Who do we Blame for Trump?

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All catastrophic events always devolve into the blame game. This, is inevitable. Human nature must always find the culprit. But when it comes to our Commandeer in Chief, it isn’t so easy to delineate cause. I’m sure many of my readers insist that The Donald is the evil mastermind. However, I am not seeking out the guilty party in Trump’s nefarious deeds.  He starts wars, he steals tuition money from little high-schoolers, he sexually abuses women – those sins are accounted for. But who should I blame for having to look at his orange fat face every second of the day? Who do we blame for Donald Trump being our president?

Suspect #1 – Putin

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Again, Trump is not the culprit. He is the puppet. Naturally, when I use that word, Putin becomes suspect number one. Several federal investigations have discerned that Russia was indeed complicit in meddling in our election. No longer is it a question whether or not Putin affected our most democratic tradition.

There are trillions of reasons as to why Putin would want such a submissive puppet in the White House. Of course, he wants his sanctions erased, but more so, he has crafted the world where America is weaker. Under Trump, we are not the leaders of the world anymore. That is all Putin wants. As a result of Trump being hoisted into the White House, America’s placement in the world has certainly slipped.

Suspect #2 – Conservative Media

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In my opinion, our cable news bears more blame than Putin. Putin was only successful because of the American voter. Putin didn’t even cast one vote for Trump. In order to convince America to vote for someone who was being sued for stealing tuition money from little students and for molesting women, a huge media campaign had to be pulled off. They also had to tarnish Hillary Clinton, a woman who devoted her life to helping children and women. I’m sure many of you reading this paragraph, clenched your fists in rage when you read her name. If that is the case, then they got you!

There was an office in St. Petersburg, Russia that dished out hundreds of fake news stories a week. Each one about some despicable scandal involving Hillary. But news organizations on our shores were also rehashing them. Like the one about a sex ring involving Hillary out of a pizzeria, or that she was involved in the death of a DNC intern.

In his research from St. Petersburg, Chen discovered that Russian internet trolls — paid by the Kremlin to spread false information on the internet — have been behind a number of “highly coordinated campaigns” to deceive the American public. BusinessInsider article

Suspect #3 – The Education System

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However, if we were all in the interrogation room, I’d move the spotlight away from the media and Putin and shine it brightest on the American education system.

Please note that the voter wasn’t even a suspect. The actual party, whose votes gave Trump the win, I appoint a minuscule amount of blame to. You wouldn’t blame your cat for not waking you up when a thief breaks in, because they didn’t know any better.

Millions of American voters were like clay in Putin’s hands. He wanted them all to hate Hillary and love Trump. That is exactly what we did. We were all like little puppets dancing as Putin pulled our strings.

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Incidentally, Putin did much better in less educated demographics. America spends shit on our education, but has the largest number of dropouts and fewer number of secondary school graduates.

Thirty years ago, we were the leader in quantity and quality of high school diplomas around the world. Today, we rank 36th! Much of that could be credited to the pennies we give teachers. When being paid peanuts, it is hard to keep teachers. It is near impossible to keep good teachers.

14% of new teachers resign by the end of their first year, 33% leave within their first 3 years, and almost 50% leave by their 5th year. DoSomething article

That being said, our president wants to slash our education department.

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How do you get someone to vote against their best interests? If every American had a Masters degree, every republican would be selling spicy hot-dogs on the corner. That is another fact. Look at a map, areas of uneducated people and republicans will correlate.



Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on Amazon.com, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.


    • Robert Rhyno No, the electoral college has nothing to do with race, you’re just repeating that because the media started pushing that bullshit the other day and you’re a parrot. You also don’t seem to be very smart because you think a good way to run a country of 300+ million people is by letting a tiny minority of the country make all of our decisions. I’m sure New York and California would make decisions that would be really great for the middle of the country.

    • Well…let’s see.

      Google “dairy farmers in Wisconsin,” and read about their problems with getting people to work for them, now that the undocumented workers aren’t available.

      Google “TPP” and read about farmers who are now loosing a TON of business, because other the people IN the TPP are now going elsewhere for their pork and soy beans.

      Or, maybe you could look up what’s happening with trade in the areas that border Canada, who are now loosing business because of the way this administration has (thus far) handled relations with Canada.

      Or, perhaps you’d like to look up the number of Republican voters who now have “buyers remorse” because they’re going to loose their health care.

      Yeah. Not working out so well for THOSE portions of the middle of the country.

    • Michelle Fiondel Heitman Weird, because it’s working great for me. Odd that you guys are always pushing for a $15 minimum wage but at the same time you’ll defend farmers that use slave labor and refuse to pay a reasonable wage for work. “Trump bad, he took away the farmer’s slaves so now my food might be more expensive!”

    • Adam Hunt Wyoming has a population of 584,153 and has three electoral votes, which means that each Wyoming elector represents 194,717 voters. California has a population of 38,800,000 and has 55 electoral votes so each elector represents 705,454 voters. So each vote in Wyoming is worth 3.6 times more than each vote in California. Wyoming has a population of 584,153 and has three electoral votes, which means that each Wyoming elector represents 194,717 voters. California has a population of 38,800,000 and has 55 electoral votes so each elector represents 705,454 voters. So each vote in Wyoming is worth 3.6 times more than each vote in California.

    • Remember what the country looked like in 1787: The important division was between states that relied on slavery and those that didn’t, not between large and small states. A direct election for president did not sit well with most delegates from the slave states, which had large populations but far fewer eligible voters. They gravitated toward the electoral college as a compromise because it was based on population. The convention had agreed to count each slave as three-fifths of a person for the purpose of calculating each state’s allotment of seats in Congress. For Virginia, which had the largest population among the original 13 states, that meant more clout in choosing the president

    • Robert Rhyno I like how you’ve managed to take the concept of the three fifths compromise in the south, and representation of smaller states in the northeast and put them in a blender to produce something completely retarded.

    • Michelle Fiondel Heitman I mean you should at least start being consistent. Are you for or against slave labor? Are you for or against paying people a living wage? You only seem to be for and against these things in situations when its convenient for you.

    • What I am FOR, is immigration laws that give a clear, functional, viable path to citizenship. What I am FOR, is both farmers and immigrants being able to get on with their lives. What I am FOR, is farmers being able to hire ANY workers to do the jobs. If, as I suggested, you google farm workers, it’s not that the farmers are paying slave wages. They’re paying well above minimum wage. But they can’t FIND people who are willing to do the work.

    • Adam Hunt if you don’t see any problems, then it is most definitely because of privilege. Your male, so you don’t see the problems facing females from this administration and I am guessing white by your pic and attitude. If I’m wrong about either guess tell me.

  1. the majority of the white community will never allow Trump to be impeached … please do not be fooled … 68% of the white community love this man .. Fox news and the white community is responsible for this man along with the Republican party … however, whites will still blame Obama for this !!… most of them will die for him and his family … yes, very small portion of whites oppose him however, people of color ALL know how the white community can be delusional to their authority .. white will protect this man will all cost .. having a black man as President can never happen again .. whites will see to it !! they will lie and pivot from the truth and they need a person who has no morals like Trump to head this up and change the minds of the very small white community who supported Obama .. whites will not be afraid of starting a war overseas just to keep Trump relevant .. white supremacy means a lot to the white community ..it is everything to them !! if they have to sacrifice their children, they will !!! like having war !! just read the comments .. read them !!! H Clinton has never been President … they will use her name for everything ..Obama is no longer in office .. they will use his name forever, for the next 20 years .. whites will blame any and everything on Obama and follow those girls around to exploit their mistakes .. whites had rope around chimps necks in reference to those little girls .. how sick are they … !!! sick !! and it is normal to them …

  2. Trump is a bad, lethal cocktail. Blame? It’s a pie chart: His pathology, Racism, Dems in Transition Without a Winning Message, Those Who Refused To Vote, and I suspect purged voter rolls in those key states. #2018IsComing

  3. Trump isn’t an anomaly that we can try to pin on a particular demographic. How are Jamie Dimon or any of the bankers that Obama refused to prosecute after the financial crisis any less corrupt? How is Trump’s racism any different than the Willie Horton commercials or the abuse at Abu Ghraib? And how is his support for dictators any different than the US funding Saddam and Rumsfeld shaking his hand right after his gassing the kurds? He’s the unreconciled and embarrassing parts of American history brought into the light by the crisis of neoliberal late capitalism.

  4. seriously though… the electoral college…Chump would not have won if the votes of the people actually weren’t pretty much tossed aside and the decision made by the so called super voters. The popular vote should have been the decider. The electoral college needs to be disbanded or mistakes like Chump wouldn’t have happened.

  5. The damn media followed him around and gathered all the ignorant people to the screen to watch his horror show. If it wasn’t for the obvious greed of the media, we would not have a Trump. If it wasn’t for Russia and all those outrageous lies that were told about Hillary, we might have an intelligent president and a healthcare plan that would cover everyone. Hillary is a “get err done” woman and we would be in a better world than we are now. The republicans suck.

  6. We are all to blame. We promote reality tv and accept, as a society social norms that would make our patents cringe. We allow oppression to flourish and have a condescending attitude towards anyone not like us. We got what we deserved, complacency and a blind eye fosters this fool. We, as a society are to blame and we must take our country back. Trump is a tool of destruction. I never believed we as a people could go this low, we have, now let’s recover and build something amazing for all of us.


  8. His parents who likely coddled him, failed to teach him to be responsible and to accept responsibility, failed to teach him to be gracious, humble and generous, failed to teach him to respect others and erred in passing on flawed parenting skills as witnessed in him and in his repeating the pattern as witnessed in his children’s attitudes and behaviors.

  9. We the people are to blame….. we stopped paying attention to what was happening with our elected officials. we stopped voting and when we did it was mostly for the least of two evils. We live in a time where so many only care about themselves and no one else. Also these fake reality shows are ruining our world. We have lost touch as much as our elective official have

  10. Multiple messes put him in office. Dems NOT voting for the more decisive candidate( I hate to say it but if you didn’t vote for Hillary, you might as well voted for trump), Russia helped, outdated electoral college, gerrymandering, Comey’s reopening investigation and so many other things

  11. I don’t blame the rich who, although I feel are greedy and selfish, are ‘protecting’ their interests. I blame the idiot masses who believed Obama was taking their guns, who believed the worst about anyone Democrat, and believed that trumpy gives a crap about them.

  12. As a liberal snowflake I state that we Americans are all responsible for the TRump debacle. We have not provided for the uneducable fringe that is so disenchanted with true American principles. We have marginalized and ignored their fears and unanswered needs. Both parties have failed our basic needs for statesmanship and leadership. We have allowed partisanship to rule. We have allowed special interests to reign over our legislative process. We are ALL to blame. Shame on us!

  13. Blame his parents. I know many kids with money (I am a teacher) who are hardworking, respectful, and not entitled in the least. trump is a monster. His parents, including his mother who immigrated here illegally, are entirely to blame.

  14. I think it is the GOP. Bush raised the deficit significantly and allowed millions of jobs to go overseas. The GOP doesn’t want any laws governing financial institutions which led to the real estate crash and economic downturn in 2007. Obama was ham stringed by the GOP during his presidency and tried to pass numerous “BAD” legislature which Obama refused to allow. So, for almost 16 years we saw our economy going down the shitter, corporations getting richer and the people getting poorer. Then trump appears and gains a following of those people who literally hate politicians. This along with the Russians, wiki links, voter intimidation, gerrymandering, and fake news trump won. In addition, I always thought that Hillary was not the best candidate at the time. I think that Bernie would have had a better chance. Hillary came with too much baggage.

  15. Hillary Clinton. Virtually ANY other Democrat would have won the key states necessary to win an Electoral College victory. Even if she had picked a more effective running mate, she could have accomplished this. Her need to be the center of attention made her pick Tim Kaine, the nation’s least charismatic Democrat. She had a poor strategy, she ran a mediocre campaign and we are all screwed.

  16. I blame the citizens that didn’t get out and vote because they thought they had no choice the less of two evils would have been Hillary but they didn’t think that was important enough to get out and vote about only 48% of the voting population voted. that means Trump won the election by less than one quarter of the vote . Not the popular vote the Electoral College he lost the popular vote by 3 million Hillary should never have succeeded . Electorial college should be abolished , no longer serves the country . It serves the party that puts them in. Trump was right it was fixed on his behalf .The stupid assholes should have just kept his mouth shut. Trump is a first-class idiot !!!

  17. The idiots who voted for him. The angry Bernie supporters who decided to stay home. The stupid African Male who didn’t vote for Hillary because of their ego. Putin for Hacking the election. Media for supporting Trump during Primaries. Republicans and Fake Christians. Basically, it is our fault. We are Trumped.

  18. Answer: Republicans, evangelicals that are not really Christian, Bernie Sanders, Bernie bros, Russian hackers, James Comey, the news media that gave Trump free PR even after he bragged about sexual assault, disrespectef numerous women, mocked a disabled reporter, disrespected a gold star family, lied consistently, etc. Jill Stein, and finally republican voters that showed their true sexist, bigoted colors.

  19. We half to blame the republican party for their hatred of Obama the Alt-right, the tea party, KKK anyone who hates just to hate anyone that is not white. If the republican party does not want to be in this group they should do something about it now.

  20. BLAME?
    This sounds like Trump.
    Blame Obama or Hillary or the Kochs or the media or Russia, or stupidity or ignorance or white women or black people or greed or fear or racism or red necks or wall Street or refugees, or Mexicans or immigrants or God if you believe or lies or Fox News or Brightbart or, or, or, or…
    Who cares?
    Jail these nut cases asap America please!

  21. I blame the education system for one, which is now being dismantled even MORE to dumb down America. And Putin, and the tunnel vision die-hard loyals who didnt see ANY of this coming. And those holding a voting card but with ZERO idea or care in the world what happens to their resources, or thinks its FUN to vote in zero experienced celebrities. SOOOO many to blame. lol

  22. is that constructive to look for blame? lincoln said the best way to conquer and enemy is to make him your friend. find out what we can do to provide solutions totheir issues. we can’t all become white supremacists but there are other issues among that group. training and jobs for real not talking points a nd promises.. lester holt did a piece recently where he realized bringing up religion was a dividing subject in a discussion with a muslim but when they both talked about being fathers and other things they had a lot to talk about.

  23. The Nazi Koch brothers seem to be behing a lot of things that are hurting our democratic republic. Freedom Caucus, Citizens United, Tea Party,etc. I’m starting to wonder if America really did win the war against Nazi Germany.

  24. I am blaming Russia, my theory Trump owes Russia money, Russia gives it to him and helps him getting elected, only to find out Trump may be bought but he can’t be controlled. Now they want their money and for him to go away, since Putin (from what I read) think he is dangerous.

  25. All people for not being honest with ourselves and others. Lazy people not thinking their vote will make a difference. I especially blame the religious right for their fear of a woman being president. White supremacist, racist, and those who vote straight party…without researching what a candidate stands for. Trump was a tv celebrity and Clinton was a female politician who got blindsided by stupid electrant that drank the Trump cool aid with some help from Russian propaganda machine.

  26. Brainwashed idiots who voted for him. They believed him when he promised them he was the divine intervention who would line their pockets with gold. Now we; the people who can think, and did not listen to this charlatan, have to live with this hell on earth he is creating !!!!

  27. Fox News. I am a lifelong conservative Republican and former Fox News junkie. When Trump announced he was running, Fox News became a big cheerleader for him so I stopped watching. Most of my conservative friends and family did not stop watching and they were brainwashed. Fox News would downplay scandals and make excuses for him and deflect to the old “but Hillary” argument. They ran cover for him and they still do now.

  28. The RNC! They had to get rid of Ted Cruz because they knew he would destroy all of their dishonesty!
    They did everything they could to shut him out!
    Ted was beating DT 60/30 state after state before they got the media to not have Ted on and DT could call in any time he wanted!
    Then the Convention!
    The GOP OWNS DT! Do not feel sorry for them at all!

  29. The Electoral College. They could have done the job right, but instead they voted for Party and not for Country. Obviously, no one had told them what their job REALLY was about. Also, there were legitimate questions about some of the EC members who were suspected to be serving ILLEGALLY. But nobody cared enough to question rather than just certify the results.

    So, it goes back to this: SOMEBODY paid good money to have Trump be president. They haven’t gotten the return they want. Hence, he’s still there. I wonder what they’ll think when the nuclears start dropping. I hope some of them land square on them. No, actually it would be better to land just far enough away that they live long enough to die slowly and understand what they did to the planet.

  30. Yep! I’m convinced that the devil could not have chosen a more perfect guy to play his fool than Donald.

    I just found out that Donald’s favor game he loved playing with family, friends and with FOX news was to see how far he could shoot grapes out of his ass upside down while drinking a cup of vinegarade. I heard that so far, no one has not even came remotely close to his record of 63 yards, 17 inches. Video available on fake news.

  31. Queen Or Trumpian Rhapsody
    Is this America
    Please just be fantasy.
    Said ‘twas a landslide
    He escapes from reality
    Open your eyes
    Look at these guys and see
    Our country feels no joy, needs lots of sympathy
    Because they were they were quick to come, wish they’d go
    We go high, and they go low
    Anyway the wind blows, Congress doesn’t seem to matter to me, to me
    Mama, they’ve killed our land
    Catered to the KKK
    Nazis and the NRA
    Mama, life here was true fun
    But now they’ve gone and thrown what’s good away
    Mama, ooooo
    It just makes me want to cry
    We hope these crooks will all be done tomorrow
    Hope they’re gone, want them gone, they think nothing really matters
    Is it too late, that we awoke
    They’ve all sold their souls for cash
    Our World reputation’s trash
    Goodbye Trump and your group you’ve got to go
    Gotta send you all away and face the truth
    Mama, ooo (anyway the wind blows)
    Our country needn’t die
    Rence Priebus wishes he’d never been born at all
    He’s been replaced by a little silhouetto of a man
    Scaramucci gone, General Kelly will go on and do the fandango
    But they’re late, the noose is tightening and to them it’s very frightening
    Silly Sarah,
    Silly Sarah,
    Kellyanne – has a new glow
    Trump cries “I’m Rich and nobody loves me.”
    Pence is an evil man chartering his evil plan
    Spared by prayer from his homosexuality
    Over compensating for though we know hoping his genes let him go
    Bismillah! No, they just will not let him go – we all know
    Bismillah! No, so he just puts on a show – yet we know
    Bismillah! No his genes will not let him go – his hatred starts to show
    And hypocrisy will show as his body lets him know (forever)
    His true feelings will never let him go let him go!
    Mitch McConnel doesn’t know
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no
    Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia we must make Paul Ryan Go
    Pat Robertson sees a devil in us all you see
    You see
    You see
    So Trump thinks he can stop us with Tweeting his lies
    So Pence thinks he can pray then pull the wool over our eyes
    Paul Ryan can’t do this to us but maybe
    Mitch McConnell will get out just gotta get him right outta here
    Ooh yeah, ooh yeah
    Because conscience really matters
    Anyone can see
    Conscience really matters conscience really matters to me
    And that’s the way the wind blows.

  32. Supertrump – Illogical Song Lyrics
    When Our country was young, it seemed our lives were so wonderful,
    A Democracy what we wished it’d be something for the World to see.
    And all our people felt we really were what we ought to be,
    Living fee doing what we want joyfully
    But then racists took charge and we no longer seemed to be
    Logical, free thinking, practical.
    And they showed us a world where love seemed only relative
    A world where race hatred was free to live.

    There were times our people seemed asleep,
    And they elected a real creep
    It was such a simple plan.
    Only now that it seems too late we’ve learned
    His cadre they are all scum
    His Presidency just a scam.

    Now we must watch what we say or they’ll be calling us radical,
    A Libtard, A snowflake , Fake News again.
    We must write down their names and record now just who they are
    Now that we know, we can’t just let them go

    At night, one wonders how they sleep,
    They worship such a creep
    And such an evil man.
    Well we can hope please hope somehow that they’ll learn
    That he is just absurd
    His presidency a scam.

  33. The Republicans who refused to call out the people holding up racist signs that showed a racist caricature of President Obama way back in those early tea party rallies. The Republican members of Congress who said, right in our Congress, “Well he says he was born in America.”

  34. Trump presidency is the consequence of a portion of America (Conservatives & Evangelicals) subscribing to hatred, ignorance, racism & white supremacy.

    When you don’t denounced hatred, prejudice, discrimination, xenophobia, misogyny, bigotry & racism. It is only a matter of time it catches up with you.

    Hence; donald trump. What a valuable lesson for America. Racism was quite fine & acceptable as long as minorities were the target.

    I have absolutely no sympathy due this embarrassment.

  35. Start with gerrymandered districts, an economy that gives all the money to the very rich, substandard education systems, no incentives or support to attend college (without putting yourself in deep, deep debt}, the religious right who interfere in politics against the law, white supremecy groups who are not put on terrorist lists because they are white, corporate news media spouting the right wing agenda (all of them, not just Faux News]. And yes, Hillary was not the best candidate, only because the Republicans worked for decades to make sure she would be toxic. The democrats need balls to go after the right as they have attacked the left, use the same tactics. When you go to war against an enemy armed with nuclear weapons, taking your peashooter isn’t going to get you too far.

  36. The conservative right wing media who are well paid by extremely wealthy people whose goal is to destroy our system of government & society as we know it. The ultimate goal for them is a utopia that includes only the richest people: Welcome to “1984” !

  37. This sick bastard was obviously abused as a child, maybe raped by an uncle, had his nuts put in a vise, shit crammed down his throat, pee sprayed up his nose or in his ears…somebody killed his pet rat, stole his first pubic sex object, scraped skin off his dick…well, I just keep thinking of things someone should do to him now…

  38. THE ELECTORAL COLLAGE,,,,Donald TRUMP LOST the election by OVER 2 million votes
    Hillary Clinton…………65,844,954 or (48.2%) of the vote……electoral votes.. 232 electoral votes

    Donald Trump……….62,979,879 or (46.1%), of the vote…. electoral votes… 306 electoral votes
    Hillary Clinton…………65,844,954 or (48.2%) of the vote……electoral votes.. 232 electoral votes

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