Jill Stein was another piece that Putin strategically maneuvered to destroy Hillary. Gradually, we are starting to acknowledge the massive scope of Putin’s interference in our election. It is hard to admit someone pulled the wool over you. No one wants to admit that they were duped. You may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer if a foreign government is able to get you to admire one candidate or despise another. However, so many Americans were.

The loyal Trumpkin base was the easiest to fool. The Bernie supporters might have been more challenging, but in the end, they were tricked as well. Investigations have concluded that Russia was behind many of the biggest Bernie sites and the outlandish Hillary stories that spewed from them. One site, “Bernie Sanders 2020”, had 60,000 members. However, the site was from Albania. Once the election was over, all of these Bernie sites mysteriously shut down, TimesofSanDiego.

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Our past presidential election could have been more important to Russia than America. Considering the financial crisis Russia has been in, Putin needed to throne some major world leaders, who wouldn’t be so bent on empowering the EU and stifling Russia. If Putin was to pull this off, he had to have all angles covered.

This was so important to the fate of Russia, that it wasn’t enough just to have Trump, a willing Putin puppet. In addition, many Bernie sites were actually being made in the Kremlin, TimesofSanDiego. Now it seems as if Putin was influencing Jill Stein. That makes three presidential candidates whose popularity was greatly manufactured by Putin.

Remember folks, that is just America. Traces of Putin could be detected in every election in the Western world. He has been very busy.

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The drop in oil prices, as well as international economic sanctions, have decimated the Russian economy. The ruble began sinking in 2014. As a result, investors lost confidence in the Russian economy and began selling Russia assets. As a result, the Russia ruble dropped. In 2014, oil was almost twice as much as it is today.

For the sake of Russia, Putin had to insert world leaders that were more pro-Russian.

As I mentioned earlier, Putin had all the Trump supporters on a leash. Most of the articles that were featured on these Pro-Bernie websites, came straight out of the Kremlin! Jill Stein was even another presidential nominee working for Putin.

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Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee, investigating Russian interference in the election, included Jill Stein’s name in a list of people who they are seeking communication from. This communication is between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials and the individual.

Stein summarized the request as “laughable”. “The whole thing is an obvious smear,” she wrote.

In 2015, Stein attended a dinner with former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is the only known contact Stein had with Russia. TheHill
However, Jill Stein has some interesting platforms. On an interview with MSNBC a month ago, she laid out her views, which practically mirrored Trumps’ and Putins’. The removal of Russian sanctions is one opinion shared by Trump, Putin, and Stein. Stein also consistently downplays Russian involvement in our elections.

No one can argue that Stein took votes away from Hillary. After all, Stein’s entire campaign was about bashing Hillary. Would Stein have performed differently, if she was Putin’s puppet?

That picture is also such damning evidence. There is a picture of her sitting at a table with the people who articulated this massive election conspiracy. Is it just a coincidence, that a year earlier they were eating dinner with one of the nominees in that same election?

During this MSNBC interview, Stein introduced the crazy notion that the US sanctions only help the Russian government and should be done away with as a result. Every other news organization reports how damaging these sanctions are. For some weird reason, Jill Stein disagrees, Bustle.

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Just look at her Facebook or Twitter pages. The woman was a presidential candidate a few months ago. You’d think there’d be messages about our president’s desire to take away our healthcare, or his yanking us out of the Paris Agreement. Nothing. All she writes about is how corrupt the media is and attempts to minimize the Russian meddling conspiracy, TheDailyBanter.

Sort of reminds me of another politician’s social media…

She was the presidential nominee of a party that stands for ecology, social justice, grassroots democracy, and nonviolence. That is what the Green Party stands for. Despite Trump already slashing three of four of these tenets (ecology – Paris Agreement, social justice – Muslim Ban, non-violence – Charlottesville), Jill Stein is his biggest supporter. Why?

Just look at some of these tweets. She is constantly disparaging the Democrats and praising Trump. I smell vodka.

Just a few months after her dinner with Putin and Flynn, Dr. Stein was adamantly trying to deter Democrats and heap praise on Trump.

Dr. Jill Stein Tweet

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