The fact that people still look to Jim Bakker for spiritual guidance is, hands down, the craziest thing I learned while writing this article. I remember fat Jim Bakker, being lead away in handcuffs, crying hysterically. I figured that was the end of him. It was shit like that, which sort of turned me away from the church.

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Thankfully, I still have my faith. I wear it like a suit of armor. But I don’t need someone like Jim Bakker to tell me how to pray. I should be instructing him on such matters. This logic might be a fault of mine. Perhaps if I had a different opinion, my faith would even be more resilient. But I can’t undo learning experiences. I can’t unlearn my sentiments of watching Bakker being arrested, when I was a little kid. I am scared, in that sense. In other words, Bakker drove me from the church. I might be alone, or maybe there are other people, whose sanctified presence was obliterated by Bakker.

Is it really asking our spiritual leaders too much, not to commit crimes? I get it. Being a Christian means we forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in us. But how many times must we forgive them? And what about when their “forgiveness” coincides with their massive congregation? In other words, people they forgive just happen to be popular in their church. As if his “forgiveness” is just a matter of what will keep the seats filled in his church.

Jim Bakker recently made headlines by inspiring Christians to rebel in violence if Trump is impeached.

“If it happens, there will be a civil war in the United States of America,” said Bakker on his program, ‘The Jim Bakker Show,’ “The Christians will finally come out of the shadows because we are going to be shut up permanently if we’re not careful.” NYDailyNews

That statement is wrong on so many levels. Let’s do a breakdown.

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First of all, as noted above, why are we still getting spiritual advice from Jim Bakker?

Also, a Christian leader is actually imploring people to rebel in violence?! All I can hope is that Jim Bakker is leading his army of nuts into battle. I want to see that bald head waving a cutlass and sprinting into battle. Fat chance of that happening!

What does that say about the Christians of today, that a popular Christian leader is actually shoving his followers into battle? The Bible tells us not to fight. But mega-televangelist Jim Bakker tells us differently.

“Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man.” (Genesis 9:6).

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When Jesus was arrested, he told Peter, who was ready to fight: “Put your sword back in its place… for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” This was a statement of principle, consistent with all of Jesus’ teaching. Violence is a way of life, though according to Jesus, non-violence is always preferred.

Another perplexing aspect of Bakker’s command was who he is defending so passionately. It isn’t like Bakker is ordering people to defend the pope. Jim Bakker is calling people to violence to defend Donald Trump. The same Donald Trump that was on trial for sexually molesting women and another trial for stealing tuition money from little children. Really?! This is the guy, that Christianity is willing to make the first alterations to their Commandments for.

Donald Trump actually called to expel specific religions and ethnicities from our country. Such platforms make Donald Trump the most similar US president to Adolf Hitler. And this is the guy that the Christian church is ready to go to war for? Let’s not forget, usually the church and the KKK don’t usually respect the same political figures. All white supremacy groups consider Donald a savior because much of his platforms mirror the platforms of the KKK.

In fact, on paper, Donald Trump resembles the devil much more than a saint. Still, evangelicals really love Donald Trump. Evangelicals love the guy that called the pope a Mexican “pawn” for doubting his immigration policies. Imagine if Obama did that! Jerry Falwell Jr. called Trump a “dream candidate”. When asked why, he said something about electing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and his support of Israel. Economist

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How forgiving were these leaders, who so easily overlooked all of Trump’s disgusting shortcomings, with Obama? You’d think if these “saintly” evangelicals viewed a sinner like Trump so praiseworthy, they must have done cart wheels for Obama. After all, Obama helped all people, regardless of color or sex. Obama was never sued for stealing money from little children or raping women. Compared to Trump, Obama is an exemplified model of virtue.

However, Bakker’s perceptions of Obama and Trump could not be more different. Bakker said that Obama was “the representative of the Antichrist.”

Image result for jim bakker worships trumpHe actually called Obama the Antichrist a few times. Once, he said, “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have a view of globalism. The Antichrist does also.”

Could it be maybe, that these super mega televangelists, make some of their decisions based on what is best financially? There are not many Democrats in Jim Bakker’s massive audience. If he was rooting for Hillary, his attendance would have undoubtedly shrunk.

Trump was carried to the presidency on the shoulders of hatred. By merely, endorsing him, and endorsing all of his hatred, we have seen the ugly side of so many people and so many beloved organizations. Maybe that is a good thing?