According to a Politico article, Republican party leaders, in competitive districts were asked their thoughts on Trump-Russia collusion. They answered with a yawn. They don’t care.

In any other time or place, the thought that your leader was actually a spy from an enemy country, would be swiftly dealt with it. Republican leaders though, just shrug their arms and blame the hysterical accusations on fake news.

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“It’s pretty much a non-issue. Most people that do reference it, reference it as a witch hunt. It’s a one-sided thing: ‘Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia.’ I hear more about that than any credible evidence against Trump, Trump Jr.,” said Carl Bunce, chairman of the Las Vegas-based GOP in Nevada’s Clark County.

“It’s just all noise to people on the ground here. People on the ground are just concerned about job security. It’s almost embarrassing for the media from my perspective. Move on. I’m sure they could find something else to report on,” he said. Politico article

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Most Republicans would agree with this argument. It is very convenient, although very impractical. First of all, we need to remember that we live in a conservative country. Especially after the election, our government is composed almost entirely of Republicans. Also, the number one media conglomerate in the country is Fox News, a staunchly conservative network.

Hence, if we are to take Mr. Bunce at his word, then the Republican politicians investigating the Trump-Russia collusion, are in on the conspiracy. In addition, the fake news against the Republican president is being promulgated by Republican media.

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It is so easy to blame it on ‘fake news’. Literally, that is all President Trump talks about. According to Trump, this web-like conspiracy of fake news entangles him. But has he ever singled out an article? Has he ever said, ‘this story is fake because this is not true’? That would be defamation and calls for a lawsuit. We all know Trump loves to sue. But he has never used any of the fake news, for allegedly spreading lies about him. That alone should convince the biggest Trumpkin that the only ‘fake news’ is when our president opens his fat mouth.

What will change, if it is found that Trump was a Russian spy? Do you think these Republican leaders will suddenly jump ship? Of course not. They have gone too far already. There is no turning back. They must defend him until they too are dragged from Washington. For that reason alone, Trump is a Democrat’s best friend.