In times of crisis, it doesn’t take much to find a savior. A few hours ago, John Kelly, was Trump’s savior. John Kelly, recently elected White House Chief of Staff, was also a savior to every single confused and frightened person on the right. Their ship is going down. Without any life vests, the only thing saving them is a number of people leaping or being pushed overboard. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but John Kelly won’t do anything in terms of making Trump more presidential.

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Republicans feel (hope) that Kelly, with his honorable military background, will straighten Trump out. This is a fat load of wishful thinking. Here is why. If Trump did not aid the Russians to steal our elections than there would be a chance that Kelly could help him out. But Trump is guilty. As a result, he and his associates will constantly be skirting the truth, changing their stories, and lying to the press. There is no way around this.

For example, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, because he refused to pledge allegiance to him. Republicans can interpret that however, they want. To me, that sounds like Trump is asking for Comey’s allegiance in the investigation going on into him. I could be wrong. But you won’t ask someone investigating you for their allegiance if you are innocent. When Comey refused to pledge his allegiance, Trump had to fire him.

Donald Trump Jr. sort of sealed his father’s fate by emailing a Russian spy how excited he was for dirt on Hillary.

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There is no question that Trump is guilty.

Hence, since Trump is guilty, Kelly will not be able to do anything to help him. Trump is like a little deer lost in the woods. You could have Matlock as your lawyer, but if you are guilty as sin, such a great lawyer won’t do shit.

Most important thing to our president is himself. More so than the country he leads and his family, Trump wants to make sure that he is safe. The meanest drill sergeant this side of Biloxi won’t change that. Trump is plunging through a downward spiral. There is no saving him.

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Isn’t it funny, how quickly that story about John Kelly “shaping up the White House” died. Literally, hours ago, conservative newspapers were flooded with stories about John Kelly, and what a diligent military dude he is. But now, just like a week ago, the number one story on Yahoo, under tag line ‘trump’, concerns Trump tweets.

What fools!