President Trump is so adamant in erasing Obama legislation, thousands of people will die as a result. According to Trump, rescinding Obama legislation trumps your child’s life! Obama passed a law that that buildings in flood prone areas, had to be constructed with flood levels in mind. Why would someone get rid of that law? The only bad part is that it may cost Trump’s buddies more money to construct a building. Literally, getting rid of that law makes our country less safe. More Americans will die because of Trump’s insistence on obliterating Obama’s legislation.

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No one should be shocked that Trump is so bent on destroying Obama’s legacy. If Trump can erase all of Obama legacy, maybe in a century Trump’s presidency wont seem like such a tragedy compared to Obamas’. At least, that’s gotta be Trump’s deranged logic. Ego-maniacal Trump will only be happy, after he destroyed all the benefits his predecessor brought to you and your children. Trump obviously won’t do anything to improve your life, so as long as he can diminish his predecessor’s effects, maybe his legacy won’t be so foul! Everything Obama did was to help Americans. So we really have to question when someone removes those bills for no other reason than to minimize one’s legacy.

For example, February 28 was a great day for all the Trumpkins across the country. Trump sat in the Oval Office and signed these bills. Talk about presidential! One of the bills he signed, even promoted the role of women in NASA. AWESOME!!!

Trump waited for all the cameras to leave before signing one bill though. Trump didn’t want America to watch him sign this bill, because it so granted power and money to those that contributed to his campaign at the expense of the American lives. This bill made it easier for mentally challenged people to buy guns. What a shame for all of those families of the victims to die in these mass shootings. The lives of a class room of kindergartners weren’t enough to affect our heartless president. Disgusting!

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Trump and his fellow Republicans were happy to use an obscure rule-killing mechanism called the Congressional Review Act to undo a popular gun safety regulation that Obama had first proposed after the Sandy Hook massacre, but they didn’t want to call attention to it. Politico

Republicans considered this a victory. Perhaps they would be singing a different tune if, God forbid, their loved ones were the victims of the next gun attack. Now that more unstable people can get their hands on a gun, more of them will occur. Thank your republican politicians when the next river of blood gushes down our sidewalks.

Sadly, Trump has quietly destroyed several pieces of Obama legislation. Each piece of legislation improved the lives of certain people. On March 27, Trump revoked the 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces. This Obama legislation ensured companies with federal contracts comply with 14 labor and civil rights laws. The Fair Pay order was put in place after a 2010 Government Accountability Office investigation showed that companies with violations were being awarded millions in federal contracts. NBC

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Here is the real kicker! Trump revoked the bill on Equal Pay Day! The irony is so delicious.

Now, thanks to Trump, the worst violators can collect huge tax rebates!

Also on March 27, Trump signed a few bills that overturned Obama legislation that dealt with education. One of these bills ensured that K-12 teachers were taught with new and improved requirements. Another Obama bill delineated how states must carry out Every Student Succeeds Act, a bipartisan law that holds schools accountable for student performance.

Our education system is an entirely different article, one I should write damn soon. But, Republicans are always against education. After all, Trump’s budget depletes millions from our educational system. There is a very good reason why. If everyone had a good education, there would not be many Republicans.

At the signing, Trump insisted that he was “removing an additional layer of bureaucracy to encourage freedom in our schools.” HAH!!!! What suckers fell for that? “Freedom in our schools”? That sure has a nice ring to it, but it means nothing. Can’t be the sharpest tool in the shed, if you think less trained teachers are good for your kids.

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A few weeks ago, Trump signed an executive order that will end a requirement that buildings built in flood prone areas are required to be constructed with local rising sea levels in mind. Why would you get rid of that bill? Guaranteed, people will die as a result of Trump’s legislation.

Trump will sign an executive order that will end the requirement that flood prone infrastructure is built with rising sea levels in mind, which means that thanks to Trump, infrastructure will be more dangerous to human life during floods. Taller buildings are more expensive to build, however in flood prone areas, higher buildings save lives. As a result, the only people who appreciate Trump’s legislation, are his wealthy business owner friends.

Look at the morons in the streets celebrating our president. As a result of Trump, they will lose their healthcare, their children’s public education will significantly diminish, and their homes will now be designed without considering floods. Trump has proven that they will vote for anyone, against a Democrat.