What Can we Discern from Trump’s Furious Reaction Over Signing the Russian Sanctions’ Bill?

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Trump’s signing of a bill on Wednesday, which imposes new sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea, took place in something of a Trump temper tantrum. He begrudgingly signed it, while unleashing a tirade of complaints. The worst part about the bill, is that Trump is unable to sneak into the White House late one night and ease the sanctions by himself.


Image result for trump temper tantrum“While I favor tough measures to punish and deter aggressive and destabilizing behavior by Iran, North Korea, and Russia,” Trump wrote in the signing statement, “this legislation is significantly flawed.” NPR article

If Trump-Russian collusion theorists are right, Trump’s tempered and trampled testimony was his only option. If he had to sign the bill, he has to let Putin know that he is doing so with a musket to his head. He had no choice but to express such passionate disdain for the bill. What would Putin have thought, if Trump easily signed this sanctions bill, defying the very reason why he helped get Trump elected?

At least after Trump’s embittered comments, Putin knows that Trump did not want to sign the sanctions bill.

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Do you think that makes Putin feel any better?

Right now, around the world, leaders are laughing at Putin. Everyone has always assumed that Putin was the puppeteer. Trump was only dancing because Putin was pulling his strings. But now, how far does that theory fly? Putin got Trump elected, and this is how Trump pays him back! Unfortunately for Trump, I doubt Putin will allow such a humiliating scenario to unfold. The richest and most powerful man in the world, will not allow a reality star to have the final laugh!

Signing a bill that a president may not agree with, isn’t rare. Junior challenged 172 laws that he signed, according to The Washington Post. Obama, as well, expressed his disagreement in several bills that he signed. But at least these presidents expressed their points of view. The Donald is frustrated in signing the bill, because during he campaign he kept suggesting that ‘maybe, we should be friends with Russia.’

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To the uneducated mind, such an idea seems fine. Of course, I would prefer my nation to be “friends” with another super-power, as opposed to enemies.

Russia, however, is an exception. The one thing that Democrats and (most) Republicans agree on, is that Russia is not to be trusted, and is certainly not our friend. Leaders around the world agree with this sentiment. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the new leader of the western world, has expressed her unflattering opinion of Putin.

Merkel sparred with Putin over election meddling, our president didn’t even bring the subject up with him. Merkel told Putin that the sanctions had to stay in place, our president, rather, voiced his disagreement with the sanctions.

Now, the fun part will begin. Let’s watch the rest of this comedy unfold.


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  1. This IS what u get when a dysfunctional embryo molester learns how to procreate.
    tRump’s rape mentality extends to embryos, infants, children, teens, young women mostly, women in general and any man who tries to stand up against him. Stop the embryo murderer. Learn to control what sexuality is about. ((Teach your selves protectionism. ))

  2. You can discern NOTHING from this unless you understand how the REPUBLICAN DISEASE works! This is just a “Public-Show”. The Republicans aren’t happy about the sanctions either….But the sanctions are basically meaningless. The laws against such activities were ALREADY in place and Trump still disregarded them….Knowing fully that his REPUBLICAN HANDLERS WOULD NEVER HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IN ON THE SCAM.

    • He sure is. He owes his presidency to Putin! trumputin has no loyalty to the United States of America. He is only pretending to be upset about the sanctions on Russia because fears Putin will release all the info he has on him. Waiting for the implosion. BOOM!

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