Political predictions are usually for the birds. Even the wisest political minds have been completely dumbfounded while defending their erroneous Trump predictions. Trump has defied every political notion in this great country. Trump possesses this ungodly skill to commit the very last thing a political campaign adviser would suggest, and still wind up winning. As a result, political commentators have learned to keep their Trump predictions to themselves.

Most of my readers would acknowledge that I seldom make predictions. So here is one for the books. It is pretty big.

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This investigation into Trump-Russia collusion has been chugging along slowly. Mark my words though, as soon as the first 90210 spoiled brat Trump child spills the beans, the rest of the family will go down like a pyramid of dominoes. Such a prediction really isn’t so fantastic. That is usually how investigations transpire.

They bust some guy for selling drugs. All the police want, are more names. The dealer may be silent. At first, most likely, the dealer refuses to talk. However, as soon as they tell the dealer the sentence he is looking at and proposes that every name he gives, his sentence will be decreased by six months, then nothing on earth could slow the speed of his lips.

A drug bust is a bad comparison. The drug dealer has done time before. A few years in the big house is not as intimidating to our imaginary drug dealer, as it is to Jared Kushner for example or any of the Trump family. Imagine Jared Kushner hanging out with the fellow inmates in C-Block 9! That would be a Trump reality show I would never miss!

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Jared would be petrified about going to prison. Do you think Jared would think twice when given the chance to reduce his sentence? He would be squealing like the little pig that he is. I’m sure he would even stuff his wife under the bus if it meant fewer days in the slammer.

Another reason why the drug bust is a bad comparison is that the crimes are not comparable. Selling a few nickel bags is like a speeding ticket compared to the acts of treason the Trump family will be charged with. The crimes that Trump has committed will go down as the most severe crimes ever committed in our nation’s history. Remember, in the American legal system, there are no crimes more deplorable than treason. There might be a few crimes considered “as bad” as treason, but no crime is worse.

A capital offense could be murder, treason, espionage, a war crime, a crime against humanity or genocide.

Be patient, my fellow Democrats. Republicans foolishly put all their eggs in The Donald’s basket. They wanted him because “he isn’t a politician.” Correct. He is a crook. When the shit goes down for Trump, the entire republican party will go up in smoke.

Get yer popcorn. This is gonna be good!