Trump is starting to lose support from his core base. Every single word our president says, every piece of legislation he signs, and every secret meeting he conducts is aimed to either enrich himself or to feather his fan base. The rest of America could go to hell in a hand basket, for all he cares!

Just a few days ago, Trump pardoned Arpaio to appease those immigrant-hating white nationalists. Trump is also always flattering the KKK and other white hate groups. Our president actually said that the KKK has “good people”!!! A few months ago, he withdrew from the Paris Climate agreement, in hopes of reigniting the coal industry. Practically everyone in his administration advised Trump that any of these things would be political suicide. He ignored them. Instead, Trump followed the advice of those loyal uneducated Trumpkins who have stuck by his side.

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Essentially, withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will achieve nothing good. Lots of his supporters used to be coal miners and lost their jobs. Those coal mines closed because coal is more costly and more harmful to the environment. During the campaign, Trump told his supporters that those coal mines closed because of financial regulations. Trump told them that if he was elected, he’d get out of the Paris Agreement, instantly abolishing all of those pesky fines.

Getting out of the Paris Agreement will do nothing to bring back coal. None of the things he does for his base helps them. He is just throwing them peanuts. At least one segment of our population can say, ‘Trump tried to help me.’ As a result, Trump should know, that their support is only razor thin.

Trump needs praise and attention as badly as a heroin addict needs a fix. Remember, a few months ago, when he asked his current cabinet members, sitting around a table, to each proclaim their love to him, CNN. That is sick!

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Clearly, Trump’s parents did not express enough love for their child. However, Trump was elected with the lowest poll numbers of any president in our history. A president has their highest approval ratings after they are elected. On Inauguration Day, Trump was at 45%. People elect a president, because all of the election speeches made them confident and inspired. Naturally, those approval numbers go down after that. But most presidents have their highest on Inauguration Day.

Trump’s approval rating on Inauguration Day was only a few points higher than Obama’s lowest approval rating during his two terms, which was 40%, qz.

Like all presidents from their inaugurations, Trump’s approval rating has dropped. Fortunately for him, it has not dropped that much. He started his term at 45% and now it is at 37%. Despite his deplorable and horrendous presidency, lots of Americans still support him. As Trump even said, he could “shoot someone and he wouldn’t lose voters.”

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Those uneducated supporters, to whom Trump promised the sun and the moon, have been unrelentingly loyal. Trump must think to himself, how bad could it get, if a third of the country worships him.

I never thought I would be writing about this, especially just a few months after he was elected, but that fan base is starting to thin. Last week, the Gallup Poll reported that Trump’s job approval had sagged to a low of 34%, Gallup.

Trump is making history. No president has ever had such low approval ratings this early in their presidency. Now that those loyal Trumpkins, who he has worked so hard to appease, are beginning to desert him, it looks as if Trump will plunge much deeper.

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However, you might get a different dose of reality, if you follow Trump’s Twitter account. “The Trump base is far bigger & stronger than ever before,” the president claimed on Twitter this month. Talk about wishful thinking!

Support among republican voters, according to Trump’s own campaign pollster Tony Fabrizio, has begun to drop. In addition, according to polling site, only 63% of people who voted for Trump, approve of the job that he is doing today, LAtimes.

If you think Trump is in bad shape now, imagine if that light bulb turns on over his remaining supporter’s heads? Storm clouds are starting to collect over Trump. Things will only get worse.