Trump’s intentions are never conveyed in his words. What do you make of a politician who winds up doing the opposite of what he promises? When he expresses his desire to do something, most likely, he has no intentions of carrying that out. In fact, when Trump emphatically says something, you could place a safe bet that he will do the opposite.

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It just takes a little practice, but it sure is easy to catch Trump when he is lying. He might as well be holding up a sign that says ‘LIAR’, when he says he will do something, but at a later time. Kind of like when he promised America that he would release his taxes. But he never did. ¬†Trump knew if he could keep the wool over America’s eyes long enough to get elected, he would never have to show his taxes. Looks like he was right!

Procrastinating the unveiling of big news is just another propaganda tool that Trump learned from studying Hitler’s book of speeches. Tell the crowd what they want to hear. Promise them the sun, the earth and the moon. By the time they discover that you’re promises were empty, they would have been so hopeful for so long, rather than suffer the humiliation of admitting defeat, they much prefer to just keep on believing. Keep hope alive!

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That was why Trump decided to target demographics that were uneducated and poor. They were easier to fool. Trump targeted the most dejected segments of our population, because they had the most to gain. As terrible as that sounds, it is true. Gaining the devotion of our nation’s most vulnerable on false promises for personal gain, should be considered the most heinous crime imaginable.

It was the exact same strategy Julian Assange, with Wikileaks, used regarding those alleged damaging emails he had on Hillary. Julian kept telling the world, how he had some really despicable emails about Hillary. He claimed that they were so terrible, she would be locked up as a result! He would release them eventually. But he never did.

Have you ever heard anyone question Assange where those emails where? Of course not. It is a lot easier for those Hillary haters to just keep on hating her, rather than question the legitimacy of her allegations. On election day, millions of Americans (less educated ones), went to the polls certain that some real atrocious Hillary scandal was about to leak. But it never did.

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Trump spoke in Arizona the other night. The audience seemed to be packed with every low-brow creature from the Black Lagoon. They applauded and cheered and worshipped. Of course, Trump was ecstatic. You could see his several chins tremoring in unbridled ecstasy.

Though everything he said during the speech was a lie, literally. He chastised the media for attacking him on his Charlottesville reaction. His defense was that he never said anything improper. He read back excerpts of what he said, leaving out the damaging parts. What he said was recorded and played back on the media a million times last week. He must have thought the people he was trying to convince were morons. Why was he trying to convince his supporters that he didn’t say something that he did? I guess the 15 or so people to leave his administration as a result of what he said, were mistaken. He didn’t bother explaining to them that he didn’t side with white supremacist groups.

Also during this speech, Trump made some unique promises. He told the god-fearing audience, that he was “probably” going to pardon disgraced formed Sheriff Arpaio. And that he was thinking about shutting down the government if he wasn’t given his funds for the border wall. In fact, his advisors explicitly warned him not to mention pardoning Arpaio. He did anyway. And the crowd loved it!

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Neither of those things will ever happen. Trump does not broadcast his true intentions. Trump is the first person to know that neither of these things can happen. Actually, Trump might pardon Arpaio, but not to satisfy his rabid groupies. Rather, if Trump pardons Arpaio it’ll be sending a message to his Russian co-conspirators, that he could pardon them too.

What Trump says at those rallies, never convey his true intentions.