Trump is the wackiest and unpredictable president in our history. However, a nice safe bet would be that he mentions fake news at least once in any of his speeches. If his uneducated litter of Trumpkins has learned anything from him, it is that those two magic words could get them out of a frightening political debate. Fake news. If I don’t like what you’re saying, I could just say ‘fake news’ and instantly win the argument.


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According to Trump, a few media outlets are much faker than others. The New York Times could be the “fakest” newspaper in the entire world. Trumpkins love it when Trump starts knocking The New York Times. But then a month ago, he shocked the world by giving three New York Times reporters an hour long interview. You would think if Donald Trump really thought The New York Times was fake, he wouldn’t have given them an interview. Of course, “fake news” won’t report your words properly. Why would you ask an agency to convey your important message, if you think they will distort your words?

So many people read my articles and simply respond with those two notorious words. I beg them for examples and reasons as to why my article is fake, but they remain silent. They just write those two words and then scurry into the shadows.

Such tactics are common among kindergarten playgrounds.

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It is quite a remarkable coincidence, that any news story that views Trump in a bad light, is called fake. As if that is the sole criteria in determining a stories fakeness. If the article is disparaging to Trump then it is fake. If the article is praiseworthy than it is legit.

According to our president, Fox News is legit. Politifact reported that 30% of every word spoken on Fox News is false. If you read that and you are republican, I’m sure you dismissed Politifact as fake news.

A comment like that coming from a president, a republican one nonetheless, is nothing less than laughable. Fox is the only cable news network that labels itself conservative leaning. With a straight face, Donald Trump repeatedly tells us that all news networks are garbage, except the only one that praises him.

Former president Richard Nixon notoriously hated the press

A few months ago, while at a press conference, when asked about the Russia investigation, like a broken record, all Trump would say was, “It’s all fake news.” That certainly works on his base. But everyone else just has to scratch their heads in bewilderment. The fact that there are six different government agencies all investigating Trump’s Russia connections, means that it is anything BUT fake news. There is something there. The fact Howdy Doody insists on saying every chance he has, that the allegations are garbage, makes him look very suspicious.

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All Trump cares about, is maintaining the devotion of his fan base. He must repeatedly tell his base that the Russia story is not true.