For the first time in the network’s history, last week, MSNBC became the most watched news channel in America, according to Nielsen Media Research. The exploding ratings were in part due to shows like Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow. In fact, during that period, Rachel Maddow had the number one show among adults 25-54, the most lucrative demographic for advertisers, AdWeek article. Since then though, Fox News snatched back its throne. However, media executives certainly took note.

Image result for msnbc number oneMost liberals, such as myself, despise Fox News. It isn’t news when the headlines and facts are manicured so delicately. While every other station is covering Trump’s latest scandal, Fox News will be running a segment on where Dog the Bounty Hunter went to high school. Fox is so successful because they have a very specific audience, who watch their programs to feel good. To them, it isn’t news, its a confirmation that all of their bitterness and hatred is justified. Finally, something that makes them feel smart! Do you want to hear the news, or news that you agree with? The question might seem like a no-brainer, but many people (with minimum education) like to think the world is exactly like their pappy told them it was.

But the times, they are changing.

Two years ago, Rupert Murdoch, the 86 year old leader at Fox News, promoted his two kids, Lachlan and James, to the two top positions in the company. As repulsive as Fox News is, you gotta admit, it has improved a lot within those two years. In the last few months, all of those conservative dopes you love to hate, have all vanished. Lead anchor Megyn Kelly was the first. She was one of the most popular Fox commentators, but it turned out that everyone else in America perceived her as a joke. Check out the article I wrote. Essentially, in the article, I conjectured that it wasn’t Megyn Kelly’s fault, but just the Fox viewer will worship anyone who feeds them feel good news.

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One by one, they all fell in sickness or in a scandal. When the smoke cleared, the biggest Fox news anchors were gone. All this happened within the few months that Murdoch’s liberal children were running the company. Coincidence? ConservativeDailyNews certainly doesn’t think so.

The Murdoch boys have made major changes to Fox News Channels’ prime-time schedule and the ratings aren’t good – at all….Rupert Murdoch’s liberal children are now running and ruining the Fox News Channel.

Take one time Fox News champion Bill O’Reilly, for example. His fall from grace was epic. It was only a matter of weeks, from when The New York Times broke O’Reilly’s sex scandal to when he was booted to the street. Who do you think O’Reilly blamed for his disgraceful destruction? Perhaps he blamed the women that sued him, because he masturbated to them over the telephone. Or, perhaps it was Sarah and Kathryn Murdoch, wives of the liberal new leaders of Fox News.

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She was also instrumental in convincing her husband to boot the controversial O’Reilly, company sources told MediaBlast. “These woman have unique access and complete trust (of Lachlan and James),” a Fox News executive said….”They’re very progressive and the O’Reilly situation has infuriated them.” NYDailyNews

After James Murdoch, the chief executive of 21st Century Fox, purchased National Geographic, he was at an event and said that he cares deeply about “issues related to the environment, conservation, exploration and education,” he told the crowd, “I’m personally grateful for the important work National Geographic does.” NYTimes article

To counter President Trump’s allegiance to the KKK and other hate groups, James donated $1 million to an anti-hate crime group. In an email addressed to friends, James wrote,

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“What we watched this last week in Charlottesville and the reaction to it by the president of the United States concern all of us as Americans and free people.” AbsCbn

Meet the new owners of Fox News! LOL!

We are entering a strange new world for conservative news programs. Donald Trump, expected to lose the election. His dream, after amassing a sea of loyal Trumpkins, would be to start a cable news network. That’s where the money is! Why else would you stock your election team with people like Roger Ailes of Fox News and Steve Bannon of

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Look at what a miserable time Trump is having in the White House! If only he would have lost the election, he could have catapulted on the cult-like following he had amassed. Now, when he is impeached or led out of the White House in cuffs, those supporters will most likely be searching for their next false idol to worship.

Conservatives live and die for this right-wing alt-right nonsense. As a result, conservatives tend to be religiously subservient. As long as the host spews enough hatred, it isn’t hard to amass an enormous following. What makes this crowd even more attractive, is that Fox is becoming liberal. There will be a sea of trailers with no shows to watch.

Trump was elected, dashing his dreams of starting Trump TV against the rocks. However, Breitbart wizard Steve Bannon, has said, since leaving the White House, that he wants to start a Fox News competitor, according to BusinessInsider.

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The conservative fan base is certainly an untapped reservoir of riches. There are millions of uneducated, unemployed, and angry people eager for a television channel that will remind them of everything they hate.

Fox may not be dead, but it is certainly changing into something that conservatives may not like as much. Perhaps my prayers will be answered and Tucker Carlson will be booted next!