Tax reform is usually one of the easiest things for a president to get through. Who doesn’t love the idea of saving money? Tax reform usually gains bi-partisan support. In addition, our government is all republican. Republicans live and die for tax reform. All those massive republican donors contribute massive amounts of money for this sole reason. Trump did not become president to help me or you, and especially not his uneducated, tank top wearing supporter. Trump became president to make money for him, his family and his buddies. So far, for Trump, becoming president has been a seemingly epic failure. All of his family members have become laughing stocks, his business empire has been handicapped, and he has arguably become the most despised man in the world. All of that baggage included, Trump will have no regrets when he leaves the White House, if he succeeds in tax reform.

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Republicans only care about one issue: lowering taxes. Abortion, immigration, gun control and gay marriage are just issues used to inflame their base and get them to the voting booth and vote for tax reform. Big republican donors shell out millions of dollars hoping to lower tax rates.

As a result, I predict tax reform will be Trump’s sole “achievement”. Plus, tax reform is usually an easy thing to get democrats to go along with.

There are hints going on around us pointing to this conclusion. For starters, there are so many commercials on television urging viewers to support tax reform. The commercials claim that America pays one of the highest tax rates in the world.

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Trump also has echoed similar sentiments. “We pay more tax than anybody in the world, we’re going to reduce taxes,” Trump said from his Bedminster, N.J., golf resort.

But this is a blatant lie. According to the OECD Gross Domestic Product, Tax Revenue & Population, 1965-2014 , America’s tax revenue is 26% of our nation’s GDP. This percentage is substantially less than the average 34%. In addition, according to the data, the average American pays $14,115. This figure is also significantly lower than what citizens of other developed nations pay.

America, we don’t pay a lot in taxes compared to other nations. But why then, do republicans, including the president, constantly demand that we do?

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Lowering taxes has always been a win-win strategy for republicans. Who doesn’t love the thought of saving money? And if republicans are elected, they will save me money by lowering taxes. But who does that really help?

Let’s say that Trump lowers taxes by 2%. Awesome! I’ll save a hundred bucks at the end of the year. Enough for a few lap dances. I’ll have a helluva of an evening. What about Trump and his family and his wealthy donors? That 2% will be truckloads of money! They will save millions of dollars. Which means, millions of dollars less going to our education system, our arts & humanities, our welfare system, our public hospitals, our public transportation. In other words, everything republicans despise.

In the end, republican tax reform is a big defeat for you, me and our children.

This is why, with the government stocked with republicans, Trump will get his tax reform passed. That is all he cares about, along with all the other republicans.