Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, arguably the greatest defenders of the rotten Republican, have suddenly begun to reject the party. However, their disgust with the republican party is compelled through their devotion to the Republican president. In other words, an enemy of my friend is also my enemy. If you are a political analyst, like Hannity and Limbaugh, you gotta pick a side.

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Hannity and Limbaugh have always adamantly supported Donald Trump. Without a doubt, this was the most passionate election in most people’s lives. After countless nights of defending Trump’s merits, Hannity and Limbaugh are really the last people that could turn on Trump.

These are two conservative media giants. Millions of people tune in to hear their staunchly conservative views. If either of these numb-skulls changed their opinion on Trump, they would risk their careers. The viewers, a sea of mindless Trumpkins, had been shaped and formed by the opinions of Limbaugh and Hannity. Think of the betrayal these Trumpkins would endure!

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After Trumpcare was burned, Rush Limbaugh charged Tuesday “career Republicans in Washington” are engaged in a “silent coup” – unwilling “to touch Obamacare” or implement any of President Donald Trump’s agenda.

To his radio audience, Limbaugh demonized “the elite club known as the establishment.”

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Limbaugh said something very frightening, and very illustrative of how the Republican party functions. Often in their rhetoric, there are sides rooted, and enemies pointed out. Their coming for your tea and taxes! Either fight, or you will be trampled on.

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“It has never been about Trump unifying the Republican Party in order to beat the Democrats, and that’s been the mistake,” he said, adding: “The fight is Donald Trump and his cadre and you, the Trump base, versus the Washington establishment. It has always been that and nothing more.” NewsMax article

Sean Hannity had a little temper tantrum of his own, regarding Chettoh’s stumbling defeat. He begged GOP members “step up and get the job done or get out of Washington.”

According to Hannity, Senate members are nothing more than “pampered, overpaid and spoiled”.

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“I, and so many of us in the country, we have run out of patience with you,” Hannity said. “You are the do-nothing GOP lawmakers. And up to now ― and to be very very honest, and it’s really sad ― you’re pretty useless. And all you have now is excuses and broken promises.”

At least Hannity offered a suggestion. Hannity is so furious with his Republican cadre, he made a constructive suggestion that could get them all back to work.

Senate Republicans should put themselves in a room with no air conditioning and “use fans like our Founding Fathers and framers did.” To eat? KFC or Wendy’s. Of course, Hannity agreed to send beer and soft drinks. HuffingtonPost article

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No. You are not in the Twilight Zone. Our nation’s leading political commentator really gave that suggestion.

When we return to reality, and we wipe the psychedelic plasma from our glasses, we observe no one could be blamed for the defeat of Trumpcare more than Trump. He did nothing to promote the bill. Remember how Obama explained Obamacare on national television and at public meetings?

Perhaps Trump’s refusal to promote his bill was a result of his not understanding it. Like a broken record, Trump endorsed his bill “with much lower premiums, much lower costs, much better protections.”

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But that isn’t his bill. Either he didn’t read the bill or he was lying to the public. Which one do you think?

When the Trump boat goes down, anyone who is still on board will perish.