My friend’s grand mother used to have imaginary phone calls. She was nuttier than a bag of squirrels. Senility is an ugly thing. Sometimes, when people get older, their minds disintegrate into jumbled cesspools of gibberish.  Victims of senility will often just aimlessly wander away, until a nurse retrieves them.

Kind of like when our president, after landing at an airstrip – got into his limousine, and then immediately got out and began strolling down the airstrip. God knows where he was going. Within seconds, he was scooped up by the Secret Service and escorted back to his limousine.

But Trump’s dementia is getting worse and more severe.

In the past thirty six hours, our president participated in two phone calls that did not take place.

How much acid do I have to eat, to actually hallucinate a phone conversation?! Remarkable!

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The first conversation took place Tuesday night. Somewhere in the deserted rocky canyons of Trump’s frazzled mind, he actually envisioned this phone call between him and the head of the Boy Scouts. I believe that this would be something that Trump would be fantasizing about, considering what a disaster his speech with the Boy Scouts was. Is it possible for a president to ‘f’ up a speech to a bunch of boy scouts? Only if you ask The Donald to do it. As if he was talking to his regular Topeka monster-truck-arena Trumpkin rally, all he talked about was Crooked Hillary and the Deplorable Democrats.

Anyway, Trump said that he spoke to the head of the Boy Scouts and that he told him that his speech was “the greatest speech that was ever made to them.”

Is it really that incredible to think Trump might have dreamed this conversation up?

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Because the next morning, as he stumbled into the White House kitchen, he was telling everyone about this phone call. It went viral within moments. Everyone assumed this was a nice victory for Trump. After all, he has been having a horrendously disastrous week. If the Boy Scouts said that about his speech, I reckon his week would’ve improved a little. But they didn’t. They told TIME Magazine that no one from the organization contacted the White House.

But then, the same day, Trump recounted this fantastic phone call with the Mexican president concerning a decrease in border crossings.

“Even the President of Mexico called me,” Trump asserted in the Oval Office on Monday after swearing in his new chief of staff. “Their southern border, they said very few people are coming because they know they’re not going to get to our border, which is the ultimate compliment.”CNN article

The Mexican President’s Office, however, released a statement that made that conversation as well, a figment of our president’s twisted imagination.

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“President Enrique Peña Nieto has not been in recent communication via telephone with President Donald Trump.”

What is going on?

First, we have to assume that if the Mexican president or the Boy Scout leader was lying, and were actually denying a conversation between themselves and the President of the United States took place, Trump would have a squealing fit. You can bet your middle finger that Trump would have gone above and beyond to prove these conversations took place. A phone record would easily do the trick. The fact that Trump hasn’t, is quite indicative.

Another worrisome question is if these phone calls were not fabricated from a senile and crippled mind. Either way, it is bad. If  Trump made these conversations up for a rational reason, let’s say Trump thought these conversations might have helped his image, then why would he assume that the other party would go along with his imaginary-phone-call game. Either way, our president is not playing with a full deck.

We should put a big ‘X’ on the door of every home that voted for him.