A Supreme Court judge is essentially the most respected and important position in our country. They have the final word on cases that are too contentious for state court rooms.

Before the election, there were four conservative judges and four kinds of liberal judges. Only one was under 60 years old. There are 78, 80, and 83. Although Obama should have chosen the last judge, since Justice Anthony Scalia died during his presidency, Republicans crossed their arms and refused to budge.

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Republicans prove that cheating does pay. By playing the stubborn little brat, Trump won, and they were able to choose Neil Gorsuch. Considering the ages of our justices, Trump will most likely, select more.

As Democrats have been saying for years, turns out our president elect IS in Putin’s pocket. Junior proved it by releasing emails in which he admits to colluding with the Russian government.

President Trump has refused to release his taxes. Considering Trump has such a massive business empire, his intentions could quite easily be justified. Another ignored Democratic battle cry though, has been that Trump doesn’t want to release his taxes because he is being paid by the Russia.

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Think of the irreversible damage that will be done, if someone who is being paid by the Russian government is also choosing the judges to our Supreme Court!

Essentially, if Trump gets impeached and if he is sentenced on treason charges, do you think his Supreme Court selections should stay? Such a decision could damage our country for a generation. Don’t forget, Gorsuch is the first Supreme Court Justice chosen by a different president from the one that presided over the death of the last justice.

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Li’l Marco justified this sneaky Republican tactic, by falsely asserting that this is a common practice.

“There comes a point in the last year of the president, especially in their second term, where you stop nominating” both Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges. Politifact article

This is false – just another republican lie.

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Unfortunately, I have no idea how legislation could remove a Supreme Court judge. Our best bet is to wait till next year. Hopefully, by that time, there will be more Democrats in the house and the senate. Either way, America should fight to get their voice heard. We can’t have a Russian mole in our Supreme Court.