they don’t want to do that then they should just block all the violations! They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with all these violations! Every president should know what they can and can’t mess with! Make America Great Again and kick them out of the White House! Hurry up! What’s taking so long!

  7. Slavery comes to mind. What else would you call someone being forced to have their body taken over under protest, to endure extreme physical pain and emotional trauma. As well as health risks and medical monitoring of private parts.

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