Imagine voting for someone to lead our country, but then suggesting that they stay off Twitter, because they keep getting into trouble on the platform. According to a new CNN poll, fifty-seven percent of Republicans say his tweets are too often a response to what he sees on TV. Fifty percent of Republicans believe the president’s tweets are a risky way to communicate. As if scolding Dennis the Menace, or that neighborhood delinquent, who always manages to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Republicans are begging Trump to stay off Twitter.

Such idiocy says a lot more about the voter than it does the elected official. You’d think one would have more pride in their country than to willingly hand the country to Trump with one hand while blocking him with the other. Even more perplexing, is how these Republicans continue to defend Trump, in light of this humiliating restriction.

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Essentially, the new poll reveals that Republicans would prefer that Trump stayed off Twitter. Every day he gets himself in hot water as a result of his crude, and somewhat creepy tweets. Today, for example, the president tweeted a story about North Korea missile heads, that actually contained classified information, CNN article.

Also, people are actually suing the president and using his moronic tweets as evidence.  For example,

Image result for If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 29, 2017

Image result for If ObamaCare is hurting people, & it is, why shouldn't it hurt the insurance companies & why should Congress not be paying what public pays? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 31, 2017

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The D.C. appellate court took notice of the president’s intention. The court’s primary reason for allowing state attorneys general to intervene in this court case to try to save Obamacare subsidies was that the states could “suffer concrete injury” if the payments stop. Washington Post

In June, the federal court ruled against Trump’s revised travel ban. According to their decision,

We conclude that the President, in issuing the Executive Order, exceeded the scope of the authority delegated to him by Congress. (I)mmigration, even for the President, is not a one-person show.

To prove their verdict, the judges used the president’s own words.

Image result for That's right, we need a TRAVEL BAN for certain DANGEROUS countries, not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people!

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In response to the president’s juvenile tweet, the judge reasoned,

Indeed, the President recently confirmed his assessment that it is the ‘countries’ that are inherently dangerous, rather than the 180 million individual nationals of those countries who are barred from entry under the President’s ‘travel ban’.

One would assume, the president would have someone review his tweets before sending them out. Is that idea really so preposterous? As a journalist, I am not complaining. Thank god such a proofreader does not exist. If they did, I wouldn’t have written a lot of hilarious stories illustrating the nonsensical doltishness of our president.

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Imagine if Tweeter was never invented, and Trump had no way of attaining all of that attention his little boy heart desires constantly. In that case, undoubtedly, Trump’s approval ratings would be much higher. Unfortunately for all of them Trumpkins, he does tweet. Trump’s tweets supply a barrage of ammunition for late night comics, Democrats, and political pundits.

According to the CNN poll, more than half Republicans wish Trump would stop tweeting. But those same Republicans still want Trump to be our president, and to decide what countries to bomb, and to fix our economy. Damn these people! The twisted logic out of these brains is why we now have Donald Trump as president.