The Trump Supporter Wouldn’t Listen When we Warned them, as a Result, Trump is Making them Look Like Such Fools

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Democrats warned America about Trump, but the Trump supporter stuck their fingers in their ears. Easy to forget, but do you remember, Democrats warned America about everything that is transpiring with Trump? But they didn’t listen to us, as a result, we are all screwed

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First, we warned them that his conflict of interests would jeopardize the safety of our country. In response, those Trumpkins said, “Trump is so wealthy, he doesn’t need to be corrupt.” What a stupid chain of logic! They reasoned, in their elementary brains, that because Trump was so rich, he wouldn’t have any desire to be richer!!!

Hi, I’m earth. Have we met?

Turns out they were dreadfully incorrect.

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His businesses are thriving. As soon as Trump became president he raised the prices of the rooms at his hotels. Now, you could meet with the president, as long as you are willing to pay his costs.

In addition, Trump spends every weekend at one of his resorts. I and you are paying the Trump enterprises for Trump to go to his golf resort. But also, we pay for his entire family to go on vacation PLUS all of the secret service agents to protect this enormous family. Trump is making a killing! They all need rooms.

Remember how furious they were about Obama going on vacation? How could anyone, with a double digit IQ, criticize Obama for his vacations while defending Trump?

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We warned all of them about his Russian ties. They were adamant about Trump’s innocence though. In fact, Trump used to profess the benefits of having a good relationship with Russia. To his simple minded supporters, he reasoned, “Isn’t it better to have a good relationship with Russia as opposed to a bad one.”

No. It is not.

We warned them that Trump had no intentions of forcing companies to strictly hire America because that would damage the profits of Trump’s business. Turns out, Trump’s daughter still pays pennies for those Indonesian factories to make her clothing brand.

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Just a few months ago, Donald Trump got permission from US Department of Labor to hire 64 foreign guest workers for his resorts, QZ article. Huh? He was elected on the promise to kick out all illegals and only hire Americans. I guess that applies to everyone except him and his family.

They were so love struck, and so infatuated with their orange icon, that our words fell flatly to the floor. How dumb they must feel now, as everything we warned them about has come true.

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Now that his son has committed a treasonous act by conspiring with a foreign government, Trump’s legal bills are really mounting. Although Trump is the wealthiest president in history, he is trying to get the GOP to pay these bills.

The Washington Post also reported that the RNC has yet to make a decision on whether it will cover the legal costs and is working to determine whether or not it is legal to do so.

Romney McDaniel said in the interview that the legality of covering such fees is not the only issue. She would also have to consider how the party’s donors would feel about using the money is such a way. The Hill article

Maybe it is for the best. When he is done, the GOP will be destroyed.


  1. I think alot of them thought they were doing something to better the country, just didnt do their homework, a fairly pristeen backround is needed, which even TV helped …the Billy Bush tapes etc!….alot of men can behave like that…not the POTUS…please !

  2. Revelation say about the Antichrist he comes from a troubled sea that’s political Uprising or Appeals and even the elite the elect will follow him the elite the elect he promised them peace and prosperity and a half years he brings it all to an end and the tribulation period begins some people said that Obama was this person but it didn’t fit now people are saying Trump is this person and it does fit

  3. How can they not feel shame? I would be ashamed to have not been able to see things for what they clearly were early on. It is shameful to have so much hatred for others unlike themselves that they were blind to everything else. Shame is what they deserve.

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