It shouldn’t shock anyone that Republicans ignored a letter from 7,000 Catholic nuns, begging to keep Obamacare. Republicans might try to come off as the caring party, but don’t let them fool you! If you can’t fit neatly in a Republican politician’s wallet, then they don’t care at all about you. One party is for feeding the hungry and welcoming the abused refugee, while the other party fights to yank that welfare check out of your mother’s hands.

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However, the one strand of faith that Republicans pretend to have is their staunch opposition to abortion. They will flaunt that one for as long as they can. And why not? It sure as heck-fire has worked for them. Although every other conservative policy was written by Satan, Republican politicians have convinced church-going pious people that they are the political party of Jesus, by reminding them of abortion.

Call me what you want, but I don’t Jesus would have forced a woman to have an abortion. Republicans fight so much for the survival of your cute little sperm, but as soon as you explode into life, you are on your own.

If anything good may come from Trump’s deplorable presidency, perhaps the words “religious” and “right” will never find themselves next to each other.

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According to a Huffington Post article, a few days ago, 7,000 Catholic sisters signed a letter, begging senators to “cast a life-affirming ‘no’ vote” on the Republican health care bill. The letter goes on to call the bill voted on, “the most harmful legislation to American families in our lifetime.”

“The mission of Catholic sisters has always been to serve our nation’s most vulnerable people. As such, we are united in opposition to the current Republican health care proposals,” the letter says. It adds that the nuns “stand by our belief that health is a universal right.” article

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This says a lot more about the republican voter than the republican politician. The ultimate decision for any politician is their constituents. If a politician makes a decision that his or her voters do not jive with, than they will not be re-elected.

Once upon a time, if a politician ignored a letter written by thousands of nuns, society would eradicate them. Today, an entire political party ignores the letter, and no one cares!

Republicans are siding with drug companies over people who devote their lives to god and helping others.

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Turns out the republicans ignored the nuns’ plea, and voted to debate the bill. Astonishingly, had it not been for THREE little republican votes, Obamacare would have vanished. All of the millions of lives who rely on it would have vanished as well.

On quite a disgusting side note, how many of those republicans, actually rely on Obamacare? They callously voted to repeal a healthcare bill that won’t affect any of them. DISGUSTING!!!!