Trump took so long in denouncing the hate groups such as the KKK, that took several lives this weekend. It only took about 72 hours of relentless admonishment, from both parties, to finally force Trump to utter something similar to a condemnation.

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Over the weekend, Trump gracefully managed to skirt laying any blame on hate groups, by claiming “many sides” were the culprit. Trump’s refusal to blame the hate groups responsible for the carnage this weekend, dumbfounded the country. I can’t think of a presidential reaction that ever ignited as much fury and confusion as Trump’s did.

I would never credit former KKK leader David Duke with anything. but his explanation as to Trump’s response was by far the most spot on.

Say what you want about David Duke, but those tweets are the best indication of why Trump waited three days to condemn killers. Those killers, that America wanted Trump to denounce, put Trump in the White House. In addition, those killers are a large percentage of his meager approval ratings. Naturally, Trump won’t wash his hands of those “killers” so quickly.

If the KKK and the White Supremacists don’t like Trump, there will be no one left to cheer him on, except for the top 1%. That is an awfully tiny party.

Such an observation is obvious. However, why are these uneducated rural hate groups, a demographic completely opposite from Trump’s urban, wealthy and Jewish family, part of his approval ratings, is a far more perplexing question.

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David Duke felt Trump was the solution that the KKK had been waiting for. The KKK was convinced that Trump would actually side with them, and kick out every Hispanic and Muslim in the country. Talk about wishful thinking! Did they really think that Trump, not necessarily ‘would’ but physically ‘could’ bend the constitution to result in such fascist laws?

In the same breath, remember during the campaign, every unemployed coal miner thought that Trump would get them back to work in the abandoned coal mine? Although, such a feat would require a total transformation of our entire manufacturing industry. Using coal is more expensive and harmful to our environment than natural gas.

Or how about those fools that really thought Mexico would pay for this magical wall? This is just the tip of Trump’s iceberg. Convincing uneducated people that he could grant their wishes, however impractical, was how he became president.

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I have written many articles on this exact topic.

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Trump only won the presidency because he was able to stir up millions of people who had never voted before. These are the people who feel that our country forgot them. Many of them live in the backwoods. They live thirty miles from a hospital or a school. Their only glimpse into the rest of the country, is on the black and white antenna television in their kitchen.

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An even more insightful glimpse into Trump’s fan base, was David Duke’s comments today AFTER Trump finally singled out the KKK.

“President Trump, please, for God’s sake, don’t feel like you need to say these things. It’s not going to do you any good.”

David Duke sounds like a rejected high school prom date, sitting on his door step, grasping a bouquet of flowers. David Duke and his hate groups had waited their whole lives for a guy like Trump. They will not dismiss him so easily.

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No politician had ever spoken to the white hate groups of America as intimately as Donald Trump. Donald Trump inspired them. Donald Trump appeared like a messiah, literally. During the campaign, Donald Trump went to these packed rallies in Kentucky and Virginia. When Trump spoke about kicking out Muslims and Hispanics, they cheered as if he was walking on water.

Finally, they had a politician on their side.

Trump tricked all his voters into thinking that he was on their side.