If Trump is Being Paid by the Russians, Should his Supreme Court Choice(s) Stay?

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A Supreme Court judge is essentially the most respected and important position in our country. They have the final word on cases that are too contentious for state court rooms.

Before the election, there were four conservative judges and four kinds of liberal judges. Only one was under 60 years old. There are 78, 80, and 83. Although Obama should have chosen the last judge, since Justice Anthony Scalia died during his presidency, Republicans crossed their arms and refused to budge.

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Republicans prove that cheating does pay. By playing the stubborn little brat, Trump won, and they were able to choose Neil Gorsuch. Considering the ages of our justices, Trump will most likely, select more.

As Democrats have been saying for years, turns out our president elect IS in Putin’s pocket. Junior proved it by releasing emails in which he admits to colluding with the Russian government.

President Trump has refused to release his taxes. Considering Trump has such a massive business empire, his intentions could quite easily be justified. Another ignored Democratic battle cry though, has been that Trump doesn’t want to release his taxes because he is being paid by the Russia.

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Think of the irreversible damage that will be done, if someone who is being paid by the Russian government is also choosing the judges to our Supreme Court!

Essentially, if Trump gets impeached and if he is sentenced on treason charges, do you think his Supreme Court selections should stay? Such a decision could damage our country for a generation. Don’t forget, Gorsuch is the first Supreme Court Justice chosen by a different president from the one that presided over the death of the last justice.

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Li’l Marco justified this sneaky Republican tactic, by falsely asserting that this is a common practice.

“There comes a point in the last year of the president, especially in their second term, where you stop nominating” both Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges. Politifact article

This is false – just another republican lie.

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Unfortunately, I have no idea how legislation could remove a Supreme Court judge. Our best bet is to wait till next year. Hopefully, by that time, there will be more Democrats in the house and the senate. Either way, America should fight to get their voice heard. We can’t have a Russian mole in our Supreme Court.


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  1. Since the election was a fraud every single action by trump or any of his appointees should be voided. Many who colluded with him and the Russians should be in prison. Hillary won. She is the rightfully elected president!

  2. anything trump puts in should be removed , in fact the who;le 2016 election should be rendered null and void and all GOP and DEM WINNERS SHOULD LOSE THEIR PLACES , A NEW ELECTION RUN IN 6 WEEKS AND ALL NEW PPL NO ONE IN THE GOP OR DEMS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO RUN , ONLY INDEPENDENTS AND 3RD PARTY FUCK THE 2 *800 LB GORILLAS and no fucking electoral college , we the people pick the winner

  3. Redo the whole election, they are all involved. Paul Ryan too, no way any of these assholes are innocent, they are too involved with him to not have known what was being done to win at any cost. All guilty.

  4. Nope. Everything he and the Congress have done must be undone….we need to start over. Meanwhile work on that outrageously unnecessary and ridiculously expensive wall has already begun, thru a wildlife santuary in Texas!! Where is the infrastructure plan..thinking of all the bridges 25 BILLION DOLLARS could repair. Who is overseeing the bids for any govt work and WHO trusts the Trump administration to fairly bid govt work? NOT ME!

  5. I believe Russia owns him and his family through their loans and money laundering. I’m sure they have recording of deals they have made over the years. They also have the proof he colluded during the election. They sold their soles to the devil and now are paying the price. It isn’t what he did, it is what they are still doing including the Supreme Court judge. In 2008 the real estate business bottomed out. This family went to Russia for mortgages. They talk about the beauty pageant but they were already up to their eyes in it long before that.

  6. Absolutely not. Every cabinet member he’s hired should be illigitemate. But WILL they be? The pubs will have something to scream about, if not. >:(

  7. All of Trams selections must be removed!!! T Call your Senators today at (202) 224-3121 and demand they oppose any bill that guts Vet benefits, Vet rehab, housing, EPA, Education, Medicaid, raids Medicare, SSI, and massively increases health care costs for Americans!!!!Trump and the Republiscums are out of control!! American’s deserve better!!!! We need to take it back!!!! RESIST the DNC, the GOP & trump’s criminal stupidity!!! Both parties are totally corrupt, useless and cannot be trusted by the 98%! We need Bernie and a 3rd party!! Resist the insanity of Trump!!! https://draftbernie.org

  8. The election needs to be nullified due to the infiltration of Russian influence and cyberattacks to our election. Everything signed or done by this President and administration needs to be voided, including his nomination to the SCOTUS. When the Mueller investigation is finished, this needs to be fought for!

  9. No. It was a stolen supreme Court seat. All traces of the embarrassment that is trump in the white house and all those complicit need to be removed from the government

  10. To be fair about the whole thing we should have a new election . We should do away with the Electoral College . Let the popular vote rule . Nothing else is bullshit when it comes to a republic . Having people picked by a party deciding the president this is the third the Electoral College went against the Democrats and picked a president that wasn’t elected by the popular vote . Never before did they pick a president that committed treason and his cabinet that also committed treason

  11. the koch scum and mercer mentally insane vermin family paid for this fker gorsuch, he is a paid pos and his seat needs to be voided due to this criminal and treasonous act of sabotage.

  12. Gorsuch never should have been appointed in the first place….like the Fascists they are….they blocked Obama’s pick…they wouldn’t even give Garland a review.

  13. Ethically and morally, no. However, legally it would take a major action by the courts and, or congress to overturn the decision of the electoral college. IF that happened, there would either be a reelection, or Hillary would be installed as president, and all his appointments and executive orders would be retroactively overturned.

  14. If it is proved the Russians meddled and even changed votes, will that be revealed truthfully to us. Then the question is do we hold a new election? It is even beginning to show that the Republican candidates were also affected by the Russian fake news stories.

  15. That seat rightfully belongs to Merrick Garland!!! Everything Trump has done should be null and void…including his election. TRUMP IS A LYING RUSSIAN ASS KISSING FAKE ELECTORAL COLLEGE WIMP PRESIDENT!!!!!!

  16. This dude better be on his knees! I seen the way he ignores his wife as he got the new job! He is an arse Too. He needs to walk a little closer to God. Hell no no soul devil’s helper!

  17. Unfortunately, What is done is done. Even trump can’t be prosecuted for high crimes against America he can only be removed from office. If he decided to nuke U.S. cities there is nothing we can do about it and he can’t be charged with only removed from office. That just about the skinny of it.

  18. I really feel trump, besides having mental issues, is trying to transform our democracy to an autocracy or dictatorship. He is a long time student of Hitler and has praised his leadership over Germany. He has studied his speeches and at times Hitler’s influence is apparent in his speeches. He is fascinated with Putin and admires him and would like to have control over the American people like Putin does over his. This is very apparent. He has denied that “all people are created equal”, thinking he is brilliant with an advanced brain from others. He has stated since he became president that “our Constitution is archaic and outdated and needs to be revised”.
    So, my answer is hell no! He needs to be punished accordingly for his crimes against us, which I believe are numerous. His believers are unable to process, for some dysfunctional reason the danger he is presenting to us every day he spends as president. He should be removed with great expediency, to save America.

  19. Why are you ignoring Mitch McTurtle saved the seat for intent and against the will of American people and is complicit in Orange Traitor. McTurtle and to save face the newly appointed judge must recuse and withdraw or resign with good intent. That way next administration will up him on re nomination for future if proved not involved with the orange traitor. He should resign with proper explanation, else we find the truth and our judicial system is forever poisoned?

  20. No, and all of the regulations he revoked and bullshit bills he signed into law need to be reversed once he’s impeached. Pence should also be gone since he’s part of the same administration.

  21. The Trump presidency is illegitimate and Gorfuck should be removed. If the Republicans lose next year–as they very well should–the Democratic House can impeach Trump and the Senate can block all appointments. There are a number of interesting legal challenges ahead.

  22. Technically it’s been said that if the collusion is proven and we all know how far back into the chain of command it actually goes, that Hillary Clinton could be installed as the proper president due to the tampering.
    There’s no need to “redo” the election and allow the Russians another chance to hack our democratic process

  23. Nope, the entire trump administration needs to be dissolved including the Vice President. All of trumps executive orders and all of his appointees need to be rescinded. After which is entire family other than Tiffany and Barron need to be tried for treason. They can serve their sentences at GITMO.

  24. …No…his Supreme Court nominee should step down because Mitch McConnell engaged in a quid pro quo arrangement with Donnie…Mitch held up on taking a vote on Last Real President Obama’s nominee, Merritt Garland…and in return, Mitch’s wife Elaine Chao, was installed as Secretary of Transportation…

  25. Look, anything and everything trump has done, needs reversed back to the way it was. Putin put trump in office, Trump did not win the presidency fair and square. Hillary Clinton needs to replace Trump and company

  26. NO TRUPEET SHOULD HAVE NO POWER WHAT SO EVER UNTIL HE HAS BEEN TRIED HIS CROOKED ADULT CHILDREN SHOULD ALL BE SENT HOME. PRESIDENT SHOUULD HAVE TO AND DREW TO CONGRESS &The. House to vote on any decisions that has to do with our Country. None of Drump’s cabinet should be allowed to have. any classified informatipn.The turtle & Eddie Monster are others to look into.

  27. Everything Trump has touched (which lets Melania off the hook) must be revoked – this includes his pal Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch, and all of Trump’s executive orders and his damn healthtaxcutsforthewealthy and invisible wall.

  28. That somehow things done by Trump can magically be undone is wishful thinking. There isn’t going to be a “special election” to elect a President. Hillary isn’t going to become President, at least not before January, 2021.

    It’s rather like saying every act of the Texas legislature and Congress is null and void because the gerrymandered legislative and congressional districts violated the Voting Rights Act. That’s not how it works.

    Instead focus on winning control of the Senate next year. Secondary goals are to take control of the House and state governments.

  29. Well that’s a good question, but on what grounds would you impeach Gorsuch? The legal eagles would have to really do a lot of research on that one. Is it enough that the man who appointed him was a criminal and likely won the White House under fraudulent and/or deceptive means?

  30. I believe that the law says his supreme court justice is valid and final. He actually is the so-called president so I don’t believe there’s any way out of it.

  31. Not impeaching him. If Drump is guilty of collusion or worse everything he did in office including his Supreme Court pick is in question. It’s like a DA that has broken the law while trying cases, every case he worked on is suspect.

  32. No. Either should his Cabinet choices. Or inner circle. The whole group should be thrown out.

    Our Democracy is rapidly deteriorating.
    I only hope Mueller will get trump outa our WH sooner rather than later…I’m trying to be patient, but the daily lies and corruption is wearing on me… oh, and then there is that tax break the GOP is trying to shove thru..never has this country been such a mess

  33. No! The Election should be nullified, and a special election held to elect a President. The traitors should be tried, and Trump’s SCOTUS appointee should be sent home. Obama ought to pick the next Justice.

  34. sadly,it’s a done deal now……and you can thank the 46% of this foolish country that didn’t bother voting……i actually hate them more than the Trump supporters——stupid as they are,at least they stood for something—–but that 46% can just go drop fucking dead

  35. No. That’s not his seat anyway. old Mitch stole that seat from President Obama’s Choice. I hope he suffer along time before he leave this earth and cant get medical services or the same services he is choosing for the rest of us. The Supreme court members should have a limited stay of 5 years not more than 10.

  36. The electoral college is an outdated entity also. It should cease existence before the next Presidential election. They should also be investigated. Maybe some of them got paid too.

  37. the only people trump could get loans from werethe russians cause no bank here would lend him money because he has a rep for filing bankruptcy and not paying people that is why he is kissing they ass..

  38. I think we need to hold off on Mr Gorsuch and his fate he may not have been involved in nor had any knowledge of what is going on with the white house scandals. He will have to be put to the test as they say on whether or not he should be removed from his position.

  39. Yes Brian I read the truth about this misinformation. Even if it was true it just don’t set a light to the Trump and his crime riddled family. Also she isn’t the leader of the free world but neither is Trump, Jared is and Donald Jr wish he was so he is just pretending.

  40. Everything that came with the Pig-in-chief, should go with him out the door. Then we need to clean out congress, starting with McConnell and Ryan!

  41. I believe that the “slate should be wiped clean” and that we start over beginning prior to the November 2016 election. That we have an entirely new campaign and nominate and electe candidates from each party and hold a totally new election – we need to erase the past six months of totally vile garbage from American history – just never let it be recorded that our country founded on the faithful, trusting, honest, forefathers who developed a constitution that has existed since 1787, which has to in itself declare it was a sound and just document. In six months donald trump and the republican party have tried to destroy this document which has been our foundation for 230 years – what is wrong with this picture?? Get rid of this dysfunctional administration before we become part of what is officially called “the Russian Federaltion”. Dump trump NOW!!!

  42. Any appointments he made should be rescinded when he is removed. The entire cabinet and any and ALL appointed judges are removed. Any appointments are illegal

  43. No flipping way! Get rid of the outdated electoral college I think We The People should choose our president not some earse holes that think they know better than the voters.there is no law that says a second term president can’t choose a Supreme Court justice.-Mitch McConnell vowed to block everything President Obama tried to do the turtle man needs to go ?. They work for We The People not for their own self interest there should be term limits just like the president has and if they aren’t working together for the people and to better our great country they should be booted out of office no lifer.?? We should think about term limits for Supreme Court justices also 20 yrs seems more than enough time.

  44. Right they knew with the Russian’s involved they had it locked. but they didn’t know TRUMP was gonna keep running his mouth and get em all locked up…lol

  45. Donald Trump is untalented, undignified, unethical, totally unqualified and probably mentally ill. He’s a thrice-married adulterer, a sexual predator, a racist, a draft dodger, a tax evader, a pathological liar and a con-man. He was elected with Russian help, and he lost the popular vote.

  46. Every person he brought with him or appointed needs to be gone. He has brought nothing but inexperienced, unfit and unqualified people into his administration. His SCOTUS will make far right decisions for decades. If Trump stays he may get 2 more SCOTUS seats to fill and we will be forever screwed.

  47. Trump is definitely currently being funded by the Russian government. His richest tenants in Trump Tower are mostly Russian citizens who need Donald’s help to launder Russian Mafia money.

  48. They will have to decide, if an unwilling politically biased Congress’s failure to persecute its duties against violators of governance protocol and or infringements of constitutional law, to administer decisions that prohibits political protection or deference given to majority party, especially when there are obvious violations committed by another branch of government!!


  50. Well personally, if we didn’t have two devils spawn as speaker of the house and senate majority leader, along with those who have NO BACKBONE TO DO WHATS RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY, WE COULD HAVE TURNED THIS AROUND BUT MONEY HAS BOUGHT THE SOULS OF MANY AND MANY WHO COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY OF HOW HARD IT IS TO JUST LIVE!!!!

  51. Everything that has happened since January MUST be reversed and a new election needs to take place…No more Electoral college bullshit either….count every vote!

  52. i heard even he may have met russians. it almost seems like there is no one trump appoiints or nominates doesn’t have some interaction with russia. it is as tounding. . i can’t name anyone who doesn’thave a connection to russia. maybe kellyanne and his press secretaries and McMasters.

  53. Gorsuch sadly is reported to be a member of the John Birch Society. Back in civil rights days in the south we al knew that if you scratch a Bircher, you’ll uncover a Ku Klux Klansman! Here’s the poster circulated around Dallas November 1973 by Papa Fred Koch’s pet venture, The John Birch Society. Dead Eye Dick Cheney is a member and so is Neil Gorsuch.
    The people who voted for Trump did not parachute in from Canada. Maybe they should have used their little minds before they voted. Sorry for the insult, but I’m insulted by the rancid stupidity of millions of voters in my USA. This has happened in the past.


  54. Putin is in control the WH…now were supposed to just ACCEPT Putin in charge of our nations laws for the next 30-40 years. Buy your ammo folks…these are scary times.

  55. The GOP blocked Obama from filling the seat long before trump was elected. It was Obama’s seat to fill, not trumps. Gorsuch is illegitimate as a supreme court justice.


  57. Hell No. All his choices for all positions in the government are pro-russian supporters. Just like him, they would all love to give putin a blow job.

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