What Will it Take for a Trumpkin to Admit that they Were Wrong?

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Admitting that one was wrong about a decision is difficult to do. Such a conviction requires some intelligence. Will the loyal Trumpkin admit that they were wrong, even as their lives begin to worsen as a result of Trump? Admitting one was wrong implies that person will sustain the heat and carry the burden of making a mistake. Also, confessing our faults requires the forgiveness of others. Not everyone could be so humble. Imagine a Trump supporter begging forgiveness from a group of democrats. In fact, the more involved we are with a decision we make, the more difficult it is to acknowledge that decision as wrong.

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Take for example, the previous presidential election. There is no denying that the election was the most passionate in decades. This was exactly how Trump planned it. He sought out uneducated people who would be easy to manipulate. He even said that he “loved the poorly educated.” The entire Trump clan were democrats. His children couldn’t even vote for pappi in the primaries, because they were all registered as democrats. Why then, would Trump suddenly switch parties, right before he ran for president? Because the uneducated and the hopeful are the easiest to win over. How far do you think Trump would have gotten as a democrat?

As Trump’s budget proposal and his healthcare proposal begin to take shape, it is obvious that everything he said during the campaign was a lie. Those lies were just uttered to fool his supporters and get their vote. He doesn’t care about any of them. Trump’s legislation is designed to only help his affluent family and friends. If you disagree with that, you need to open your eyes.

Every single one of his campaign promises were broken, except his willingness to lower taxes. His supporters will save maybe $100 bucks in taxes, but that also means millions of dollars less going towards your roads and your kid’s school. That $100 bucks may get you a few lap dances, but our beautiful country will suffer immensely.

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Lots of those people that waited for hours in the freezing rain, just to stand at a Trump rally, never voted before. They were so disgusted with the bureaucratic political system, that neither republican or democratic values inspired them. Trump’s far-right, nationalistic, fascist views got these voters involved in the political scene. Lots of these voters were part of alt-right white supremacy groups. When they heard a presidential candidate promising the removal of Hispanics and Muslims, it was like being serenading by an angel.

Republicans are stubborn enough. Look at Junior, the past republican president. It is fact, that his administration doctored WMD intel, to justify us going to war, CNN article. How many American children were killed, how many years was our country plunged into a depression, so that Junior’s buddies made trillions of dollars? Eight years later though, all is forgotten and they voted for another republican.

When Trump came on the scene though, republicans were not crazy about him. Most of his loyal support came from far-right fringe groups who perceived The Donald as some sort of liberator or an emancipator, Salon article. This loyalty will be much more difficult to sever.

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Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on Amazon.com, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.


  1. I don’t think they will ever admit they are wrong ! I have family and friends that are so blinded about him ! No matter what I say to them they always have an excuse ! I will never understand it!

  2. Probably nothing short of Angles carting a banner across the entire country in the sky proclaiming trump a mistake and even then many would not believe and call it fake!

  3. Never. His base all thinks he’s the greatest president since Reagan, Lincoln, or FDR. Meanwhile, I don’t think I’ve seen so much uncertainty in this country (at least in my life time, and I’m almost 36). Congress (as a whole) has pretty much been useless for a good 15 years now, perhaps even longer. Morale is generally low, I don’t think anyone honestly believes this government will EVER do anything “for the people,” whether it be now or at any point down the road. And unless you get hooked up somehow, or have a generous family (born rich), you’ve got no chance to basically meet or surpass previous generations prosperity. Welcome to America in the 21st century. It’s the 1%, and then everybody else. Politicians stay bought. They will tell you anything to get elected, then once in power, just do whatever they please without any consequence. Expect a war any day now, especially since Dump has invested in Raytheon. If he has a chance to make billions and billions of dollars off of a war with NK (like Cheney did with Iraq), it will happen.

  4. Corporations run this country. The banks run this country. Wall St. runs this country. All they have to do is bribe law makers into doing their bidding. It’s never going to stop. Both the red and the blue are guilty of this.

  5. taking away health care and a tax break for the rich billions more to the military industrial complex de regulating wall street are all part of a master plan

  6. It’s been getting worse. My thing is what kind of precedent is Dump now setting for how future presidents will act? Get elected, and then just do whatever you want? Is that it now (and moving forward)?

  7. When they lose someone or something that affects them personally, something that could have saved them from losing a child or wife when they had the means before dump fuck it up

  8. Trump is a Cult leader, like Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc, etc, and 99% of cult members would rather die than admit the truth, there is no reasoning with them!!!

  9. They will never admit it. They will lose Medicaid, food stamps, welfare checks, but that doesn’t matter because they’re afraid the Democrats will take their guns, so they will never vote for a Democrat. The NRA has a lot of power over these people with their 2nd amendment propaganda.

  10. Loss of medical insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, SS, unions, loss of our right to vote, etc. I’m not sure what it will take. Somehow they’ll blame it all on obama anyway.

  11. Don’t hold your hands on you arse waiting. The Cult45 herd are so completely out of it, hell will freeze over first, pigs flying………., you get my gist.

  12. Trump says he could shoot someone in times square and still get elected.

    Trump calls anyone who didn’t elect him his enemy.

    Trump signs executive order to make it easier for the mentally ill to get high powered rifles

    BREAKING: Shooting at Republican baseball game

    Republicans: liberals are responsible for all division and violence.

  13. I keep waiting for them to die off. If republicans keep cutting their healthcare, and public services, they won’t be able to reproduce as quickly. It doesn’t seem to be working though, we might end up watering crops with Gatorade before we even know it.

  14. Has anyone tried shooting Trumpers into space yet? Just so they can gain some perspective. But if they don’t gain any perspective, and die in the cold vacuum of space, it’s just as good. Just tell them that you are going to send them someplace where there are no radical moose-lams. (sic)

  15. It’s a cult. Racists who hated previous black president. DT said himself he can shoot someone in the street of NY and they will still support him. So where’s the conviction?

  16. They will never admit to that.Trump has some how been transformed into their golden calf.Religious nut jobs have succeeded in hijacking our government. The damage they’ve done already will take decades to right all the wrongs.

  17. They will wake up after they are dead.Come on people this child trump is trying to take away your healthcare.He said he would not let a poor or middle class person work for him.He is trying to take the food out of your mouth to give to the rich.Are you going to let you and your family hurt for a man who is trying his best to take everything from you and he don’t even care.Hate me ,but hate me with common sense.

  18. Their hatred for the previous presidents race and that the thought a woman was running, edged them into believing this man was the chosen one come back to save them, so when u go down to that level of intelligence… nothing will change their view of him, … unless he comes out to and says something like he’s homosexual or divorcing and re-marrying one of the classes they hate;…. he knew he just had to feed into that and he would have a group of followers dedicated; they studied these people and told him the right words to say! Yall don think trump is smart enough to pull that off by himself? But he will be expected to continue to lead them and that’s where he will falter and why his little minions are running around with buckets under him but, I don’t think they will be as lucky

  19. “As Trump’s budget proposal and his healthcare proposal begin to take shape, it is obvious that everything he said during the campaign was a lie. Those lies were just uttered to fool his supporters and get their vote. He doesn’t care about any of them. Trump’s legislation is designed to only help his affluent family and friends. If you disagree with that, you need to open your eyes.”
    The Trump voters are uneducated they are never going to admit that they are wrong even as it becomes more and more clear that he lied and is harming all of us including them. Trump will feed his voters the words they need to hear so that they can blame someone else other than Trump for what went wrong! To quote the Trump worn out word – SAD!

  20. “Admitting that one was wrong about a decision is difficult to do. Such a conviction requires some intelligence.” Well I guess that lets Trump supporters out.

  21. some are getting it and have many regrets, some it will take a little longer to sink in, and some will never get it, they will go down with trump

  22. There is no cure for stupid. Ask any working class English Tory why they voted for a party that will take away their health n wealth n they always have n always will go cap in hand to the betters they hate so much n aspire to be. I generalise n have a soft spot for sheep,they’re fluffy n cute with the eyes n teeth of demons. They’d vote for the mint sauce.

  23. If they lose everything they own they will never admit the truth. Hate has been ruination of a lot of causes, ISIS for instance.

  24. Republicans and Trump-worshipers are obsessed with being wrong and live to ruin the lives of any kind and nice person that they can. Hurting others is a Trump-worshipers mission and they hope to take the world down with them. If liberals don’t do to them what thy’re trying to do to us then there’s no stopping them. The US supreme court will soon be 7 anti-liberal judges and with the Nina Turner wing of non-republicans we will always see a Republican House and Senate. Bill Maher needs to run for president though I would like to see Wendy Davis as president.

  25. They literally never will. Many conservatives are incapable of ever apologising or admitting guilt of any kind what so ever. It is not exclusively a conservative thing..
    It is a prideful and uneducated thing That just happens to be way more common in conservatives.

  26. all they keep repeating is libtard & Obama…….they have the mental capacity of a feeble-minded 2 year old,and i will not engage any of them in an adult conversation……fuck every one of those morons!

  27. Its amazing how you run around the world eliminating others for the word hate but teaching it in your own backyard. Double standards

  28. Yeah Republicans hate us because we want to end poverty for all Americans and we want to end discrimination of others. I’ll admit, i hate Republicans and consider them to be anti-American. They need to prove me wrong and give funding and education to inner cities and impoverished people, until then, they’re not making anything “great again” they’re just alive to torture and destroy good people. #EndTheGop

  29. That’s easy when they fine out all the lies trump has told them and when they lost there health care and that he was behind the Russian hacking and his son and son in law are crocks.maybe that can be a wake up call.And they kick his ass out of the White House.????

  30. Nothing with move them. Their brains are thoroughly fried, and they do not want to admit they were conned and they’ve been had by career con artist and sociopath Donald Trump.

  31. Nothing. The hardcore trumptards will support him until The Bitter End. He could sexually assault a fifteen-year-old girl on the Resolute desk and his core supporters would congratulate him for being a stud

  32. Some already have! Be sure
    To write and thank YOUR president for all he has done for the USA lately. Remember the DEMOCRATS are not in power, everything is in the hands of the powerful Republicans.

  33. Nope. They’ll cry fake news even as he’s being let out of the White House in handcuffs, even as the judges gavel slams to send him to prison, even as he’s being strapped to the gurney And The IV set

  34. Trump won by offering hope to the hopeless. They are desperate people. Don’t kick them. Offer them something to really be hopeful about then watch how quickly they will drop him.

  35. Greg Torelli I’m in agreement with you, but I don’t hate them. I know that is what do, its been done for many many years when the GOP is in office. When they destroy the economy, its blamed on the Dems. Pray for these people because God is in control.


  37. I honestly believe it will take a major collapse of the safety net and possibly a war before they will admit they made a mistake that’s why I called them stupid ignorant people when you don’t check out something that said and you believe everything a con man tells you you’re stupid

  38. Very likely the 2nd Coming of ‘Brother’ Jesus Christ and many of them will likely refuse to acknowledge HIM if HE LQQKED similar in color as former President Barack H. Obama (50/50 color ratio the “fairest” scale known to humans) hUh? 🙂 SEEmingly, some (only as applicable) are simply tooo ‘smart’ (wise?) to realize he was their G”0″DLY Test (a precursor )reference SAME! They are simply unknowingly identifying themselves to ‘Brother’ Jesus Christ AND simultaneously to their neighbors etc. hUh?

    ~***~ Likewise, ones could also ask what will it take for ‘this’ present day Administration/Congressional Republicans (GOP?) to realize they do NOT (even) represent the former Pres. Abe Lincoln’s Republican Party let alone what Jesus Christ advocated/did as a human while on Planet Earth. Same Answer…reckon?

    So “if” not representing them…reckon WHO(M)?


    ^Non-Christians/Non-believers etc. nooo problem hUh?

    “0” +/- [“0” + (hu) MAN]

  39. When they get kicked off their healthcare? When he turns on them for being a bunch of babies. Remember he LOVES the poorly educated. What an asshole

  40. So sad that these people have to see or experience an absolute disaster to recognize that this is an idiot they are supporting. Dump telegraphed himself so tellingly during the campaign it’s amazing to me that anyone at all supported him EVER!

  41. People who view politics in black and white are so annoying. It’s always about right and wrong with you f*ckheads. Morality is subjective.

  42. Maybe when they loose their health care, social security and medi care!! And when they have no clean water to drink or clean air to breath!!?????

  43. When they lost everything…their life savings, their car, their home, and their health status and job goes down into the toilet. Basically, a major depression like that from nearly 90 years ago.

  44. They don’t. They must be overtaken and kept in their pissed off cages, because they are always pissed off about what was taken away or didn’t get. They were never going to anyway due to deficites.

  45. It may never happen until they watch other news besides Fox and stop believing Trump calling all other news fake. Also after changes, when they go to their local Social Service office.

  46. Because the killers of Joy and the Destroyers of Dreams are always watching when someone finds love or gets happy to seek them out and destroy them. They are angry that they feel no joy or have no happiness and are dedicated, indeed spend most of their time trying to keep others from being happy

  47. Sadly, I think if they were dumb enough to ignore all the signs before the election…. they’re probably to dumb to care now. #StupidIsAsStupidDoes #YouCantFixStupid 🙁

  48. I suspect Trump, Fox and the GOP would say the Satanic Liberal Democrats did it, in spite of the GOP having total control of all three branches of this Government and they would believe.

    by Elias Lieberman
    I am an American.
    My father was a son of the Revolution.
    My mother was a colonial dame.
    One of my ancestors pitched tea overboard in Boston Harbor.
    Another stood his ground with Warren;
    Another hungered with Washington at Valley Forge.
    My forefathers were America in the making.
    They spoke in her council halls!
    They died on her battlefields.
    They commanded her ships!
    They cleared the forests.
    Dawns reddened and paled.
    Staunch hearts of mine beat fast
    At each new star in the nation’s flag.
    Keen eyes of mine forsaw her greater glory:
    The sweep of her seas,
    The plenty of her plains,
    The man-hives in her billion-wired cities.
    Every drop of blood in me holds a heritage of patriotism!
    I am an American!
    I am an American!
    My father was an atom of dust,
    My mother, a straw in the wind
    To his Serene Majesty.
    One of my ancestors died in the mines of Siberia;
    Another was crippled for life by twenty blows of the knout;
    Another was killed, defending his home during the massacre.
    The history of my ancestors is a trail of blood
    To the palace-gate of the Great White Czar.
    But, then the dream came—
    The dream of America.
    In the light of the Liberty torch,
    The atom of dust became a man
    And the straw in the wind became a woman
    For the first time.
    See, said my father, pointing to the flag that fluttered near,
    “That flag of stars and stripes is yours;
    It is the emblem of the promised land.
    It means, my son, the hope of humanity.
    Live for it—die for it!”
    Under the open sky of my new country,
    I swore to do so,
    And every drop of blood in me
    Will keep that vow.
    I am proud of my future.
    I am an American.

    And THIS my friends is the FUTURE for which we fight and why EVERY ONE OF US WITH HEART MUST RESIST THE OLIGARCHS AND THEIR CLOWN RUN CIRCUS OF TRUMPSTERS! America is not Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Louis Gomer, Trey Gowdy, The Koch Brothers, Michele Bachman, Kelly Anne Conway or any of the others who would make us bow our heads in shame and “Tut Tut” and lambaste the treasonous and evil Trolls on social media but otherwise do nothing hoping that God Will Save Us or Jesus will return. America, for centuries has been the “El Dorado” for humankind. Patriotism is not blindly hating those that are different and the way of the Oligarchs will lead us nowhere but to ruin for all including themselves as they burn with fires lit from their own stacks of money, fueled by their own Greed. Up until Trump – America was the example of what a free people could accomplish. Look at what GREED and FEAR have done to us now! IT IS TIME MY FRIENDS TO TAKE BACK THE FUTURE WHICH HAS ALLOWED AMERICA TO BE THE HOPE OF MANKIND! UNITE! BELIEVE! DO!

  50. It would be a breath of fresh air if those who voted for Trump would finally admit this was a huge mistake, and with upcoming elections this mistake will be corrected…

  51. During WW2 when the Germans were clearly losing the war and totally surrounded, their were still fanatical Nazis who wanted to fight to the death and many average Germans continued to believe the propaganda that there was a secret weapon that would allow them to win the war.

  52. They are so thouruly ignorant and brain dead, they will never, ever see him as anything but a savior. I have people like that in my Sunday sdhool. Brain dead ignorant.

  53. Trump said he could go out into the street and shoot someone dead and wouldn’t lose a single vote! If anyone knows dumb it’s Trump and these supporters will go with Trump even as they start to see how bad it is becoming for themselves!! ??

  54. The trumpkins I know are still siding with him,and are still screaming about comey and hillary. I know two Trump supporters who admit Trump has lied and colluded w Russia but they still think he will be a good President.

  55. I don’t think they will, they follow along blindly thinking that Trump is the King of A Cheeseburger and a Root Beer. They can hear and see him in full blown action and still believe in him. Like lambs to the slaughter. It is Sad!!

  56. This whole election has cost people too much. It has ended friendships, relationships, and broken families. For those reasons and many others the majority of supporters of faker 45 will NEVER admit they were wrong no matter what!


  58. This poor people are so ignorant just like Trump. They would not weak up,they know that the orange Man is a liar and a traitor and a crooked and all He want is not to pay taxes, and spand yours end mine.

  59. Who cares about them being wrong, we need to reach to the 64% of the Democratic party. Have a better message and win back our government. Trump voters will always go against the grain.

  60. Its never been about issues. Its about resentment. Resentment of liberals, blacks, Mexicans feminists, environmentalists and most important READERS.,

  61. when Trump dies or when Trump gets impeach or when Trump gets kill or when Trump loses in 2020 or when Trump job approve numbers are in crapper and not coming back up i do not want Trump kill

  62. for a strange resin i can since sadness for a future event right know i am sinceing Trump supporters crying because of Trump being impeach or dies or gets kill i do not want Trump kill the event will happen 5 mouths to 1 year from JULLY 17 2017

  63. It is impossible and can’t be done because they are incapable of analytical thinking. They have it confused with similar-spelled ANAL THINKING, which of course Is quite different.

  64. They have tunnel vision. They only watch pro-Trump media and refuse to acknowledge everything else – wont wont look in that direction. So as far as they are concerned it does not exist.

  65. Never going to happen. They still believe the lies and have been brained washed by fox news and Hypocritial Christian churches. No decency or kindness left. Just hate from Ftrump agenda

  66. A lobotomy, nothing short of a lobotomy so just forget that is not their partisanship it is WHO THEY ARE!
    Move on folks nothing to see here lol…once Drumpf and team of Treason are all gone, they will crawl back into their safe space and to their insignificant deplorable life of isolationism they are already very used to.. no kidding..the little fake news power trip will end and Fox can cry them a river no one else will.

  67. The poor will wait forever for trumps lies to become truths. If they are rich they are waiting for the greatest American robbery to make them richer.

  68. they will never admit wrong, remember, these are the people who wave the ‘ol stars and bars, the south will rise again. all logic is duly suspended.

  69. I think they are bullies like their god trump. As long as he can bully his way through, they feel entitled to do the same. That’s why we suddenly have an outbreak of racism, dumbass laws, and complete stupidity. They have a leader, once the main bully is stopped I’d wager the rest will go back to back stabbing, and quietly whispered racist comments.

  70. They can’t admit defeat because that would invalidate their win. They feel like they suffered under Obama and now they want to win. I don’t know why they thought they had it bad under Obama, DOW is up, unemployment at a 30 year low, economy is back to steady growth, etc… Other than the media outlets that pander to their ilk tells them what they want to hear. They literally have tailor made news and shows that tries to make reality fit their beliefs.

  71. EDUCATIONS! point and simple they will not understand anything even if it them in the face they still will say fake news or was Democrates doing it!

  72. YOU EVANGELICALS HAVE PUT A KGB OPERATIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE!All of this OUTLAW REGIME of FASCIST TRUMP ARE UP TO THEIR ASSES IN HIGH TREASON! this leads to the question of who else among the Republican Party leadership was aware at the time that the Donald Trump campaign and Russia were plotting to rig the general election from almost the moment Trump had seized the Republican nomination. Are we to believe that RNC Chair Reince Priebus was in on the plot, but that Republican House leader Paul Ryan and Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell weren’t? Priebus was an errand boy for Ryan and McConnell at the time. When this is all said and done, the entirely GOP leadership might well go down for treason as well.

  73. YOU EVANGELICALS HAVE PUT A KGB OPERATIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE!All of this OUTLAW REGIME of FASCIST TRUMP ARE UP TO THEIR ASSES IN HIGH TREASON! this leads to the question of who else among the Republican Party leadership was aware at the time that the Donald Trump campaign and Russia were plotting to rig the general election from almost the moment Trump had seized the Republican nomination. Are we to believe that RNC Chair Reince Priebus was in on the plot, but that Republican House leader Paul Ryan and Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell weren’t? Priebus was an errand boy for Ryan and McConnell at the time. When this is all said and done, the entirely GOP leadership might well go down for treason as well.


  75. Honestly, I try to discuss the issues with them and ask for validation or even a list of the great things they say he has and is doing. Not once has anyone come forth. At other times the answer is basically “because Trump said so and he is a great man sent by God”. They literally cannot support their claims with facts.

  76. The very fact that Trump supporters exist suggests that they have a complete absence of the ability to think critically. When one takes statements on face value without evaluation, one can get easily duped. They need to grow a brain, which may never happen.

  77. What will it take? Deprogramming and education based on facts not fiction.

    You can’t reason with someone who has been brain washed and who does not possess the tools to tell the difference between fact and fiction!

  78. Like a god, these folks will NOT attribute any bad things happening to them as being caused by tRump. Or, will totally deny anything is wrong!

  79. They are Authoritarian they are never wrong ever.. They want people to vote for Trumps new health care bill that will give people medicaid till 2020 really that means almost 100, million would be off medicaid that means they are liars…

  80. I suspect that even if Dump supporters are personally adversely affected by his actions, they will find a way to blame Obama, the Democratic Party and the “libturds”. They are far too deeply invested in Dump to ever admit they were wrong. And the lower the education level, the more tenaciously they will cling to him.

  81. The only thing that will turn them against Trump is losing their healthcare. Right now he is saying to repeal it without a replacement. The replacement is as bad as repeal. Once again he lied to them on the campaign and they bought it. They don’t care if we are taken over by Russians because they are white.

  82. I don’t think anything will. It’s much like any “faith”. If shown any evidence to the contrary they double down. It’s a result of a heavy dose of cognitive dissonance & belief perseverance.

  83. So Counter productive! How about we just allow them to go through the process without shaming them. You are just going to make it harder.

  84. They will never admit it. Their twisted minds are ruined. Permanently closed off to humanity. Completely lacking compassion and empathy. They really are sad examples of humans.

  85. They all have that vacant look on their faces. I doubt if any Trumpet has the insight to realize what is going on. Even explaining their mistake to them is futile. Idiocracy lol

  86. Well it’s compounded in those supporters – sort of double downing on: I’m stupid and PROUD of it!!! It puts them in the club of flat earthers, the earth is only 6000 years old and that the earth is the center of our solar system… You Shirley, question yourself – they DON’T… NEVER!!!

  87. Marc O’Polo Is this your real name? Love it! You must be a hit in the swimming pool! There are also studies that show 20% of humans fantasize about being an authoritarian leader. Only a very small percentage ever reach that goal, but those that aspire, worship the few that succeed. A lot of his followers, truly want to be him, just as he wants to be Putin.

  88. They will never admit it. They are all too entrenched in the Alex Jones conspiracy theories and the Fox News lies, and the Breitbart racism. The Republicans have done a great job with these folks. The agenda is working: Tell the people there is a “problem.” Tell them you ALONE can “fix” the “problem,” but never say how, just say “Believe me!” Make the people AFRAID of the “problem.” And the big finish: TELL THEM WHO TO BLAME FOR IT. Tell them that the Democrats, and Obama and Clinton, etc., are communists, socialists, and are responsible for their lot in life. Continue the hate-speak and the lies constantly and never ending. Tell the people something long enough, loud enough and with that sincerely concerned look in your eyes and they will believe you and bow to you and never stray. These people are unintelligent, under-educated, for the most part, poor, complacent, lazy, easily-led and want someone else to make their decisions for them and form their opinions for them. It is easier than doing it themselves. They have listened to the fundamentalist religious pastors telling them that only THEY know what God wants and that is for the people to follow them and listen to “the Word” as only they can give it to them. It is mind control, kids. And now, a recent poll of Republicans shows that they think that a college education is more of a danger to Americans than the first step in improving their lives. Seems to be working, eh?


  90. If you want a reason why they can’t see what’s going on is that they think it’s ok ! If you watched Richard Engels Documentary last Friday night on MSNBC it sheds light on why they don’t object to Russia they are applauding them JUST LIKE TRUMP

  91. More than a swift kick in the ass! These people I think enjoy being stupid. Or just think they are smarter and deserve an opulent life style complete with slaves.

  92. Don’t worry, we got over 3 years to go in 45’s first term as President. When his first term is over, even these trump idiots will be glad to see go.

  93. It will never happen. This group of people live in a time warp. They cling to a society that is racist, homophobic and try to force their conservative religion on everyone else. This is not new for them. As the country moved to a more inclusive society they haven’t and never will. They were and still are drawn to Trump because he gave voice to all their hatred and prejudices.

  94. They will never believe it. I have family in Mississippi that are probably down at the church right now on the floor asking the Lord to reach down and smite those evil doers responsible for all the lies, fake picutres, false recordings, and mean things that have been said. They are so tied to the lies that they can’t seen reality any more. They have been trumped.

  95. That would admit defeat. No matter how far we go down the ladder with chump. They will never admit defeat. They already are. They just will not admit it.

  96. That is what I personally do not understand, Paulette Jarand….I get that no one likes to think they chose wrong. I feel badly that I liked Corey Booker…..when I found out he was so tight with Kushner, I admitted I was wrong to trust him and moved on. I don’t want anything to do with traitors to my country. I love my country, warts and all. Why don’t the members of the 45 Cult? How can you call yourself an American and still think it is okay to bring Russian spies into our electoral process, into our White House? I despise 45 and all his evil thugs…..because I don’t like ANYONE who makes a mockery of my beloved country and tries to rape its citizens to pad their own pockets. But treason? That is a whole ‘nother can of worms…..To me, that is inexcusable as an American. Their attitude and inability to put their country over their own pride has caused me to despise them as well.

  97. I am a person who voted for Trump
    We are not poor and we don’t need a minister to tell us out to vote
    We are smart enough to know that the Democrats are the baby killers and make all accusations against us the deplorables
    I am tired of kids being
    they cannot pray at school before lunch
    Coachs cannot pray on the field for safety of the players
    It is great to see MS13 gang members being rounded up by ice for the crimes they are committing
    Securing the border
    Donald Trump has accomplished a lot of things but the left only wants to talk about things they think will happen
    I never punished my kids because I thought they were going to do something wrong
    Have a nice evening

  98. It is hard for anyone to admit that they are wrong, particularly when it comes to politics or religion. There are people even today who will claim that Nixon did nothing wrong and the earth is 6,000 years old.
    The good news is that it is not necessary to convert his cult following. What we need to do his motivate his opponents to take action – including, but not limited to, voting in the midterms – and persuade thoughtful, moderate independents. Keep in mind that last November, 11 million more Americans voted for one of his opponents.

  99. I have always admired Bernie, and I supported Hillary in the primaries. Most Sanders supporters ended up voting for Clinton. Still, there is something to what you say, Ms Dixon. Some Sanders supporters were motivated primarily by hostility toward Clinton; they were as eager to automatically believe anything bad said about her as the Republicans. While this was only a small percentage, it was enough. I don’t particularly care if they “admit that they were wrong.” I want them to work with us on the issues that all of us care about. And on most issues, there is very little difference between us.

  100. 75% of the American people want Trump and his administration to be thrown out of the White House because they are corrupted and has tried to destroy our democracy. The 75% needs to sign a petition and send it to Congress and let them know we want Trump impeached.

  101. Trumpians need a good old fashion intervention, which includes deprogramming sessions in isolation from the outside world. Totally detox their minds (what little they have) from the Fox Noise propaganda and Trump’s false promises and lies. Oh, and reprogram their brains to accept the fact that Black lives do matter 😀 Only then can Trumpians (former at this point) be welcomed back into society as productive citizens.

  102. Democrats think it is not ok to kill a human being formed by God all the way upto birth
    I am not a traitor I love my country and respect those who govern it
    I voted for Trump and would again

  103. Likely their death bed will be the time they admit they fucked up when they voted for that conman. The article was good but didn’t mention some people who voted for Obama voted for tRump…and didn’t state the the Dems better get their shit together and find candidates like O in the future or forget it!

  104. All lives matter
    I wish that in St Louis and Chicago that African Americans would stop killing each other they do not respect life
    I am one of those dumb deplorables who voted for Trump and I am thankful that he got Neil Gorsuch in as Supreme Court Justice and hope he will get to appoint more
    Trump won and is our president

  105. Some of them who believed what Trump was spouting have been big enough to admit they made a mistake. There are others who believe he hates the same people they do and as a result they will SAY it is all fake news even though they know it isn’t. They’re willing to look the other way and let Trump do whatever he wants as long as he sticks to the “promises” he made about illegal immigration, building the wall, draining the swamp and all the other things he knew would fire them up! He knew what they felt deeply about and tapped into their hatred and rode that wave right into the White House. Some of them are too proud to admit they got conned and will regurgitate every excuse Trump uses to convince themselves that he DOES have their best interest at heart!

  106. Why are we wrong millions voted for him and he won the electoral vote
    All Hillary cared about those on the East and West coast
    She had all these stars on some of their rallies and they did not help her in fact one group sang a vulgar song
    The Democrats get out there and use language that is not very becoming and cuss in front of children
    They have no values

  107. Nothing will!! Trump will convince them it’s all Obama’s fault even as their children start taking Russian language courses at school!! Lol ???

  108. Shirley Reid Brawley people of vulgar come in all colors, sizes and ages, Republicans, Democrats and Independents! He did not win the popular vote only the electoral. I’m registered Republican and did not vote for him. JS

  109. Shirley Reid Brawley I’m glad he nominated him into Supreme Court one thing I like he did, but there are way too many dumb things Trump is doing. My opinion Trump is for Trump.

  110. No trump child will admit their father has done anything wrong – they have been indoctrinated since infancy. A person with toxic narcisctic disorder is capable of physically, mentally and emotionally abusing his/her offspring from birth. We have no way to understand how seriously damaged such children really are. I am not supporting trumpkins. I am simply stating they probably are NOT fully realized human beings.

  111. The family members I have that are trump supporters will never leave him. Therefore, from now on I shall them the trumpaholoics. They are addicted to the bullshit that this moron spews. I know years ago they thought he was a clown. Now he is like their god. They drank the koolaid.

  112. He won the electoral vote because the people in the middle of America cares more about jobs and the way the country was going
    The elite only care about themselves
    I have not heard a Republican get on stage and say some of the language used by the Democrats they need to control their mouth

  113. They’ve got to sit down and do some serious “figurin’.” From the look of most of them, I’d say there’s too much daylight between their ears to figure out how to breathe, unless it’s through their mouths…

  114. Let’s see what will happen when they start investigating
    Hillary and Ukraine
    I do not know anything that Trump has done that is illegal
    He has done good things for the country but the liberals will never admit it

  115. Who is laughing at us did you actually see them
    Other countries are welcoming him.
    Sleep well with all this hate going through your mind I will sleep well
    I get to go work at VBS again in the morning and tell all these precious children that Jesus loves them and He is about love not hate

  116. Lisa believe me I have all my faculties
    Why do you say I am odd you don’t know me
    I am full time caretaker of my husband
    I am in charge of Operation Shoebox where we collect Shoeboxs filled with things that go to children in foreign countries that do not get Christmas gifts
    I retired from a very challenging job after being there for almost 20 years and I had worked since I was 15. I am blessed and have Joy in my heart and not hate

  117. Fox is more truthful then the others
    At least they are fair and balanced
    They don’t stack their panels of 5 against Trump and 1 on his side
    CNN lately has had to come out and apologize for false stories

  118. Shirley Reid Brawley trump university , he paid out a scam !a rape of a underage girl , he settled out of court ! Over 10 bankruptcies , womanizer , unqualified , unfit , unstable , lack of restraint ! Man/ child con man Russia the list goes on and on ! Let’s not forget the health care bill , mean as hell to low income and the elderly . Taken meal on wheels away head start programs attempting to give the billionaire a a tax break not the rest of us ! He’s a thug and a liar

  119. Shirley Reid Brawley yes they did , they didn’t research the information well anough!!! Idiots are planting fake news to most of the media to distract us all get us crazy !!! Rachael Maddow show and others almost got caught in the same mess as CNN … Who do you think is doing this ??? Really think about it . This administration is a circus

  120. This administration is working for the people of the USA
    He has done things in the past but that is in the past
    I will be looking to see what he is doing now
    We have not seen the final bill they are working on we are 20 trillion dollars in debt
    Let’s see what the bill looks like then there will be amendments then we can see the truth
    The Democrats just put fear in a lot of people
    I would like to see able working people get off of Medicaid
    I have been behind people in the store using food stamps then go out in get in a new vehicle
    Our church had a food pantry and people would come in for food then complain about the food one lady dumped hers out in the grass when she left
    Have a nice night

  121. Lisa Sorrentino she’s to far to the right. When she has to pay over $6,000.00 a year for Trump Healthcare she will still believe the administration in the whitehouse is trying to help America. Also if who ever she is taking care of has a lifetime illness they will throw them off of Trump h

  122. We will not be thrown off Trump care our insurance is still through the company he worked for for 33 years
    Also while we worked we put money back for when we got into retirement we could make it we did not live fancy lives we invested our money
    I am ending this continuous conversation
    You all go to sleep with hate in your heart and I am going to sleep with JOY in my heart

  123. Oh by the way my daughter was going to have to pay 8000.00 this year for her daughter and husband with a 6000.00 deductible with no subsidy from the government
    ACA is not affordable for a lot of families it is 1000.00 a month for her mother in law.

  124. Shirley Reid Brawley you are really giving out more information than I care to know ! You sound like your pleading case” impeach trump , get his whole administration out of our White House drain the Cesspool !!!!

  125. 7 Things You Instantly Know About Someone When They Say They Voted For Trump


    The single trait that predicts the Trump supporter isn’t related to race, income, or education. A University of Massachusetts researches found that the top predictor of whether a voter supports Trump is a tendency to lean toward authoritarianism:
    Authoritarians obey. They rally to and follow strong leaders. And they respond aggressively to outsiders, especially when they feel threatened. From pledging to “make America great again” by building a wall on the border to promising to close mosques and ban Muslims from visiting the United States, Trump is playing directly to authoritarian inclinations.


    Donald Trump and his supporters will try to tell you that he didn’t mock a disabled person, even though we all saw him do it
    Also, remember the time he mocked Senator McCain for being a POW, saying “I like people who weren’t captured”?
    Remember the time he made a mockery of our military by insulting/disrespecting the parents of a fallen soldier?
    Remember when Donald Trump body-shamed a beauty pageant winner?
    Remember when Donald Trump was accused (not charged, yet) of statutory rape, not mention the creepy and disgusting things he said about his own daughter?
    There are literally thousands of statements and actions that we could mention here. Keep defending them, please, and prove my point about your lack of class.


    With Trump’s long history of shady business deals, his refusal to release his tax returns, his constant stream of blatant lies and his habit of not paying people who did work for him, I am assuming by your giving him a pass on this, that you also would behave this way in your business dealings.


    Trump’s campaign has been built almost entirely on racist rhetoric and hypothetical policy. Trump led the charge on the ridiculous birther movement, he wants to keep Mexicans out by forcing them to pay for a massive border wall, he believes all Muslims are either terrorists or have ties to terrorists, he ridicules “black lives matter,” he encourages voter intimidation and already-proven-ineffective laws like “stop and frisk” that unfairly and overwhelmingly target African Americans and Latinos. There is literally NO WAY you can support Donald Trump and at least not be ok with someone else’ racism, though, it’s far more likely you have some of these racist tendencies on your own.


    Trump regularly says vulgar and sexist things about women. He strangely believes that Bill Clinton’s affairs somehow disqualify Hillary Clinton from the presidency, and yet, has been three times and had numerous (and proudly admitted) affairs himself. As we already mentioned, Trump recently body-shamed a pageant winner. He has routinely called women, including his campaign opponent, dogs and pigs. He once claimed Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina were both “too ugly” to be president. D0nald Trump has consistently said strange and creepy things about his daughter’s appearance, giving off the vibe that he is attracted to her.
    Donald Trump has major issues with women. Again, either you do too, or you have no problem giving Trump a free pass on being a disgusting, sexist creep.


    Christian author Philip Yancey recently said:
    I am staggered that so many conservative or evangelical Christians would see a man who is a bully, who made his money by casinos, who has had several wives and several affairs, that they would somehow paint him as a hero, as someone that we could stand behind.
    From Trump making a mockery of forgiveness and the Christian practice of Holy Communion (“I receive forgiveness when I get my little cracker and the juice”), to his ridiculous claim of his favorite bible verse being from “Two Corinthians,” Donald Trump’s anti-Christian personal behavior, proposed political policies and unethical business practices prove his claims of having a deep personal Christian faith is nothing more than a pandering for votes.


    For someone who consistently claims Barack Obama has assaulted our constitutional rights, Donald Trump seems to be set to launch an assault on the constitution the likes of which we have never seen. He has already indicated any journalists that oppose him will be silenced and oppressed. He has urged congress to consider shutting down mosques. He wants to end birthright citizenship. The list goes on.

    If you don’t want to be considered a racist, sexist, whatever, then maybe you should consider no longer supporting a man who absolutely, without question, is all of these things. You’re better than this, America.
    H/T Daily Kos

  126. I was just giving a example how bad Obamacare is for some not everyone
    Everyone out here can give their opinion on the president and others have a different view
    Enjoy your day

  127. I am not raciest I believe we are all created equal in Gods eyes and should all be treated equally
    I am none of those things you listed
    I am a Christian and I love to help others
    I guess all the millions who voted for him you are their judge
    Trump has done things in his past but that is in the past
    I do believe in the Constitution
    What is wrong with keeping people out that wants to do us harm
    Since you don’t know me and know my heart I don’t know how you can judge me
    My prayer everyday is that I can serve others and God
    And I can be a example of His love
    Since Trump has become President I have not seen any terrible things he has done
    I want him to help keep us safe and help get people back to work
    Hillary called us all deplorables and not redeemable that helped get Trump get elected
    So have a great day it is beautiful outside

  128. Trump is not my Lord and Savior I only have one and it is Jesus
    So you think it is ok for tiny little human beings to be murdered that God is forming because the Democratic Party thinks it is ok
    Gotta go to let little ones know that God is about love and not hate VBS

  129. Shirley Reid Brawley with what you have written here , I would not let you watch care for any of my children , not because of who you voted for ! Because you positively sound nuts !

  130. Shirley Reid Brawley Jesus taught that we should pray in private to avoid the appearance of piety. Many conservative Christians only want to allow Christian kids to pray in public schools while denying kids of other faiths to do the same. ALL public school students are allowed to pray in school according to their faiths, but the school employees are not allowed to promote any religious faith or to organize prayer sessions. It is illegal to do so. Our laws enforce the separation of Church and State and are NOT based on what you believe your god wants. They are based on our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Get a clue and get over it Shirley. Please educate yourself on those issues you mentioned above in your statement. Sheesh ?

  131. By the way, Trump has not accomplished anything that is not destructive. He has not passed a single piece of legislation. You made a poor choice in voting for Trump. Among other things he is an incompetent and corrupt con man and a pathological liar. He has brought nothing but chaos and shame to the office of president and to America.

  132. Let’s see
    He has rolled back a lot of regulations and so businesses can get started quicker
    Our troops have helped IRAQ take back Mosul from ISIS
    Job numbers are up
    Getting the MS-13 gang members arrested that are raping and killing our citizens
    Keeping the border safer
    So you cannot say he has not done anything that is not positive

  133. Shirley Reid Brawley – I have some questions for you. I doubt that you will have the guts to answer them, because you people NEVER have the guts to answer them. Let’s see what you’ve got. Before I post them however, I’m going to tell you something. I am both pro-choice and pro-life. YOU are PRO-BIRTH. There is a difference. I believe that it is the right of a woman to make a choice if her physician tells her that she will die if she continues a pregnancy that will kill her and leave her other kids motherless. I believe that a woman has the right to make a choice if she would be unable to provide and take care of a child that she is carrying because some asshole told her “if you love me you will do it,” and didn’t wear a condom, or if the pregnancy is the product of a rape. I believe that a woman who makes the choice to have her child and raise it, is entitled to make that choice and I support her as well. Unlike people like YOU who cry for the unborn, but don’t give two shits about the kid after it gets here because you don’t want YOUR tax dollars to pay for those lazy welfare sluts who can’t keep their legs closed. Do you see the hypocrisy here, lady? Okay, NOW for the questions:

    Where do the responsibilities of the MALES come in here? How many more generations of young men get that “boys will be boys” bullshit and “right of passage” excuse? When YOU teach YOUR sons to keep their dicks in their pants or cover them with a condom (THAT IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD), YOU can speak. When YOU teach YOUR sons to have respect for women and not give them that “If you love me you will do it” line, YOU can speak. When YOU make sure YOUR sons know that if they get a girl pregnant (and it does still take TWO PEOPLE), they will be responsible FOR THE LIFE OF THAT CHILD, and they may have to forego college to get a job and take care of it, YOU can speak. They don’t want to hang around for the delivery but they sure wanted to be there when the damned order was placed. YOU can speak when YOU are willing to stand in front of a 12-year old girl, who has been raped by her father, step-father, uncle, cousin, step-brother, PASTOR, and tell her that she has to carry a child to term that could very possibly kill her because her body is not mature enough to handle pregnancy and child-birth. When YOU are willing to tell a mother that she must carry a baby to term that her doctor has told her WILL KILL HER and leave her other kids motherless, YOU CAN SPEAK. Until then, YOU need to shut the hell up. A woman’s choice is between her and her God, should she believe in one – AND NO ONE ELSE.

    And my second question is this? HOW MANY OF THESE BABIES HAVE YOU ADOPTED, OR FOSTERED OR ARE SUPPORTING? I love how you people cry for the unborn, but once they are here, you don’t give two shits about them. You have no conscience about them growing up in poverty, hunger, illiteracy and ill-health because you don’t want YOUR tax dollars paying for those lazy-ass welfare folks. But you are willing to de-fund Planned Parenthood and make it impossible for young people to get education, birth control, health screenings (both males and females), and then you want to bitch and blame the girls when they get pregnant because you are too lazy or too stupid or a lousy parent because YOU don’t educate your sons and daughters.

    And if you are one of those sanctimonious, self-righteous, so-called “good Christians,” who believes in “abstinence only,” I suggest you look at Bristol Palin. You remember her, don’t you? The daughter of the loser in Alaska who SIGNED A CONTRACT NOT TO HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE (after having one kid out of wedlock, which is kind of like locking the barn door after the horse has escaped), and TOOK MONEY to be the “spokesperson” for The Abstinence Campaign.” Then she stood up before thousands of young girls and preached her lying, hypocritical bullshit and was SCREWING AROUND WITH HER NEW BOYFRIEND AT THE SAME TIME, and got pregnant yet again. Worked okay for her. She made over $250,000 by lying and cheating. So, let’s hear how well that works, eh?

  134. They have not proven any collusion
    All kids have a chance to get help from the government and if they work hard in school they can get scholarships
    Everything does not have to come from the government hard work pays off

  135. Oh, and your comment about kids and school lunches? If you are such a “good Christian,” please tell me how you missed these scriptures Were you sleeping through church the Sundays these things were mentioned? And the last scripture is the one that explains you people who profess your “good Christian family values” so that everyone can hear you. Unfortunately NO ONE can SEE you complying with any of these scriptures – making you a HYPOCRITE.

    Proverbs 19:17: Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”

    Proverbs 14:31: “Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.”

    Hebrews 13:16: “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

    Proverbs 28:27: “Whoever gives to the poor will not want, but he who hides his eyes will get many a curse.”

    Philippians 2:4: “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

    Isaiah 58:6-11: “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter— when you see the naked, to clothe them, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?

    Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard. Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.

    “If you do away with the yoke of oppression, with the pointing finger and malicious talk, and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday. The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.”

    Luke 12:48: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

    Matthew 24:40: “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

    Matthew 19:21: “Jesus told him, “If you want to be perfect, go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

    And THESE explain your hypocrisy perfectly:

    1 John 4:20 “If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.”

    2ND Timothy 4:3-4: “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

  136. The regulations he rolled back are regulations the protect our water and our air from carcinogens and toxins pumped into them by big corporations who are friends of his and whom he owns stock in. It has NOTHING TO DO with businesses getting started. And by the way? Trump and his hapless daughter own factories in China, Mexico, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Taiwan and other countries. Since he is so big on “jobs for Americans,” please tell when he has said ONE SINGLE TIME that he is going to bring HIS plants home to employ AMERICANS? Give me a break.

    Our troops have been in Iraq for years, genius. Trump had NOTHING to do with the ISIS success in Mosul.

    Job numbers are up BECAUSE OF THE WORK OF OBAMA, not Trump. These things take time, and he didn’t do ANYTHING to help those numbers. And I would like to see where you are getting your information on job numbers being “up” since more plants are moving out of the country to Mexico – including CARRIER, where he visited and said they were staying and jobs were safe, then Carrier decided to leave anyway. Duh – wise up, honey.

    And your MS-13 gang statement is pure and unadulterated BULLSHIT.

    He has done little that is positive. No legislation has been passed since he took office. NONE. Other nations and their leaders are laughing at him, and they aren’t even hiding the fact that they think he is a complete idiot. He cozies up to DICTATORS, i.e. Putin of Russia, Erdogan of Turkey, Deterte of the Philppines, etc. and treats our allies with the greatest disrespect and insults. The man is a CLOWN AND A JOKE and he is a TRAITOR.

    And one last thing: You profess to be such an amazing Christian woman, right? Well, dear, please tell me WHERE IN THE BIBLE it says that “grab them by the pussy” is acceptable. Please tell me where in SCRIPTURE it condones cheating people out of the money you owe them, screwing around on THREE wives, mocking the disabled, and lying every time you open your mouth? I would LOVE to read those scriptures.

  137. We do not have sons but if we did and it happened We would tell him it is his responsibility to help raise the child
    Look at Tim Tebows mother she was told not to have him but she chose life and I am thankful she did. We do help the mothers that have chosen life giving to the Crisis Pregnancy Centers
    Someone who in danger of dying because of the pregnancy is very few according to statistics
    When I see documentaries on how a abortion is done it bothers me to know that little one is in pain
    I went to a meeting where a young girl spoke who her mother tried to abort where they used saline and she had burns all over her but she lived and gives her testimony
    Woman sometimes use them as a matter of birth control
    A lady was on tv and said she had 8 and was ready for a 9th one then she went and got a sonagram and she cried realizing all the other babies she had killed
    A abortion is a big decision for a woman and I just hope they make the right one for them
    If we were younger And my husband was in better health We would love to take in children since we can’t we support them in other ways
    You are no one else out here know my heart

  138. How many times during the campaign did Trump say he would not cut Medicaid, and now he supports a bill that does EXACTLY THAT. Was he lying then? OR IS HE LYING NOW? My God, woman, you are so freaking blind, deaf and complacent, lazy, easily-led and just plain dumb. Since you believe this bullshit, give me a call. I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale – cheap!

  139. Shirley Reid Brawley – I suggest you check out where those documentaries are coming from. Most of them are not what they say they are and are not even films of actual abortions and that truth has been around for years. Learn something, please. I respect your right to not support abortion, I get it. But PLEASE, stop judging a woman’s choice when you don’t know ANYTHING ABOUT HER SITUATION. You don’t walk in those shoes.

  140. I am not lazy
    Let’s see what the final bill will be before we jump to conclusions
    Their are people that should get off of Medicaid and get a job
    Get some new skills
    Everyone does not need a college education they can go to a community school and get a new skill
    I want all people to have a nice life
    I am done here but there is nothing but negativity on this site and I am a positive person

  141. Jim Boggess – I get what you are saying, and I respect your opinion. That being said, while I think Ms. Brawley is completely wrong, she is entitled to her opinions. I just want her opinions to be based in fact and not fantasy. As a person of faith, I have my own beliefs. I am completely pro-choice and pro-life, because I truly believe those two things go hand-in-hand. I am NOT pro-birth, which is what I believe most of these so-called good Christians are – at least the ones making the big decisions in DC, anyway. I want people to be informed. I don’t care what you believe, just be sure you know what you believe in before you start talking about it.

  142. Shirley Reid Brawley – Where the hell are they supposed to get jobs? And are you aware that there are people who are UNABLE TO WORK? There are children living in poverty because THERE ARE NO JOBS AVAILABLE TO THEIR PARENTS who are going to die because of this healthcare bill. There are elderly and disabled people WHO ARE GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF THIS BILL. What don’t you get? And are you aware of the “pre-existing condition” list on this bill? Are you aware that they want to make CESAREAN SECTIONS PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS? They want to make DIABETES a pre-existing condition. They want to make rape and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and PRE-EXISTING CONDITION. If this bill passes, the elderly – you and me, dear, will see an increase in our premiums of almost 700%? Do you have $16,000 a year laying around to pay for insurance, and then have $5,000 deductible before you could even use it? I sure as hell don’t. And most of the people I know don’t. It also means that the price of medication would skyrocket because the Republicans will take any regulations off the pharmaceutical companies. People won’t be able to afford their medications. Honestly, where in Scripture does it say that making a law that WILL LITERALLY KILL PEOPLE is okay?

  143. Shirley Reid Brawley you are insane .. You have been preaching your Christians values since last night !!!!! I’m talking America !!! Not your beliefs !!!! Your president at this moment is going to get impeached you crazy loon

  144. I am diabetic
    My husband has Parkinson’s Diabetes Lung and Kidney disease and I am his caregiver and love doing it we have been married 54 years and made a covenant with each other and God that we would stay together till we die

  145. Ignorance is Bliss .stop taking big gulp of that orange KOOLAID may be then you will figure out what is going on.There used to be a time when Russia was our mortal enemy then Komrade Frump climbed in bed with him and now we are suppose to roll over and accept it ,when Hell freezes over we will.

  146. there’s not a damn thing he can do to turn them away, it’s become about not being wrong for the right. There are some sane Republican’s who realize they effed up, but I personally haven’t met one yet!

  147. President Clinton was acquitted of the impeachment charges by Senate vote. They decided that what he did was not treasonous or an impeachable offense. Messing around with an intern (in a totally consensual relationship, by the way) is NOT an impeachable offense. Lying about it to protect his wife and daughter is NOT an impeachable offense. The Senate saw this at the time and voted for acquittal. He did, however, and rightly, lose his license to practice law in the state of Arkansas, and as far as I know, never applied in any other state to reinstate it. It would probably have been denied anyway due to the obstruction of justice charges against him at the time all this came down. That is why he did not leave office. I doubt that Trump, should this ever come to an impeachment, would fare as well. Although, with the Republicans in charge of both Houses, who knows? They seem to love the fact that all the attention is on Trump and none on them, so that they can just continue to screw the American public by passing bills that do nothing but bolster the financial well-being of themselves and their rich friends. Of course, they’re most worried about their off-shore bank balances shrinking due to lack of deposits by the NRA, the Koch brothers, big oil and the insurance lobby should they stop taking their instructions from these folks who pay them, like the political whores that they are. That is why they do what they do – FOR MONEY. It is the same with Trump. He is motivated by MONEY. He has clear conflict of interest problems, and yet he seems to think that he is above the law. His son-in-law is in deep dodo right now over lying on the form to get his security clearance. His son has hired a well-known Mafia defense lawyer to try and keep him out of the clink. The entire “administration” of the Malignant Narcissist-in-Chief is nothing more than a shit show.

  148. This is your opinion and living in America that is your right and we Republicans have our right too ours
    I think keeping us safe is important
    I don’t care how much money others have I do not covet anything anyone has
    I am at peace with my life and if I can help someone if they need it I will do it
    Have a great week

  149. Shirley you sound very childlike ” not because you voted for trump ! Bad judgement ! Perhaps you need to go take a pill pour a drink . You’ve become a bore


  151. Shirley Reid Brawley – Unfortunately, the “change” you are getting is not worth the price. We are being screwed, dear. Plainly and simply. We no longer live in a democratic republic, we live in a dictatorship. The fact that you do not see the problem is concerning, but not surprising. And I would remind you that Sec. Clinton won the popular vote by over 3 million votes. And there was NO fraud. Well, there was some, but every single case of fraud that has been reported was committed by a REPUBLICAN voter. I find it sad that, at your age (and you are only 10 yeas my senior) you cannot see the forest for the trees. When you cannot take care of yourself and your husband, you might figure it out. Until then, enjoy your opinion.

  152. MSNBC and CNN will never give Trump and his administration credit for anything
    I know he has done things because I have seen him do them on tv
    He has signed a bill that will make the Va held accountable for their jobs
    He is making it easier for vets to get help quicker
    They are going after illegals coming into our country
    Picking up MS-13 thugs who are raping and killing our citizens
    And has done many other things
    Have a pleasant evening
    And by the way I will take care of my husband as long as I am able not because of finances

  153. A bunches of people telling them that Donald Trump proved to them that the question he asked them, how stupid they’re? Now they know that they’re as stupid as the dumb kkk who’s, and always be good for nothing but destroying children, poorly uneducated white people, and the mentally ill life. The kkk, Breitbart Steve Bannon, and Jeff Sessions ia a burden on the country back.

  154. The difference between a vote that’s useless it prove to you and the whole world how little you know, and that you’ll do anything for anyone without thinking about it. A person who don’t vote problem have doubts about all the candidates.

  155. I truly believe these people that are so devout to trump are closet bullies.They found a bully who publicly bullies others and is proud of it. Then he approves of their bullying and compliments them when they do his bidding He has given them the power to be what they always wanted to be, without that nasty voice of reason. And he even found religious leaders who will also condone this behavior. His new slogan should be ” Be an asshole, we’ll still get you into heaven”

  156. Have you seen the look in the eyes of his sheep…lol….nothing will change these people, they are drowning in the kool-aid! The goal should be to reach those who decided not to vote but will and are now being harmed by the Con Man and republicans bills and programs!

  157. if we drop the idea that they OUGHT TO agree he was a mistake then our lives are more pleasant and they have a chance to save face and consider voting differently next time.

  158. Sad but truthful article. Imagine that hard core 30% to 40% will go down with the ship for him. I also imagine that many of them have addictive personalities and rely on some form of escape to get by each day, whether opioids, alcohol, sex, or other drugs and of course the biggest addiction of all, pure seething hate. Any emotion that one carries around and nurses can become quite a compelling addiction. Very very sad for them and for our country.

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