All catastrophic events always devolve into the blame game. This, is inevitable. Human nature must always find the culprit. But when it comes to our Commandeer in Chief, it isn’t so easy to delineate cause. I’m sure many of my readers insist that The Donald is the evil mastermind. However, I am not seeking out the guilty party in Trump’s nefarious deeds.  He starts wars, he steals tuition money from little high-schoolers, he sexually abuses women – those sins are accounted for. But who should I blame for having to look at his orange fat face every second of the day? Who do we blame for Donald Trump being our president?

Suspect #1 – Putin

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Again, Trump is not the culprit. He is the puppet. Naturally, when I use that word, Putin becomes suspect number one. Several federal investigations have discerned that Russia was indeed complicit in meddling in our election. No longer is it a question whether or not Putin affected our most democratic tradition.

There are trillions of reasons as to why Putin would want such a submissive puppet in the White House. Of course, he wants his sanctions erased, but more so, he has crafted the world where America is weaker. Under Trump, we are not the leaders of the world anymore. That is all Putin wants. As a result of Trump being hoisted into the White House, America’s placement in the world has certainly slipped.

Suspect #2 – Conservative Media

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In my opinion, our cable news bears more blame than Putin. Putin was only successful because of the American voter. Putin didn’t even cast one vote for Trump. In order to convince America to vote for someone who was being sued for stealing tuition money from little students and for molesting women, a huge media campaign had to be pulled off. They also had to tarnish Hillary Clinton, a woman who devoted her life to helping children and women. I’m sure many of you reading this paragraph, clenched your fists in rage when you read her name. If that is the case, then they got you!

There was an office in St. Petersburg, Russia that dished out hundreds of fake news stories a week. Each one about some despicable scandal involving Hillary. But news organizations on our shores were also rehashing them. Like the one about a sex ring involving Hillary out of a pizzeria, or that she was involved in the death of a DNC intern.

In his research from St. Petersburg, Chen discovered that Russian internet trolls — paid by the Kremlin to spread false information on the internet — have been behind a number of “highly coordinated campaigns” to deceive the American public. BusinessInsider article

Suspect #3 – The Education System

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However, if we were all in the interrogation room, I’d move the spotlight away from the media and Putin and shine it brightest on the American education system.

Please note that the voter wasn’t even a suspect. The actual party, whose votes gave Trump the win, I appoint a minuscule amount of blame to. You wouldn’t blame your cat for not waking you up when a thief breaks in, because they didn’t know any better.

Millions of American voters were like clay in Putin’s hands. He wanted them all to hate Hillary and love Trump. That is exactly what we did. We were all like little puppets dancing as Putin pulled our strings.

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Incidentally, Putin did much better in less educated demographics. America spends shit on our education, but has the largest number of dropouts and fewer number of secondary school graduates.

Thirty years ago, we were the leader in quantity and quality of high school diplomas around the world. Today, we rank 36th! Much of that could be credited to the pennies we give teachers. When being paid peanuts, it is hard to keep teachers. It is near impossible to keep good teachers.

14% of new teachers resign by the end of their first year, 33% leave within their first 3 years, and almost 50% leave by their 5th year. DoSomething article

That being said, our president wants to slash our education department.

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How do you get someone to vote against their best interests? If every American had a Masters degree, every republican would be selling spicy hot-dogs on the corner. That is another fact. Look at a map, areas of uneducated people and republicans will correlate.