I once thought I was a waterfall, during an acid trip. My buddy thought he was his cat. Such hallucinations were cool. Imagine being at a rave and suddenly thinking you were Donald Trump. WHOA! Who wouldn’t bug out with such self-degradation filtering through their heads? According to the WashingtonPost, the latest underground German drug is an orange pill of ecstasy shaped as Donald Trump’s fat face.

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In July, 2017, the press began covering this European underground drug that bore strikung resemblance to Trump’s face. Last Saturday, in the city of Osnabruck, police pulled over a car with suspicious plates. Inside were just a father and his seventeen-year-old son. The 51-year-old man was nervous. He told the police that they were on their way home from an unsuccessful trip to Austria to get a car. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that one, I’d be a wealthy man.

The police decided to search the vehicle. In a secret compartment, the police officers unearthed a massive stash of ecstasy pills worth $12,000. The pills were orange. Each pill looked like a little Trump face with pouting lips, massive eyebrows, and even the trademark pompadour.

According to the suspects, the Trump-stasy pills have kicking levels of MDMA and sell for ten bucks a pop.

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This article got me thinking. If you could become Donald Trump for a day, what would you do? Quite a hair-raising question. I’d release “my” taxes and admit all the Russian collusion. Plus, I’d probably confess to a lot of made up crimes. Hell. If I was Trump, I’d actually commit crimes brazenly, so the whole world could see. Maybe I’d do some humiliating things that Trump would have a problem explaining when he returned. I’d do a press conference, dressed as an Oompa-Loompa, with a green wig. I’d propose to Hillary Clinton. The possibilities are endless!

What if everyone in the world took this pill? As a result, for one day, our planet was inhabited by millions of Donald Trumps. Do you think the world would survive one day? Think of all the anarchy, hatred and violence that stems from one, imagine if there were millions of these orange beasts roaming the world!? I’m sure the real Donald would be in heaven. After all, the only thing he loves in life is himself.

This story originally was sourced from submission to pillreports.net.