Our president is pushing new legislation that aims to curb legal immigration by requiring immigrants to speak English. Such legislation is doomed before it is even written. I’m sure there are a lot of shit-kickers who love that idea. But beyond them, the idea would be insanely unpopular. To the point, you really have to question, what is the point for our president to keep talking about it?

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According to Pewresearch, between 2000 and 2014, Hispanics make up more than 50% of all US population growth. How many of those Hispanics would encourage such a bill? Politicians in areas with strong Hispanic growth will be voted out if they endorse the bill.

One of the first things Trump did as president, was to get rid of the Spanish translation of the Whitehouse website. Think of all the white supremacists who were cheering about that one! So why would Trump waste his time and ours flaunting this immigration bill that will never be more than a David Duke wet dream?

The same question could be asked of his bizarre wall idea. The wall is such an asinine idea, payment hasn’t even been unveiled. But Trump keeps talking about it.

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Trump knows that his wall or his English-only immigration would never fly. He still devotes such a huge amount of his time marketing them.

Let us not forget that Trump became president by campaigning strict immigration laws. Trump’s main supporters were people who lost their jobs on the farm or in the factory to dirt-cheap illegal immigration labor.

To his base, Trump appeared like a savior. To them, if America got rid of that cheap labor pool, than they would get their jobs back. Never before had a presidential candidate guaranteed to get their jobs back so convincingly.

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Since then, Trump’s approval rating has plunged to 33%, a historically low level for six months into a term. Ironically, that 33% number is probably also the same number of Americans who get excited at the thought of all immigrants speaking English, or that this huge wall separates Mexico and America. In other words, Trump’s far-out, radically nationalistic ideas are being proposed to satisfy his base.

I have written a lot of articles about that 33%. Just because someone supports Donald Trump, does not mean that they are republicans. Many of Trump’s most loyal disciples were too conservative to call themselves republican. Plenty of Trump’s initial supporters, the same group of people that still support him, were from neither party. Their whole loves, they were so disgusted with politics. Trump made them get into politics. Alt-right would be a more appropriate label.

Last week was atrocious for Trump (though, not as bad as the week before, and probably better than next week). As he was selecting a new Attorney General, and as any attempts to dethrone Obamacare were dashed against the rocks, and as he gave the finger to every Boy Scout in America, Trump managed to take some time off and speak at a rally in West Virginia.

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Few places in America, are as devoted to Trump, as West Virginia. It isn’t a coincidence, that Trump makes a quick rally stop, in the state that loves him the most, when his approval ratings dip. Trump needs that affection. He need to feel loved.

If Trump can be doing so terrible in the White House, and still have the support of a third of America, all he needs is a little stroke of luck to suddenly have the majority.

You could say Trump is doing awful, but I don’t think he is doing so bad. He has got a third of America in his clammy fist. No matter what he does, a third of America will worship the ground he walks on.

God forbid, but what if North Korea bombed us? Trump would obliterate the country with missiles. As a result, if only two in ten people who disapproved Trump now approved of him, he would be looking at close to 60% approval. That is so great to have such an enormous fan base.

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Again, Trump knows his wall idea and his English-only idea will never pass. Any senator who got behind such a bill, would never be re-elected, as long as their constituency was less than 75% white.

In fact, considering Donald Trump only hires foreign visas to work his resorts, his businesses would be affected if such a bill passed. Trump is only reiterating this legislation, to remind his supporters that he is trying to help them.

When the legislation doesn’t go anywhere, those unemployed barflies in West Virginia will blame everyone but Trump. Trump proved how much he wanted those bills by speaking about them so often.

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When Trump leaves the White House (hopefully, in handcuffs), he will gaze at the most loyal Trumpkin, right smack in his eyes. He will apologize for not being able to get his immigration legislation passed. Trump will remind his supporter that he did all that he could.

In the end, the republican party will be hammered. Democrats won’t and can’t be blamed. Everything going on, and more importantly, not going on in Washington is by the republicans.