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August 2017


Trump’s Only Victory, Tax Reform, Will be America’s Most Tragic Defeat

Tax reform is usually one of the easiest things for a president to get through. Who doesn’t love the idea of saving money? Tax reform usually gains bi-partisan support. In addition, our government is all republican. Republicans live and die for tax reform. All those massive republican donors contribute massive amounts of money for this sole reason. Trump did not become president to help me or you, and especially not his uneducated, tank top wearing… Keep Reading


If Only a Democrat Could Destroy the Republican Party as Splendidly as Our President Does

In my darkest most sadistic dreams, I would never destroy the republican party as mercilessly as Trump has. The republican party was once a noble institution, constantly defending the American government. But now, what have you become? Now who do you defend, Nazis and white supremacists? More disturbing, is the fact that republicans have complete control because we unanimously elected them. People I work with and go to school with, my neighbors actually voted for… Keep Reading


President Trump “seriously considering” Pardoning Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

President Donald Trump told Fox News that he is “seriously considering” pardoning former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Last month, Arpaio was convicted of ignoring a judge’s order to stop detaining people simply because of a hunch that he had that they were undocumented immigrants. “I might do it right away, maybe early this week. I am seriously thinking about it,” Trump said, according to Fox News. He said Arpaio was a “great American patriot” who… Keep Reading


Former KKK Leader David Duke Just Realized He was Fooled by Trump’s Campaign Promises, Just Like Everyone Else Who Voted for him

Trump took so long in denouncing the hate groups such as the KKK, that took several lives this weekend. It only took about 72 hours of relentless admonishment, from both parties, to finally force Trump to utter something similar to a condemnation. Over the weekend, Trump gracefully managed to skirt laying any blame on hate groups, by claiming “many sides” were the culprit. Trump’s refusal to blame the hate groups responsible for the carnage this… Keep Reading


Praise Hungry Trump is Handed a Folder of Positive Trump Stories Twice a Day – Can This Guy Get Any Creepier?

Twice a day, President Trump will be handed a secret folder. The first is at 9:30 in the morning. The second one is delivered at 4:30. According to a White House source, former officials Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer used to fight to deliver folders. After all, our president loves looking at handsome pictures of himself more than anything. In this narcissistic web, of course whoever delivered such a folder would score points with Trump.… Keep Reading


Republican Leaders Don’t Care if President is a Russian Spy

According to a Politico article, Republican party leaders, in competitive districts were asked their thoughts on Trump-Russia collusion. They answered with a yawn. They don’t care. In any other time or place, the thought that your leader was actually a spy from an enemy country, would be swiftly dealt with it. Republican leaders though, just shrug their arms and blame the hysterical accusations on fake news. “It’s pretty much a non-issue. Most people that do… Keep Reading


Who do we Blame for Trump?

All catastrophic events always devolve into the blame game. This, is inevitable. Human nature must always find the culprit. But when it comes to our Commandeer in Chief, it isn’t so easy to delineate cause. I’m sure many of my readers insist that The Donald is the evil mastermind. However, I am not seeking out the guilty party in Trump’s nefarious deeds.  He starts wars, he steals tuition money from little high-schoolers, he sexually abuses… Keep Reading


More than Half Republicans Think Trump Should Lead Our Country, but also Believe that he is not Mature Enough to Use Twitter

Imagine voting for someone to lead our country, but then suggesting that they stay off Twitter, because they keep getting into trouble on the platform. According to a new CNN poll, fifty-seven percent of Republicans say his tweets are too often a response to what he sees on TV. Fifty percent of Republicans believe the president’s tweets are a risky way to communicate. As if scolding Dennis the Menace, or that neighborhood delinquent, who always manages to get… Keep Reading


Sorry GOP – Looks Like Even Military John Kelly Can’t Shape up Trump – Better Luck Next Time

In times of crisis, it doesn’t take much to find a savior. A few hours ago, John Kelly, was Trump’s savior. John Kelly, recently elected White House Chief of Staff, was also a savior to every single confused and frightened person on the right. Their ship is going down. Without any life vests, the only thing saving them is a number of people leaping or being pushed overboard. I hate to be the bearer of… Keep Reading


Why Does Trump Keep Talking About his Stupid English-Only Immigration Legislation and his Magical Wall Idea?

Our president is pushing new legislation that aims to curb legal immigration by requiring immigrants to speak English. Such legislation is doomed before it is even written. I’m sure there are a lot of shit-kickers who love that idea. But beyond them, the idea would be insanely unpopular. To the point, you really have to question, what is the point for our president to keep talking about it? According to Pewresearch, between 2000 and 2014,… Keep Reading

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