Admitting that one was wrong about a decision is difficult to do. Such a conviction requires some intelligence. Will the loyal Trumpkin admit that they were wrong, even as their lives begin to worsen as a result of Trump? Admitting one was wrong implies that person will sustain the heat and carry the burden of making a mistake. Also, confessing our faults requires the forgiveness of others. Not everyone could be so humble. Imagine a Trump supporter begging forgiveness from a group of democrats. In fact, the more involved we are with a decision we make, the more difficult it is to acknowledge that decision as wrong.

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Take for example, the previous presidential election. There is no denying that the election was the most passionate in decades. This was exactly how Trump planned it. He sought out uneducated people who would be easy to manipulate. He even said that he “loved the poorly educated.” The entire Trump clan were democrats. His children couldn’t even vote for pappi in the primaries, because they were all registered as democrats. Why then, would Trump suddenly switch parties, right before he ran for president? Because the uneducated and the hopeful are the easiest to win over. How far do you think Trump would have gotten as a democrat?

As Trump’s budget proposal and his healthcare proposal begin to take shape, it is obvious that everything he said during the campaign was a lie. Those lies were just uttered to fool his supporters and get their vote. He doesn’t care about any of them. Trump’s legislation is designed to only help his affluent family and friends. If you disagree with that, you need to open your eyes.

Every single one of his campaign promises were broken, except his willingness to lower taxes. His supporters will save maybe $100 bucks in taxes, but that also means millions of dollars less going towards your roads and your kid’s school. That $100 bucks may get you a few lap dances, but our beautiful country will suffer immensely.

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Lots of those people that waited for hours in the freezing rain, just to stand at a Trump rally, never voted before. They were so disgusted with the bureaucratic political system, that neither republican or democratic values inspired them. Trump’s far-right, nationalistic, fascist views got these voters involved in the political scene. Lots of these voters were part of alt-right white supremacy groups. When they heard a presidential candidate promising the removal of Hispanics and Muslims, it was like being serenading by an angel.

Republicans are stubborn enough. Look at Junior, the past republican president. It is fact, that his administration doctored WMD intel, to justify us going to war, CNN article. How many American children were killed, how many years was our country plunged into a depression, so that Junior’s buddies made trillions of dollars? Eight years later though, all is forgotten and they voted for another republican.

When Trump came on the scene though, republicans were not crazy about him. Most of his loyal support came from far-right fringe groups who perceived The Donald as some sort of liberator or an emancipator, Salon article. This loyalty will be much more difficult to sever.

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